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How the Rothschilds Became Satanists

This book covers the Priestcraft from Sumeria to present, and establishes a common thread from Babylon to the Ba’al cult to the Freemasons. It also provides data on the Hospitallers, Knights Templar, and UN overseers: Knights of Malta. It covers the Sabbatean-Frankists, the Jesuits, and their connection with the Perfektiblisten AKA, the Illuminati. What role […]

Two Weeks to Flatten Became Eight Months to Change the Election 

SHARE | PRINT | EMAIL In 1845, Congress established Election Day as the Tuesday after the first Monday of November. The Act sought “to establish a uniform time” for Americans to cast their ballots for president. Historically, voters needed to provide a valid reason – such as illness or military service – to qualify for […]

When Panic Became Normalized

In honor of the fourth anniversary of the tyrannical overreaction to a largely imagined threat that elsewhere I’ve described in terms of Israel’s worship of golden calf, I thought it useful to relive my own experience of how easily normal was abandoned in favor of dystopia in less than a week. Thursday, March 12 Following […]

How the “Fight Against Antisemitism” Became a Shield for Israel’s Genocide

MARCH 7, 2024 Source Jonathan Cook Western capitals no longer treat Israel like a state, a political actor capable of slaughtering children, but rather as a sacred cause. So any opposition has to be a blasphemy If you read the establishment media, you might conclude that a serious battle is being waged by Israel and […]

We Became Lazy

“We saw in organized religion a decay that was starting to destroy us, since Jews had been promoting the idea that the Bible was their book, they were the Hebrews, and thus the chosen people of God, raised above all others. In your country, I hear this is an idea that has taken deep root, […]

America Became A Great Big Racketeering Operation Run By A Mafia-Like Cabal With Marxist Characteristics Is Why Americans Must Choose: Between Civilization, Or Its Destroyers

READ HERE: _Civilization_Or_Its_Destroyers.php   Source

How Christie became a ‘monumental problem’ for Haley — and a potential boon to Trump

Chris Christie has singularly devoted his presidential campaign to tearing down Donald Trump. But with the start of the primaries just a few weeks away, some top Republicans in New Hampshire say Christie is now positioned to help pave the way for Trump’s nomination by siphoning votes away from Nikki Haley, Trump’s closest-polling competitor in […]

Biden became ‘Genocide Joe’ thanks to the Israel lobby

At Thanksgiving, a friend took me aside and said, “How does Israel get away with this? They are wiping these people out, you can see it before your eyes. But people here are losing their jobs if they say anything against it on social media. Health care workers have lost their jobs at hospitals.” My […]

Shellenberger: Why Democrats Became The Totalitarians They Warned Us About

Authored by Alex Gutentag and Michael Shellenberger via Public Substack, How did the Left go from defending the free speech rights of neo-Nazis to demanding censorship, falsely accusing their opponents of being fascists, and seeking their incarceration? When Donald Trump became president, Democrats predicted the worst. “Trump’s shocking victory, his ascension to the Presidency, is […]

5 Times Dr. “Zev” Zelenko’s Bold Claims Became Undeniably True

Dr. Vladimir “Zev” Zelenko was more than a doctor; he was a divinely-inspired person. And his fearless, unapologetic way of truth-telling had a profound impact on the world. During COVID, at the hard-hit epicenter of New York City, Dr. Zelenko boldly treated patients on the front lines. While doing so, he discovered the power of […]

What It’s Like to Own the Cars That Became a Viral Sensation to Steal

Sonja Jordan loved her 2017 Kia Soul. She knows it’s a cliché, but she called the Soul her “first adult purchase.” It was the car she drove to every job she’s ever had, the first place she held her cat Betty after she found her, and it was the car she drove across the country […]

How Myocarditis Became the Silent Scandal of Covid Vaccination

It started slowly at first – a trickle of concerning reports that something wasn’t right. In January 2021, just weeks after the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccines, cases of myocarditis began cropping up. Myocarditis – inflammation of the heart muscle – had never been linked to vaccines before. So when 28 cases were reported to the […]

How a private school became the biggest loser on the planet.

