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The True Nature Of What We Perceive As Reality & How It Can Transform Or World

Collective Evolution’s Arjun Walia spoke to Pradeep B. Deshpande, Professor Emeritus and former Chair of Chemical Engineering at the University of Louisville, Visiting Professor of Management, Gatton College of Business & Economics, University of Kentucky, and President and CEO, Six Sigma and Advanced Controls, Inc. For the benefit of our readers, how is the ultimate […]

Rob Schneider: The Uncensored Truth About Mandatory Vaccines

“The most basic of all human rights is the ability to have control over your own body and be able to exercise informed consent when making medical decisions that can harm you or your child.” — Rob Schneider by Jefferey Jaxen, Waking Times The year was 2014 and California just passed Assembly Bill 2109 in […]

Swedish Girl Raped As Police Prepare To Hand Out Anti-Groping Armbands

A young woman was raped Thursday at a concert at the Bråvalla festival as Swedish police are preparing to roll out anti-groping armbands According to a report from Afton Bladet, the woman was at Zara Larsson’s concert when a man approached her and raped her from behind. After the rape was over, the woman ran from […]

Number of Iranian pilgrims to Iraq to reach 1.5mln this year: Official

Speaking to the Tasnim News Agency, Mohsen Nezafati said the Hajj and Pilgrimage Organization dispatched 600,000 pilgrims to Iraq over the past year, adding that it plans to double the capacity or even more. “Increasing the number of dispatched pilgrims to Iraq’s holy cities to 1.5 million is among the objectives of the Hajj and […]

Donald Trump’s Full Anti-Hillary Clinton Speech

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You’ll Never Believe the Reason Why the Middle Class is Shrinking

Susanne Posel ,Chief Editor Occupy Corporatism | Media Spokesperson, HEALTH MAX Group   Stephen Rose, labor economist with the Urban Institute, has released a paper on the real reason why the middle class is shrinking in America. Rose explains that the middle class has been going through a makeover and moving on up to […]

Infowars Negro Celebrates Sentencing of Innocent Nazi

Daily Stormer June 18, 2016 Shame, shame, shame. Source Article from

US Schools: “Chronic Absenteeism”

The majority nonwhite public schooling system in America has been struck by “chronic absenteeism” and the black city of Detroit leads the field with a student absenteeism rate of nearly 60 percent, a new study has shown. In majority black Washington DC, at least 33 percent of students are also “chronically absent,” while American […]

Spokesman: Muhammad Ali, pioneer in racial equality

Tehran, June 5, IRNA – Spokesman for the Foreign Ministry said Muhammad Ali, the legendary American boxer, was a pioneer in racial equality who stood up for blacks’ rights. Hossein Jaberi Ansari expressed condolences over death of Muhammad Ali on June 4. ‘He was not only a famous champion in the area of boxing, but […]

Iran oil exports to Europe at 0.7mbd

TEHRAN, June 02 (Shana) — Iranian Minister of Petroleum Bijan Zanganeh says the country exports close to 700,000 barrels of crude oil to Europe on a daily basis. Speaking in Vienna, Austria, prior to the 169th ordinary meeting of the member states of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) on Thursday, Zangeneh said Iran […]

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & Microsoft back EU "hate speech" censorship rules

Facebook, Twitter, Google’s YouTube and Microsoft on Tuesday agreed to an EU code of conduct to tackle online hate speech within 24 hours in Europe. EU governments have been trying in recent months to get social platforms to crack down on rising online racism following the refugee crisis and terror attacks, with some even threatening […]

Louisiana Democrat Claims Declaration of Independence is Racist

by Joshua Krause of The Daily Sheeple Contrary to what political correctness and social justice advocates would have you believe, their ideas are not about protecting minorities. They serve only one purpose in our society, and that is to hamstring free speech and hobble the cultural cornerstones of our rights. On the surface these ideas […]

The Soldiers’ Song

Lili Marlene, the soldiers’ song, crossed the trenches and won the hearts of both Allied and Axis servicemen during World War Two. The ballad’s wistful lyrics were composed in 1918 by Hans Leip (1893~1983). The 25-year old was a German infantryman during The Great War. Hans Leip The ballad started life as a poignant poem. […]

Ken O’Keefe on Central Banks, Banksters, and the Rothschilds

Youtube link In typical brilliant Ken O’Keefe style, he goes on about on Central Banks, Banksters, The Rothschilds, and how we are debt slaves to them. He also says that these criminals need to hang! Source Article from

Cuck Identity #2

Recently I have been going around the Jewish scriptures again in order to realize some of the indoctrination process of the “good book”, which made me stumble upon one particular verse – and before I knew it – I was again researching CI and had to face palm myself several times. In the end I […]

Cuck Identity #2

Recently I have been going around the Jewish scriptures again in order to realize some of the indoctrination process of the “good book”, which made me stumble upon one particular verse – and before I knew it – I was again researching CI and had to face palm myself several times. In the end I […]

