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Afghanistan, Failure and Second Thoughts

Afghan children walk past a Taliban Red Unit, an elite force, Alingar district, Laghman province in eastern Afghanistan (File photo) It is a country other powers simply cannot leave alone.  Even after abandoning its Kabul post in ignominy, tail tucked between their legs, Australia is now wondering if it should return – in some form.  […]

‘The Afghanistan War Was A Disaster;’ Veteran Danny Sjursen On US ‘Pullout’

The Pentagon has started closing military bases and pulling troops out of Afghanistan but confusion over what this means for the United States’ longest war exists. For clarification, Clearing the FOG speaks with retired US army major, author and activist, Danny Sjursen. He calls the Afghanistan War a disaster and says the United States would […]

Ex-CIA Agent: US Wasted Trillions on Wars in Iraq & Afghanistan, Achieved Nothing

July 26, 2021 By Staff, Agencies The US has squandered trillions of dollars on the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq while failing to achieve any objectives, former US counter-terrorism specialist and CIA military intelligence officer Philip Giraldi wrote in an op-ed for Strategic Culture Foundation. In an article, Giraldi made the remarks as US soldiers […]

Top US General Won’t Commit To Ending Afghanistan Airstrikes

Above Photo: Gen. Kenneth McKenzie at a news conference in Kabul on Sunday. (Sajjad Hussain/Agence France-Presse / Getty Images) Says US will continue to support Afghan partners with airstrikes CENTCOM Commander Gen. Kenneth McKenzie is refusing all comment on whether the US will stop carrying out airstrikes in Afghanistan, saying he’s “concentrating on the here […]

Iranian, Chinese ambassadors in Islamabad consult on Afghanistan

Iranian, Chinese ambassadors in Islamabad consult on Afghanistan – Tehran%20Times TEHRAN – The Iranian ambassador to Pakistan has met with his Chinese counterpart to discuss bilateral cooperation, regional ties, including developments in Afghanistan. Seyed Mohammad Ali Hosseini met with Chinese Ambassador to Islamabad Nong Rong on Sunday, IRNA reported. “In this meeting, we discussed bilateral […]

U.S. seeking to establish dual government in Afghanistan: Azeri expert

U.S. seeking to establish dual government in Afghanistan: Azeri expert – Tehran%20Times TEHRAN – Head of the Azerbaijan Institute for Democracy and Human Rights says that the U.S. prefers a dual government in Afghanistan.  “The United States, which has been waging civil wars in Iraq and Syria for years, wants to continue the conflict in […]

What Card is Washington Playing in Afghanistan via Ankara?

Despite the intense debate that has been going on in Turkey and beyond over the last few days about the advisability of Ankara taking over the baton from the USA in Afghanistan, as well as the main intrigue – what it will do in the IRA, President Tayyip Erdoğan confirmed the other day that Turkey […]

The SCO Devises a ‘Regional Approach’ to Afghanistan

Even though the US withdrawal from Afghanistan was expected to make the Afghan war less ‘international’, this has been far from the case. Contrary to the projections, even ‘civil war’ in Afghanistan has an international dimension, not because some international actors are militarily involved in it, but mainly because the fallout could destabilise the whole […]

Afghanistan — an “Assembly Area” in the Indo-Pacific?

With the onset of the final phase for the US military to withdraw from Afghanistan, the 200-year problem associated with this country is going back to its traditional state of uncertainty, which has always served as a source of headaches for the leading (at this historical moment) players. Today, it is turning out to be […]

CIA Stories: Death Squads In Afghanistan

[embedded content] As the US Empire makes its major military retreat from Afghanistan, learn about the CIA forces that will be staying behind. And their disturbing 20-year track record of war crimes. Perhaps the most notorious piece of Central Intelligence Agency history is its creation and management of death squads. It’s most known for doing […]

Russia-China advance Asian roadmap for Afghanistan

Kazakhstan’s Foreign Minister Mukhtar Tileuberdi, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, Tajik Foreign Minister Sirojiddin Muhriddin and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi pose for a family photo before a meeting of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Contact Group on Afghanistan, in Dushanbe, Tajikistan. Photo: Russian Foreign Ministry / Sputnik via AFP July 15, 2021 Shanghai Cooperation Organization’s […]

What will Turkey Do in Afghanistan?

At a time when the United States and NATO are hastily withdrawing their troops from Afghanistan, on top of chaos and the general population fleeing abroad in a panic and the Afghan military being abandoned by former Western instructors, the opposition is growing in Turkey to Erdoğan’s plans to take over from the United States […]

Will Afghanistan Become Everybody Else’s Problem with the US and NATO Withdrawal?

The situation in Afghanistan is like the ending of Charlie’s Wilson war. In the endgame there is no saving face and no victory is won. In fact a great vacuum remains, despite 20 years of US and NATO partner attempts to nation-building. It is not as if they did not know how it would end, […]

George W. Bush Claims That The Decision To Withdraw Troops From Afghanistan ‘Breaks His Heart’

Former US President and war criminal George W. Bush has condemnded President Bidens decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan. In an interview released on Wednesday by Germany’s DW media outlet, Bush said that he fears the “unspeakable harm” that Afghan women and girls may suffer as the Taliban retakes control over large parts of the […]

Chaos in Afghanistan is of No Use to Anyone

After the United States and its NATO allies announced that they would withdraw their troops from Afghanistan, civil unrest in the nation has been growing, seemingly having reached a boiling point. The Taliban (ed. note: an organization banned in the Russian Federation) has seized new territories and claimed that it controls 85% of Afghanistan. Its […]

