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MARCH 22ND, 2024 Source Ahmed Abdulkareem In his traditional Tuhamian clothing, Ali, a Yemeni fisherman from the coastal city of Hodeidah, stands in a gathering of thousands of Yemenis and chants, “With you, with you, O Al-Qassam Brigades… until victory or martyrdom.” Ali told MintPress News that with the beginning of the holy month of […]

Healthy Lifestyles Linked To Sudden Surge In Heart Attacks, Scientists Warn

Eating nutritious food and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is causing a sudden surge in heart problems, scientists have warned. According to new research published Monday at the American Heart Association’s scientific sessions in Chicago, the […] The post Healthy Lifestyles Linked To Sudden Surge In Heart Attacks, Scientists Warn appeared first on The People's Voice. […]

2024 election cycle shattered by record Dark Money surge

An unprecedented surge of dark money casts a shadow over the 2024 elections, challenging the transparency and integrity of American democracy with over $162 million in undisclosed contributions. Source

MSM Finally Admits Covid Jabs Are Responsible For Surge In Blood, Brain and Heart Disorders

Mainstream media around the world has finally decided to admit the experimental Covid-19 mRNA vaccinations have caused a massive surge in excess deaths, and an uptick in blood, brain and heart disorders. Multiple mainstream news […] The post MSM Finally Admits Covid Jabs Are Responsible For Surge In Blood, Brain and Heart Disorders appeared first […]

Stocks Set To Make It A Record 15 Weeks Higher Out Of 16 As Tech Surge Goes On

After stocks successfully recovered from a mid-week rout following the much hotter than expected CPI print, resulting in a burst of BTFD and flurry of 0DTE buying, on the last day of the week, S&P 500 futures were up 0.2% – amid bigger gains in European stocks … … and were on pace to dodge […]

Surge in anti-Muslim and anti-Palestinian bias: A reflection of the Israel-Hamas conflict

The political and social landscape in the United States has been significantly influenced by the Israel-Hamas conflict, with the surge in bias incidents reflecting deeper divisions. Source

Insurance Companies Alarmed by Surge in Deaths Among Young People in Post COVID-19 Pandemic World

    Executives at the largest insurance companies in the United States are alarmed that teenagers, young and white-collar Americans in the prime of life are inexplicably dying at a record pace, causing a “monumental outflow” of death claims and drag on profits that is shaking the industry and causing some to take a fresh […]

Geert Wilders’ Conservatives Surge To Top Of Polls Just Days Before Dutch Election

Authored by Thomas Brooke via Remix News, A shock new poll saw Wilders’ Party for Freedom (PVV) enjoy a dramatic rise in support to put it on equal footing with the governing VVD… Geert Wilders’ Party for Freedom (PVV) has experienced a dramatic rise in popularity among Dutch voters in a matter of days, rising […]

“Tranhausen By Proxy?” Parents’ Personality Disorders Driving Surge In Trans Kids: Psychiatrists


Historic heat surge: Earth endures its hottest 12-month period in recorded history

As the world bid farewell to October, it unknowingly marked the end of the hottest 12-month span in recorded history. This period, stretching from November 2022 to October 2023, has set a new and alarming record, with Earth’s temperature soaring 1.3 degrees Celsius above preindustrial levels. Climate Central, a nonprofit organization dedicated to analyzing climate […]

Top Insurance Execs ‘Alarmed’ by ‘Sudden Surge’ in Deaths Among Jabbed Young People

Executives at the largest insurance companies in the United States say they are ‘alarmed’ at the ‘sudden surge’ in deaths among fully jabbed young people. According to an Oct. 26 report in InsuranceNewsNet, U.S. insurance execuives […] The post Top Insurance Execs ‘Alarmed’ by ‘Sudden Surge’ in Deaths Among Jabbed Young People appeared first on The […]

A grim Halloween: Surge in mass shootings exposes America’s enduring gun violence crisis

The broad geographic distribution of these incidents underscores the fact that no region is immune to this ongoing crisis. Source

‘Jeopardy!’ Host Mayim Bialik Condemns Surge in Anti-Semitism on College Campuses: ‘This Is Not Acceptable. This Is Not Normal.’