Cuck Identity #2

Recently I have been going around the Jewish scriptures again in order to realize some of the indoctrination process of the “good book”, which made me stumble upon one particular verse – and before I knew it – I was again researching CI and had to face palm myself several times. In the end I […]

Iraqi embassy issuing 6,000 visas for Iranian tourists every day

Tehran, May 28, IRNA – An Iraqi top tourism official said on Saturday that the Iraqi embassy in Tehran issues some 6,000 visas for Iranian tourists every day. Mahmoud Abdul-Jabbar al-Zubaidi, the head of the tourist department of Iraqi Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, said that Iraq plans to provide more visa for tourists in […]

Nine Neolithic Wonders of Orkney

When we think of historical places which date back thousands of years it’s natural to think of the Pyramids, Stonehenge or the ruins of ancient Mesopotamia. Yet Scotland’s Orkney region – an archipelago made up of over 70 islands – boasts some of the very best Neolithic sites on the planet. With some dating back […]

Edward Snowden’s slow data dump: Where’s the beef?

     After a big announcement on May 16, 2016, The Intercept made 166 documents available to the public. At this rate, it will take an estimated 600 years to read all of the documents! I would like to ask The Intercept, ‘Where’s the beef?’ Last updated on May 16, 2016, Pierre Omidyar’s The Intercept released […]

‘We have to know what happens there’: German govt wants to watch mosques & imams

The German government still lacks adequate knowledge on “what is happening” in mosques all across the country, Emily Haber, the state secretary at the German Ministry of the Interior, told Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung on Friday. “We must know what is preached there. We cannot stay indifferent.” There is a risk that young, predominantly male refugees […]

NATO seeks new meeting with Russia ahead of Warsaw summit

“There was broad agreement yesterday that NATO should convene a new meeting of the NATO-Russia Council before our next summit in July,” NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg told reporters on Friday on the sidelines of a meeting of NATO foreign ministers in Brussels. NATO exercises on Russian border: Are these people actually mad? The NATO-Russia […]

‘Risk of inaction is very high’: WikiLeaks founder Assange under spotlight in new doc at Cannes

Lawyers say Assange needs urgent medical care The film’s director, Laura Poitras, told RT during a Q&A after the screening that she was put on a US government terrorist watch list back in 2006, when she made ‘My Country, My Country’, a documentary set in Iraq under the US forces’ occupation. Citing an FBI audio […]

Woman In Jewel Encrusted Crown Tells Britain To “Live Within Its Means”

A woman sitting on an expensive gold chair and wearing a £1,000,000 hat has encouraged Britain to “live within its means”  during times of austerity while addressing a room full of millionaires. The Huffington Post explains: She also voiced support for a government imposing longer working hours with less pay on junior doctors while wearing […]

Kerry, Salman discuss Syria in Jeddah

US secretary of State John Kerry has met with King Salman of Saudi Arabia to discuss the Syrian conflict, before heading to Vienna for broader international talks. “I want to thank you for the many things that Saudi Arabia is working on with us to great effect,” Kerry told Salman at the beginning of their […]

Senior Cleric: US not abiding by international laws

Tehran, May 13, IRNA – Tehran Friday Prayers substitute leader Ayatollah Mohammad Ali Movahedi Kermani said that the US is not obiding by the international laws. He made the remarks in the second sermon of Friday prayers in Tehran. The US claims democracy, but meanwhile interferes in internal affairs of other countries, the cleric said. […]

U.S.-Funded Somali Intelligence Agency Has Been Using Kids as Spies

U.S.-Funded Somali Intelligence Agency Has Been Using Kids as Spies May 7th, 2016 Via: Washington Post: For years they were children at war, boys given rifles and training by al-Qaeda-backed militants and sent to the front lines of this country’s bloody conflict. Many had […]

Britain’s Labour Party in an “All-out McCarthyism against Outspoken Critics of Israel in its Ranks”

The British Labour party, it is becoming clear, is now indulging in all-out McCarthyism against the most outspoken critics of Israel in its ranks. And almost no one seems to have the guts to call out this dangerous farce. It has been widely reported that the Labour party has suspended (at the latest count) 19 […]

Prince Assistant Says He Was Healthy, “His Death Makes No Sense”

Prince’s former assistant, Mariah Brown, has said that Prince appeared to be completely healthy and energetic just moments before his death – hinting that she doesn’t believe that Prince died a natural death.  Brown says that Prince never drunk alcohol and didn’t do any drugs, “he was a very, very healthy person. … That man has more […]

“Decorated” Las Vegas Cop Charged With Arson And Fraud After Burning his Own Vehicles

Earlier this week, Officer Jeffrey Lynn Harper of Las Vegas was charged with several crimes related to burning a “four-wheeler” and trailer in an attempt to collect money from the insurance policies covering the vehicles. Officer Harper, who is described as a “decorated veteran” of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, had left the trailer, […]

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