Afghanistan Faces a New Future With Some Positive Signs

The news from Afghanistan is not good for the Americans. The troops abandoned the Bagram military base in the dead of night without bothering to advise their Afghanistan “allies”. Looters moved in before being replaced by the Taliban forces (banned in Russia) who naturally rejoiced at the treasure trove of weapons and other equipment that the […]

Top US Commander Gen. Scott Miller To Exit Afghanistan Amid Taliban Surge

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — The top U.S. commander in Afghanistan is to hand over his command at a ceremony in the capital of Kabul on Monday, as America winds down its 20-year military presence and Taliban insurgents continue to gain territory across the country. Gen. Scott Miller was poised to transfer authority to Marine Gen. […]

Defense Contractor Tearfully Welcomes Home Beloved Drone From Afghanistan

SAN DIEGO, CA—With the U.S. finally beginning to pull out of Afghanistan, veteran war drones are finally being reunited with their loving defense contractors at General Atomics, the manufacturer of the Predator Drone. In one particularly moving moment, aeronautical engineer Dave Chimbly wept as he embraced drone #PD-45X-A, after more than 1 year apart.  “I would […]

Biden Dusts Off Bush’s Old ‘Mission Accomplished’ Banner To Mark Victory In Afghanistan

Biden Dusts Off Bush’s Old ‘Mission Accomplished’ Banner To Mark Victory In Afghanistan WASHINGTON, D.C.—Former President George W. Bush is pitching in to help President Biden celebrate the military’s sudden victory in Afghanistan, breaking out his famous ‘Mission Accomplished” banner from 18 years ago. “Lookie here what I still had in the attic!” exclaimed an elated […]

The US Withdrawal Isn’t the End of the War in Afghanistan

Even through the US/NATO forces have largely withdrawn from Afghanistan, and the Taliban (banned in Russia) are increasingly advancing towards the northern provinces to expand and consolidate their rule, war in Afghanistan in highly unlikely to end in the coming weeks and months. Whereas a number of Afghan militias have vowed to ally with Kabul […]

Iran hosts talks between Afghanistan government and Taliban in a bid for peace

Iran brought together envoys of the Afghan government and the Taliban movement in Tehran this week for a rare meeting between the two sides, in what appeared to be a diplomatic win for Tehran as well as a modest sign of progress in ongoing efforts towards reconciliation and peace in Afghanistan. But with recent major […]

America- Led NATO in Afghanistan: Crimes against Humanity Call for Accountability

Baz Ratner/Reuters US troops in Afghanistan, June 2011  “We Are Going to Lose the War in Afghanistan and it will Help Bankrupt us. One of our major strategic blunders in Afghanistan was not to have recognized that both Great Britain and the Soviet Union attempted to pacify Afghanistan using the same military methods as ours […]

Why is the US Creating a Nexus of Regional Instability around Afghanistan?

After more than 19 years of its failed war against the Taliban, the Americans’ rushed withdrawal from Afghanistan is looking a lot like the situation in Saigon in 1975, following the US defeat in the Vietnam war. In addition to the departure of US troops, Washington is also saying there’s a possibility that it will […]

What Is Biden’s Next Move With Afghanistan And Has The US Government Failed?

The US Biden administration seems to be following through on its promise, for now, to end the longest war in US history. But is the withdrawal of troops going to mean the end of US presence inside Afghanistan, or is there more than meets the eye going on here? According to the former President of […]

Why We Lost the War in Afghanistan

Commentary America’s top general in Afghanistan, Austin S. Miller, is deeply worried the United States has lost the war in that region—and he knows best, because he’s on the scene. In a recent conversation with journalists in Kabul, Miller declared, “A civil war is certainly a path that can be visualized if this continues on […]

Afghanistan: Taliban captures territory as NATO withdrawal continues

The Taliban has captured more territory in Afghanistan in recent days from fleeing Afghan forces, as NATO troops continue to pull out of the country. Officials said on Sunday that several hundred Afghan security forces fled across the northern border into Tajikistan as Taliban fighters continued to gain momentum, capturing several districts. Since mid-April, when […]

Afghanistan is Once Again in the Taliban’s Clutches

Deborah Lyons, head of the United National Assistance Mission in Afghanistan, expressed “serious concerns” about the military successes scored by the Taliban rebels (an organization that is banned in Russia) by virtue of the withdrawal of US and coalition forces from the country. All the major trends – politics, security, the peace process, the economy, […]

Last German troops leave Afghanistan after nearly 20 years deployed

Germany’s last troops left Afghanistan on Tuesday after a near 20-year deployment in the country, the defense minister said. Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer tweeted that the last Bundeswehr soldiers “left Afghanistan safely” on Tuesday evening. She thanked the more than 150,000 troops who have served there since 2001 and said that “they can be proud […]

Has the US Found a Solution to the Problem of Withdrawal from Afghanistan?

The past two months have been very difficult for Washington in terms of finding a solution to the accelerated withdrawal of regular US and NATO forces from Afghanistan. Washington did not succeed in implementing its initial plans to possibly deploy them in post-Soviet Central Asia, despite numerous attempts to sucker Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan into […]

Is Turkey in a Hurry to Take the Relay Baton from the US in Afghanistan?

In a recent interview with Reuters, Turkish officials announced Turkey’s readiness to occupy the Kabul airport after US troops withdraw, and to take over managing and protecting it. Turkey articulated this proposal back at a NATO meeting in May, when Washington and its allies agreed on a plan for withdrawing US troops from Afghanistan. On […]

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