My son attends a private school where he was complaining about a teacher hitting him, kicking him and dragging him by the collar, as well as shouting at him.  I told him that next time the teacher does this to him, to stand back and shout at him ‘you kicked me’ or ‘you hit me’ […]

Programmed to Kill; Military Men Who Became Serial Killers


How The Sons Of God Became The Sethian Nephilim

According to the biblical story told in the Book of Genesis, Chapter 6:1-4, certain Sons of God fathered children with the daughters of men.  Read more Section:  News Premium Preview Read Later  Source

How Young Adult Literature Became the Playground, and Battleground, for Adults

On a warm spring day roughly ten years ago, back when we still did such things, I caught a city bus to my office in downtown Minneapolis. It was a pleasant early morning ride, windows open, the people unusually quiet. I looked around and realized nearly everyone on the bus was reading a book. I […]


Niger is shaping up to be the surprising frontline of the new Cold War. Yesterday, the 15-member Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) ordered the “activation” and “deployment” of “standby” military forces to the country, an action that threatens to spark a major international war that could make Syria look minor by comparison. Source

How I became a terrorist

Adrian Kreutz reflects on his visit to Palestine to join in Al-Haq’s International Law Summer Program. Source


Fort Benning, the infamous Georgia U.S. military base, is once again in the news, changing its name to Fort Moore, thereby ditching its Confederate name. Yet none of the media covering the rebranding – not The New York Times, the Associated Press, CNN, ABC, CBS News, USA Today nor The Hill – mentioned the most controversial aspect of the institution.

Bar That Became Epicentre of Lac-Megantic Tragedy Now a Symbol of Its Rebuild

The bar that became the epicentre of the deadly train disaster that struck Lac–Megantic, Que., 10 years ago marked the sombre anniversary on Friday in much the same way it spent the hours leading up to the tragedy: with music, laughter and even joy. Musical headliner Dany Flanders, a former contestant on singing reality show […]

How an animal rights activist at FreedomWorks became the target of ‘Dr. Evil’s’ former PR shop

The COO left the group this week after enduring a barrage of attacks from a website named FreedomWoke, which had been agitating for his dismissal by citing his record lobbying for the legislative arm of the Humane Society and his work on behalf of Animal Wellness Action. “Why is FreedomWorks Going ‘Woke’?” the site read. […]

YCP – How the Edomites and Canaanites Became Judeans

The post YCP – How the Edomites and Canaanites Became Judeans appeared first on EURO·FOLK·RADIO. Source

Like the Edomites, The Conquered Itureans Were Circumcized And Became Judeans — So Why No ‘Iturean Jews’?

Many are familiar with the term “Edomite Jews” — a type of “Jew” that was created when John Hyrcanus, the Hasamonean King of Judea conquered Idumaea — or Edom — circa 110 BC and forced circumcision on the Edomites on condition of their citizenship in Judea. According to Flavius Josephus, “Hyrcanus also captured the Idumean […]

Ouzo Talk Podcast: How a Greek-Australian became Saint John on ‘The Chosen’

When rising Greek-Australian actor George Xanthis auditioned for a role on The Chosen, it wasn’t for the role he would eventually play, as Xanthis told the Ouzo Talk Podcast. “I got an audition for Simon,” recalls Xanthis, referring to the Apostle Simon, now played by Shahar Isaac.  During a intensive audition process, Xanthis, who is originally from… […]

VOCI – How the Khazarian Jews Became Masters of Commerce

EURO FOLK RADIO VOCI – How the Khazarian Jews Became Masters of Commerce Play Episode Pause Episode Mute/Unmute Episode Rewind 10 Seconds 1x Fast Forward 30 seconds Subscribe Share The Forgotten Judeo-Muslim-Christian Alliance and China’s Silk Road — Strategic Culture ( Share this: Source

How social networks became a ‘subsidiary’ of the FBI and CIA

Jonathan Cook 20 February 2023 12:13 UTC  The Twitter Files have lifted the lid on a secret alliance between Silicon Valley, intelligence agencies and the political establishment  The US Congress last tried to grapple with what the country’s ballooning security services were up to nearly half a century ago. In 1975, the Church Committee managed to take […]

How LibsOfTikTok Became the Darling of the GOP

In the year since Chaya Raichik was unmasked as the operator of the hate-filled Libs of TikTok Twitter account, a primary vector of the right’s outrage, she’s doubled down on her attacks on the LGBTQ community, teachers, and medical professionals across the country. In June she posted the location of a drag show in California […]

The Incidental Agent: How Former Gossip Columnist Doug Dechert Became a Can’t-Miss Literary Agent

Doug Dechert is a force of nature. His personality is as loud and bombastic as his blazers. After spending a decade writing for the famed Page Six gossip column of the New York Post, along with other publications such as the Daily Mail, the Star, and the National Enquirer, his personality and devil-may-care attitude are […]

How Iran became a sitting volleyball superpower

TEHRAN – As player, captain and head coach, Hadi Rezaei has been an integral part of Iran’s extraordinary four-decade dominance in men’s sitting volleyball. Source

Netanyahu: “Israel Became the Lab for Pfizer”


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