How a private school became the biggest loser on the planet.

My son attends a private school where he was complaining about a teacher hitting him, kicking him and dragging him by the collar, as well as shouting at him.  I told him that next time the teacher does this to him, to stand back and shout at him ‘you kicked me’ or ‘you hit me’ in front of his classmates.  It is the sports teacher or  Sports Director actually, and he attacked again the very next day.

We filed a complaint with the school immediately.  They said they would investigate but first would report the incident to the Local Authority who decided not to investigate after two days without speaking to us.

The school investigation took place a week later and my son was put through several meetings with the accused teacher present at each, profusely apologising, and we were told the school thought that the incident was accidental, or rather unintentional.  We were asked not to talk about it again, and we wrote to the teacher accepting his version of events to let our son have some peace as he was looking very worn down and depressed by all the meetings, held without any support for him.  We were assured that there would be changes by the Deputy Head, and that we need not worry about further assaults on our son.

Since then, there have been no further assaults but there has been shouting at pupils on a regular basis, and we have noticed our son being strangely dropped from sports teams usually after a brilliant performance.  He scored fifty runs and bowled a hat trick, taking four wickets in two overs hitting stumps (only two overs per bowler).  Next match he was demoted to a lower team.  In football, he played in the first team aged 11, when they won the match 2-1 and he was mysteriously dropped the next game, along with a friend who is also a very strong player.  I warned the headmaster what was going to happen next as the team is generally weak.  I predicted a loss of at least 5-0 in the next game.  They lost 7-0.  The team entered a contest at Shrewsbury School, played 6 matches and conceded 20 goals to zero in the day.  Next match was lost 8-0.  That’s 34 goals conceded in a week versus zero!!!!!

My son is actually relieved not to be in the A team as he says there is no shouting from the coach in the B team and it’s actually fun, and there is always shouting from the Director and no one can relax or laugh.  However the Director is also the one who chooses the positions on field in the Bs as well.  The striker who usually gets at least one goal each match has been consigned to the wing and can’t easily strike, and my son who plays left wing is placed at full back where there is not much he can do to win games.   In one tournament recently he scored nine goals in one day.  He is slight in build and very quick, and not suited to playing fullback against boys two years older and more powerful than himself, but on the wing he can find space and change outcomes.

I have spoken to other parents.  One told me while watching the Bs lose 4-3 with players in wrong positions, that her  elder son never played even once for the school’s first team despite being possibly the best player in  the school.  He and his father pleaded with the Director asking what he needed to do to be chosen.  At Shrewsbury School he went straight into the school side and has played there ever since.  A hockey player at the school has been selected for Shropshire but has yet to be given a game for the school.  His family cannot understand why and are also asking what more they need to do to be chosen.  Other old boys I have played cricket with for Shrewsbury Cricket Club say things like ‘I hate Mr X’ (10 years after leaving the school) or ‘Mr X hates kids’  and ‘Mr X has no common sense’ and ‘No one like Mr X’..  I have yet to meet anyone who likes him or has a good word, although strangely my son says he is a good classroom teacher but goes mental around sports.

Prove me wrong in the comments below.

The headmaster sadly does not see the pointlessness of an abusive director of sport who delivers no goals, but massive losses week after week, and backs him up as follows –

Thank you for your emails.  Whilst not wanting to prolong the debate unnecessarily the school does have highly experienced cricket and football coaches.

I welcome feedback from parents for all areas of school life and will always make decisions in the best interests of the children and the school.

Best wishes,

We agreed to be part of a cover up when asked, in order to protect our son and not talk about what happened, if the abuse stopped.  It hasn’t.  The school is not keeping its side of the bargain, and total stupidity on the gargantuan scale is all we can see day after day.  Over to you, headmaster.  This monster is bigger than you think it is.

If you recognise anyone in this text, you are entitled to tell me I’m wrong or add your thoughts in the comments below.  Or maybe I just imagined it all.   Surely there’s never been anything quite like it before throughout human history.

We’re watching a freak show.

To give this story a happy ending, here is my son singing and playing keyboard.  He’s got two more years at this school as he likes the music and all other teachers, has many friends and doesn’t want to leave despite the freak show in sports.

We love you Seanie.  Do what is right.  Speak only the truth and we’ll win through in the end.  We cannot allow the situation and the things you are experiencing to go on any longer than is necessary.

Please join our campaign for the teacher to leave the school.  I don’t need to name him or the school as people will work it out if they are interested.  Why the school backed him up when he was quite clearly breaking every rule in the book is the school’s shame for which they are now paying in their shocking sporting results, and loss of reputation, and by the look on some faces, unhappiness.  It’s not too late to correct their mistake, and rebuild.  But they need to do that, as I am not going to go quiet and tolerate the situation any more, as they are asking me to do.






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