Actress Mayim Bialik — who serves as one of the hosts of “Jeopardy!” — said she feels like a “stranger in a strange land” amid the surge in anti-semitism in major U.S. cities and especially university campuses, where academic leaders have defended students who are voicing support for Hamas. Source

Switzerland’s Right-Wing Surge: SVP’s Electoral Triumph Reflects Concerns Over Immigration

Switzerland’s right-wing People’s Party (SVP), known by its German acronym, has secured one of its most significant electoral wins in recent years – garnering 28.6% of the votes in the national elections, marking a notable increase from their 25.6% performance four years ago. This triumph exceeded expectations set by opinion polls and came close to […]

Exclusive: D.C. Residents Fear Crime Surge Turning Area into U.S. War Zone

Many Washington, DC, residents cannot walk their dog, enjoy a local park, or pick up groceries without fear of being stabbed, robbed, or gunned down in the District, a 68 square mile area that local residents described as a “war zone” to Breitbart News. Source

Israel Home Front Command’s advice leads to surge in PANIC BUYING of food and other supplies

(NaturalNews) Israelis rushed to supermarkets following an Israel Home Front Command’s initial advice to store 72 hours’ worth of food and water at their… Source

Solidarity for Gaza: Millions Surge Worldwide on Al-Aqsa Flood Friday (Videos)

October 14, 2023 Nearly a week following the profound surge of Palestinian resistance, which sent shockwaves through the Israeli enemy, retaliation for the latter’s brutal assault on the Gaza Strip, targeting both structures and lives, alongside an oppressive blockade that left over two million Palestinians devoid of water, electricity, fuel, and access to aid, the […]

RFK Jr. Sees Surge In Fundraising After Declaring Independent Run

RFK Jr. Sees Surge In Fundraising After Declaring Independent Run Authored by Jeff Louderback via The Epoch Times (emphasis ours), Within hours of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s announcement that he will run for president as an independent and not a Democrat, the super PAC supporting his candidacy raised more than $11 million. Presidential candidate Robert […]

Oil prices surge following large-scale clashes between Israel and Palestine

(NaturalNews) Large-scale hostilities between Israel and Palestinian militant groups in the Gaza Strip have sent crude oil prices surging even after oil prices… Source

Oil Prices Surge, Predicted To Hit $150 Per Barrel Following Hamas Attack

Oil prices have rocketed by almost 5 percent in the wake of the Hamas attack, with some analysts now predicting it could hit $150 per barrel and warning that Americans already facing inflated gas prices will again have to deal with a price surge. Reuters reports that Oil prices jumped more than $3 a barrel […]

Target partners with Homeland Security in bid to curb surge in retail theft

(NaturalNews) Amid the closure of several of its stores, Target has announced its partnership with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to address the surge in… Source

WEF Caught Orchestrating Migrant Surge For US Border From Military Bases In Panama

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has infiltrated American military bases in Panama and is running an operation to send as many migrants as possible to the US so they can illegally enter the United States […] The post WEF Caught Orchestrating Migrant Surge For US Border From Military Bases In Panama appeared first on The […]

El Paso announces new shelter amid migrant surge

Officials in El Paso, Texas, have announced plans to open a new shelter to house migrants as the city struggles to accommodate the massive surge of migrants entering its border.  During a news conference Saturday, El Paso Mayor Oscar Leeser (D) said that the city is opening an additional shelter that can hold roughly 400… […]

Biden accuses the Republicans for the massive surge of illegal immigrants

Joe Biden claimed Thursday that it is really Republicans that are to blame for undermining the security of the southern border, despite a massive surge in numbers of illegal immigrants coming across under his administration. Addressing the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Biden also claimed President Trump “spent four years gutting the immigration system.” He further claimed […]

Americans Divided As Mask Mandates Make Comeback Amid COVID-19 Surge

READ HERE:   Source

Electricity prices in Italy surge 30% IN A WEEK as another winter without cheap Russian gas approaches

(NaturalNews) Within just one week from Aug. 21 to 27, Italy experienced a nearly 30 percent increase in the cost of electricity, pushing prices up to 138 euros… Source

Elise Stefanik Decries Surge in Illegal Migrants at the Northern Border: ‘Unprecedented’

Elise Stefanik decried the surge in illegal immigration at the U.S. Northern Border in the wake of New York City Mayor Eric Adams’s warning. Source

Return of the COVID: US Schools Close Due To Surge Of Cases

In recent developments, schools in Kentucky and Texas have been compelled to temporarily close their doors due to a reported surge in Covid-19 cases. The Lee County School District and Magoffin County Schools in Kentucky made the decision to cancel classes in response to what they’ve described as “widespread illness” affecting their communities. Scott Lockard, […]

People have no idea how much coastal damage Idalia storm surge has inflicted…..

…on top of the 125 mph winds—the strongest storm in a 100 years for that region of Florida. ___ Source

Afghanistan: activists sound alarm over surge in suicide among women

A teenage girl ended her life last week by hanging herself at her home in Afghanistan's rugged central province of Bamyan, Anadolu has reported. Her family refrained from disclosing any details about her death, but a neighbour told local media that she was particularly distressed about not being able to go to school, a result […]

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