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How Christie became a ‘monumental problem’ for Haley — and a potential boon to Trump

Chris Christie has singularly devoted his presidential campaign to tearing down Donald Trump. But with the start of the primaries just a few weeks away, some top Republicans in New Hampshire say Christie is now positioned to help pave the way for Trump’s nomination by siphoning votes away from Nikki Haley, Trump’s closest-polling competitor in […]

A Monumental Prehistoric Discovery In Siberia Rewrites Human History, Scientists Say

New evidence unearthed from ancient fortresses in Siberia is totally rewriting our understanding of how complex societies evolved.  Radiocarbon dating of artifacts has revealed that Eastern Russia’s Amnya I and Amnya II sites are around 8,000 years old—centuries older than similar structures in Europe.  Despite their age, the settlements are by no means basic, consisting […]

A monumental UFO scandal is looming

A monumental UFO scandal is looming by Marik von Rennenkampff, Opinion Contributor – 08/04/23 The decades-long saga of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) is barreling headlong toward one of two stunning conclusions. Either the U.S. government has mounted an extraordinary, decades-long coverup of UFO retrieval and reverse-engineering activities, or elements of the defense and intelligence establishment […]

After 400 Years, It’s Time To Take Down The Monumental Insult

Not A Kernel Of Truth. The Wall Street Journal needs to cease its incorrect ‘Pilgrim Journal’ I am sending a gift, a box of “Indian corn,” to the Wall Street Journal editorial board as a reminder of what really happened in colonial North America and is commemorated by the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday. On this 400th anniversary of […]

America: Monumental problems, no solutions, caught up in a state of regression

When have we ever seen this country in such a tenuous condition? At different times in past decades, America has been beset with many serious problems but was entirely capable of addressing and solving the majority of them.   But those days are no more. In today’s America, we have a myriad of problems that are […]

Montezuma Castle: Arizona’s Strange Monumental Cliff Dwelling

Montezuma Castle is a national monument located in the western US state of Arizona. Although the name of the monument suggests a connection with the Aztecs, Montezuma Castle was in fact built by the Sinagua, a pre-Columbian culture that lived in the area. Moreover, the monument is not a castle, but a cliff dwelling consisting […]

‘Monumental Steps’ On Protecting Old Growth Forests

By Andrew MacLeod, The Tyee. June 12, 2021 Above photo: Premier John Horgan announced a pause in old-growth logging on southern Vancouver Island Wednesday. BC government. Critics Aren’t Convinced. BC defers logging of southern Vancouver Island old growth after months of protests and blockades. The British Columbia cabinet has agreed to defer the logging of […]

Future in Question for Chicago Loop Synagogue and its Monumental Stained-Glass Window

(JTA) — Just three stories high and hemmed into a small 5,000-square-foot lot, the building at 16 S. Clark St. is a small jewel box situated amid this city’s dense urban fabric. Exuding an aura of cool simplicity, the structure’s facade is composed of glass, metal and concrete planes. Its name is etched in delicate […]

Getting COVID-19 jabs to world’s hardest-to-reach people is a monumental task | View

COVID-19 exposed and increased the vast inequalities of our world. Now, the effort to vaccinate humanity risks creating the latest front in global inequality. Around 75 per cent of all global vaccinations have taken place in only 10 countries. Against a backdrop of vaccine nationalism, debates over intellectual property or technology transfer, fair and equal […]

Monumental report on death of Palestinian boy in ‘NYRB’ is a critique of Zionism’s racism

When journalists seek to convey the depth of the Palestinian situation we often latch on to Israeli killings that were in the headlines, atrocities in which the moral lines are stark. The astonishment of Nathan Thrall’s monumental piece in The New York Review of Books is that it involves a death few outside of East […]

Monumental Discovery! More of the Stonehenge Origin Story Comes to Light

Are you familiar with the monoliths at Waun Mawn? Maybe not, but a team of researchers believes that the dismantled stone circle in the Preseli Hills of west Wales is extremely significant. They have linked it to the Stonehenge story. Just four stones remain to tell the tale of Waun Mawn, but an archaeologist has […]

European Leader Predicts COVID Hell Will Trigger Monumental ‘Populist Backlash’

Chinese state media once again attacked diversity of opinion in the US to promote the Communist state’s brand of global authoritarianism, this time reviewing the Presidential debate between Trump and Biden, and noting that Americans must be “disappointed.” Suddenly appearing to become television critics, China’s Global Times on Wednesday described the debate as “full of personal […]

7 Examples of Monumental Government Hypocrisy and What We Can Do

Government hypocrisy will continue to exist as long as our governments are still run by crooks associated with crooked institutions, tied in to deceptive agendas. To manipulate the general consensus, those leading will, in the public eye, create the illusion of having ‘virtue,’ with a hollow mocked up sincerity, while talking in double-standards. Having little […]

PHOTOS: Young Women Are Asked To Be Vulnerable To Empower Others

At just 17 years old, Ali Miller was sexually assaulted. Now 20, the young woman has decided to share her story online — a courageous act that has helped her realize just how impactful being vulnerable can be. And in an effort to help other women embrace their vulnerability, Ali created the I Am Movement. This online photography collective invites 18-25 […]

“You’ve Changed Things, Forever”: High School Students Chant “Trump” at Rival, Majority Non-White School

Stuff Black People Don’t Like February 28, 2016 There’s no going back, folks. It’s started. The signs are all around us. “Trump”: The most powerful, offensive statement one can make in defense of their heritage White high school students in Iowa chanted “Trump” at a rival, majority non-white (heavily children of illegal aliens) school, and […]

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