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Tony Radakin – Through The Neocon Looking Glass – Serving Britain Or The US ?

On the night of October 27, the Kiev regime tried to carry out an unmanned attack on the Kursk nuclear power plant, located in the city of Kurchatov. The Russian Ministry of Defense reports that a Ukrainian drone was intercepted by air defense systems on duty. According to the latest data, we are talking about […]

2,000-Year-Old Roman ‘Wow Glass’ Morphs Into Something Beautiful

Two millennia ago, delicate glass vessels that potentially served as containers for wine, water, exotic fragrances in ancient Rome, shattered and met their untimely demise. Read more Section:  News History & Archaeology Read Later  Source

The Truth About Glass-Steagall (2017)

FROM 2017: We all know the story by now: the repeal of Glass-Steagall in 1999 led to the housing bubble, the subprime meltdown and the global financial crisis…right? What do we really know about Glass-Steagall and how do we know it? Today James peels the layers off another long-standing alt media myth and discovers a […]


Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has called on Washington to answer claims about the pipeline sabotage. Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has argued that the US should respond to allegations that it sabotaged the Nord Stream pipelines. The remarks came as the Mexican leader hit out at Washington following criticism of his country. “If we […]

8-Year-Old Going To Bed Asks For A Glass Of Water And Also How God Is Still Good When Terrible Things Happen In The World

GOSHEN, IN — According to sources, 8-year-old Kylee Carmen is being tucked into bed by her exhausted mother, but needs a few things before she can go to sleep. The first is a glass of water in her favorite princess cup, and the second is a satisfactory explanation for why we can still call God […]

Colombian artist recreates Garcia Marquez’s face with recycled glass bottles

Colombian artist Eduardo Butron collects glass bottles taken from the rubbish to recreate the face of Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

Troubled King Charles VI of France Believed He Was Made of Glass

For several centuries, beginning around the 14th century AD, a strange affliction known as the ‘glass delusion’ spread around Europe, particularly amongst nobles, royals and elite members of society.  Read more Section:  News Weird Facts Read Later 

Chronicle of the Taiwan Issue: the Role of the “Glass of Water”

The Taiwan cluster, i.e. one of the most important and dangerous in the current phase of the Great Game, and it’s a highly dynamic one. Remarkable events follow one after the other, and at least the most significant ones cannot be overlooked. The level of “significance”, in the author’s view, is determined by the extent […]

The Shattered Glass Or America’s War Crimes For the Greedy Wealthy; Secret Society Criminals Love WARS

February 8 2005 THE SHATTERED GLASS ( … and the milk it spilled) What if what we thought was healthy was actually killing us? By John Kaminski The only sound in the darkness was the voice of a woman on the phone outlining her plans to awaken a sleeping citizenry with an accurate video version of […]

Ancient Legacy And Future Applications Of Glass

Today, glass is a mundane material mostly used in construction but in history it was among the treasures of kings and their royal dynasties.  Read more Section:  News History Read Later 

China rover spots strange glass spheres on far side of the moon

China rover spots strange glass spheres on far side of the moon Date: February 25, 2022Author: Nwo Report Source: Ben TurnerChina’s Yutu-2 rover has spotted two strange glass spheres on the far side of the moon.Glistening like translucent pearls against the moon’s dry and dusty landscape, the lunar “spherules”‘ are the first of their kind […]

How To Detect Negative Energies At Home Using Only A Glass of Water?

61K Shares There are so many techniques that can help you detect negative energies in your home. Today we’re going to show you the simplest one which will detect negative energies and clear them from your home and maintain the harmony in your family. We inhabit certain energies wherever we live. Our homes are a space […]

Project ‘Looking Glass’ Insider: The ‘Elites’ Panicked When They Saw the Future – No Matter What They Do, Mankind Eventually Wins

‘Project Looking Glass technology saw that the Great Awakening cannot be stopped’, says military insider. How the Looking Glass device looks like based on insider testimonies. A message from David Icke: “As I have been saying the outcome is written by levels of consciousness way beyond the village idiots of the Cult – the people […]

VIDEO: Glassblowing Artist Turns Molten Glass Into Lotus Flowers, Hummingbirds, and Beyond

The fine art of glassblowing is every bit as intimidating as it seems. From impossibly detailed crystalware to the idea of shaping molten glass from a furnace burning at thousand-degree temperatures—imagining anyone making/working with that is just mind blowing. But artists do. And watching them do it is just as amazing as you’d imagine. The craft […]

Washington Cathedral to Install “Racial Justice” Stained Glass Windows

Christianity has long been addling the brains of Europeans, but it has been increasing its anti-White zeal to a fever pitch recently. I have already detailed how White skin is the new “original sin” and how Christianity pushes White guilt non-stop these days. Catholic charities are currently assisting the invasion of the United State by […]

Blood Stained Glass Panels At Canterbury Cathedral Saw Becket Die

The oldest known stained-glass windows in the world are traditionally associated with the late 11th century Augsburg Cathedral in Bavaria, Germany. Now, researchers from University College London ( UCL) have identified stained glass panels depicting “Christ’s ancestors” at Canterbury Cathedral in England as having been made as early as 1130 – 1160 AD.  This is […]

