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The True Nature Of What We Perceive As Reality & How It Can Transform Or World

Collective Evolution’s Arjun Walia spoke to Pradeep B. Deshpande, Professor Emeritus and former Chair of Chemical Engineering at the University of Louisville, Visiting Professor of Management, Gatton College of Business & Economics, University of Kentucky, and President and CEO, Six Sigma and Advanced Controls, Inc. For the benefit of our readers, how is the ultimate […]

Mass murder and authoritarian control in America – the Hegelian Dialectic way, Part II

     Comment: For the first of this two-part series see: Neocon Hegelian-style warfare against Islam, Russia, China and Iran in a post-9/11 world Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (1770-1831) was a highly influential German philosopher. To this day his Hegelian Dialectic is a model used by central powers of government to create a problem that causes […]

New Insights into Bin Laden Operation

Seymour Hersh posited in his report [1] on the Bin Laden operation in Abbottabad that Saudi Arabia had asked Pakistan as a favor to hide Bin Laden because he was a scion of a powerful Saudi-Yemeni Binladin Group and it was simply not possible for the Saudis to hand him over to […]

Syria condemns US troops deployment as blatant aggression: Zio-Watch, April 28, 2016

Syria has strongly criticized the United States for the deployment of a contingent of troops on its soil, saying the move amounts to aggression against national sovereignty. A Syrian Foreign Ministry official on Thursday called the reported deployment of 150 US troops to Rumeilan airport east of Syria as “an unacceptable and illegal intervention” which came […]

Police clash with protesters in Bahrain: Tear gas, Molotov cocktails and stones (VIDEO)

Activists from the Sitra community, located south of Manama, Bahrain’s capital, attempted to march towards a local highway on Sunday, but were stopped by police firing tear gas, AP reported. RT’s Ruptly agency posted footage from Bahrain showing the intense clashes. The protesters are seen throwing stones and Molotov cocktails at armed military vehicles, while […]

Pandora’s Cop Box: Woman’s Video of Harassment Shows Why LA Sheriffs And Deputies Face Federal Charges

A thread– another not so viral video tucked away in some secluded pocket of YouTube. For myself, when it came to Los Angeles’ Sheriff department, that one thread was the be-all-end-all. Like a breadcrumb trail, it lead me down a ravine towards an already messily opened Pandora’s Box beyond all expectations. The LASD and it’s […]

Judge Dismisses Charges Against Cop for Molesting 3-yo – Jails Victim’s Dad for Being Angry About It

Jay Syrmopoulos | The Free Thought Project McAlester, OK – Oklahoma judge Matthew Sheets dismissed three felony child sexual abuse charges against a retired police officer accused of molesting a 3-year-old girl, seemingly ignoring forensic evidence showing that a sexual assault had occurred, as well as evidence of the […]

This Groundbreaking Device Generates Drinking Water from Humidity

What if you’re a biker, cycling in the countryside miles away from the nearest town, and you suddenly feel thirsty but don’t have any water with you? If you have Fontus attached to your bike, there’s nothing to worry about. You simply will never run out of water! Fontus is a brilliant device invented by […]

Vladimir Putin’s Press Conference: “Military Force to Protect [ISIS] Smuggling Operations… 11,000 Oil Trucks”

Television channel Public Television of Russia (OTR) and its site ( provided live sign language interpretation of the news conference. President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Friends and colleagues, We regularly meet at the end of the year. Only recently I made my Address [to the Federal Assembly]. Honestly speaking, I do not know what else to add to what I said then. I believe I covered all the key points. Nevertheless, there must be issues, which […]

"Riverdance effect" reaches Siberia

April 30, 1994 is a historic moment in both Russian and Irish music history. Inside a renovated Dublin train depot, Ireland introduced the world to Riverdance – and Russia took part in its first-ever Eurovision song contest. The seven minutes of jigs and reels were a mere interval between the main singing event, but it […]

Obama’s New Education Chief… Expect More Federal Control of Education

President Obama’s naming of John B. King, Jr. to lead the federal Department of Education, replacing Arne Duncan, vividly illustrates not only his philosophy “education,” but also his lack of respect for Congress. ~ Steve Byas The president will not submit King’s name to the Republican-controlled U.S. Senate for confirmation. Instead, King will serve as […]

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