Through A Glass Darkly: A Quick View Of The London Slums In The 1960-70s

First of all I want to say thanks to YouTube for recommending me this video [sarcasm]. I suppose in this case there is very little else to add, the images speak for itself; just a bunch of White people exercising their god-given “White Privilege”, right? I have learned from the video’s comment section that these […]

Glass-Steagall to END Hyperinflation!

by Admin · Published June 28, 2021 · Updated June 28, 2021 [embedded content] Comment: Endless monopoly money printing backed by nothing (Federal Reserve policy by Foreign Banks) is destroying the dollar and leading to collapse. Moderator: Harley Schlanger (U.S.), The Schiller Institute  Jacques Cheminade (France), President, Solidarite et Progres, former Presidential candidate: “Why the Challenge of Public […]

Alliance of Democracies Summit: The Glass House Where the Power Elite Gather to Throw Stones

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK — The United States is the nation that most threatens democracy worldwide, far more than Russia or even China. That is the headline finding from a new worldwide poll of 53 countries commissioned by the Alliance of Democracies (AoD). The poll also found that the global public considers rising inequality and the increased power of the […]

‘All the Glass Shattered, It Was All Burned’: Witnesses Recount Rocket Attack on Holon Bus That Wounded Five-Year-Old Girl

A member of the security forces stands at the scene where a rocket launched from the Gaza Strip hit, in Holon, Israel May 11, 2021. REUTERS/Ronen Zvulun Rockets striking the Tel Aviv suburb of Holon on Tuesday night injured four people, including a five-year-old girl, after a direct hit on a bus in the city, […]

Chinese Famous Glass Floor Bridge Shatters Leaving Tourist Stranded

Home » Asia, Disasters, Survival » Chinese Famous Glass Floor Bridge Shatters Leaving Tourist Stranded     A man visiting a resort in northeast China survived a nightmare scenario after a glass-bottomed bridge shattered under his feet. The tourist was eventually rescued after clinging to a railing. The walkway, located in the Piyan Mountain resort […]

Future in Question for Chicago Loop Synagogue and its Monumental Stained-Glass Window

(JTA) — Just three stories high and hemmed into a small 5,000-square-foot lot, the building at 16 S. Clark St. is a small jewel box situated amid this city’s dense urban fabric. Exuding an aura of cool simplicity, the structure’s facade is composed of glass, metal and concrete planes. Its name is etched in delicate […]

Future in question for Chicago Loop Synagogue and stained-glass window

CHICAGO  — Just three stories high and hemmed into a small 5,000-square-foot lot, the building at 16 S. Clark St. is a small jewel box situated amid this city’s dense urban fabric. Exuding an aura of cool simplicity, the structure’s facade is composed of glass, metal and concrete planes. Its name is etched in delicate […]

Tehran hall to host theatergoers for Tennessee Williams’ “Glass Menagerie”

TEHRAN – A reading performance of American playwright Tennessee Williams’ memory play “The Glass Menagerie” will go on stage at Tehran’s Jamshid Mashayekhi Theater on Saturday. Romina Jahandideh will direct the play based on a Persian translation of the play by Hamid Samandarian, whose wife, Homa Rusta, staged it in 1972. Shaahin Alinejad, Mojdeh Mohajeri, […]

Three Teens Allegedly Attack Woman with Glass Bottle, Steal Her iPhone in NYC

Three teenagers allegedly struck a woman with a glass bottle and stole her iPhone in New York City’s Greenwich Village this week. The 40-year-old victim was in Lower Manhattan around West 10th Street near Fifth Avenue at 8:00 p.m. Tuesday when the three young women ambushed her and allegedly hit her with the bottle, causing […]

It’s my birthday today, and I am happy to be able to raise a glass to Joe Biden

T his week marks two world-changing events happening the US: Joe Biden’s inauguration as 46th president of the United States, and my birthday. In both cases, people will gather at a social distance and toast the end of a terrible year. In Biden’s case, there might be a little more security. It’s strange having a […]

Glass Beads Help to Map Unknown Medieval African Trade Routes

For several decades, a team of researchers have been carrying out excavations at old cemeteries and villages at sites in central Mali and eastern Senegal. Over the years they’ve come across a handful of glass beads dating from between the 7th and 13th centuries AD. The recent analysis of those beads reveals that Medieval African […]

‘Half a glass of wine’: Runner, 94, on the secrets of her longevity

This runner from Romania is gearing to compete at an athletics championship… at the age of 94. Elena Pagu, who only began jogging in her late 50s, wants to take part in the European Master Athletics Indoor Championships in Portugal. It was postponed earlier this year due to the coronavirus outbreak and is set to […]

The glass ceiling preventing a Hamas-Israel calm

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Vesuvius Eruption Turned Victim’s Brain to Glass!

The eruption of Mount Vesuvius is perhaps the best-known natural disaster in the ancient world. It preserved whole towns and human remains, which have all been priceless from an archaeological point of view. Researchers now have found the preserved brain tissue of one of the many of Vesuvius’ victims. Moreover, the tissue, which has turned […]

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