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The Jewish Plot to Destroy Christian Civilization

“The first task of Our World Revolution is Destruction,” 
Nahum Goldman, founder of the World Jewish Congress

Liz Glass became an activist when she had to pull her children 
out of school to prevent them from being vaccinated. She is probably the only American Jewish Woman who could agree with this article which states that
Judaism is defined by Cabalism which is a satanic cult.

By Elizabeth Glass
As you are aware, most folks cannot get their heads around the information you’re sharing. The vast majority do not have the stomach to face these truths, or are too busy being broke or grief-stricken to even try. 

Also, most Jews are like my family – very nice – and the average gentile will balk at your posts (although many ARE becoming cognizant of our ZOG, Jewish supremacy, etc). 

Or, since you are from a Jewish family, they’ll think there’s something else going on…when (sadly) your information is factually correct. 

I agree that a certain subset of Jews are Luciferians – every copy of the Talmud and Zohar should be torched – and the central bankers are psychopaths, but two questions: 

1) Do the religious groups and bankers work well together? No. 
2) What is the endgame…their ultimate goal? A NWO with enslaved, jabbed gentiles? A heterosexual-free communist Hunger Games society? 

If you look at the research of Alison McDowell (, James Scott ( and others, and analyze certain scientific and government websites, studies, etc: it appears the goal is a world run by a global AI brain populated by bug-like humans

What was the purpose of jabbing BILLIONS of humans? According to a Dutch study only 4.22% of the batches of shots were deadly. So what was the real reason? 

The goal was to get nanoparticles into people…but what about the anti-vaxxers? In the same way pro-shot people were tricked into injecting nanoparticles, anti-shot folks have been scammed into consuming nano-containing Ivermectin, HCQ, Zeolite, CBD, Shilajit, Methylene Blue, and more.

These nanoparticles – which are in almost everything (why seven corporations control food manufacturing and herbalists, etc are being targeted) – fuel the biodigital convergence, or transhumanism. 


Which country is spearheading transhumanism? No surprise…Israel: 

Just like how the C19 shot was supposed to be a miracle, marketing of the biodigital convergence makes it sound terrific…when – in actuality – it is literally destroying the human race.

To be fair, these technologies are being developed all over the world, not just in Israel. Israel is creating the garbage, but nearly every government is eating it. 

I haven’t covered this so much: humanity is being psychically destroyed, and it’s critical for people to lift themselves up…to find spiritual connection to the Earth, strength within themselves, and grasp the incredible power of our minds. 

The bad guys – Kabbalists and high-level Freemasons – are cognizant of these powers. The power itself is not bad, but they use it for nefarious purposes. 

These nanomaterials: it’s in our air, water, food…it has been happening under our noses for many years. Sadly, there’s nothing that can be done…it’s like an invisible hook has been attached to our backs, ready to hang us in a metaverse closet.

However, we haven’t been hung yet: the SMART City infrastructure is not complete. 

The solution: work at the local level to educate our community about the biodigital convergence and destroy the SMART infrastructure – cameras, 5G/6G, SMART meters, etc – by any means necessary. 

Liz Glass became an activist when two of her four children were kicked out of school due to the Repeal of the Religious Exemption S2994/A2371 – the forced vaccination law – a bill sponsored by her state senator. After learning NYC children were getting deadly shots at school without parental knowledge or consent, she decided to challenge him. Despite being an unknown, inexperienced candidate, she scored 34% of the in-person vote in the June 2020 Democratic primary, a victory highlighting cracks in the globalists’ armor.”
IG: @glass_for_sovereignty
Twitter: glasselizabeth
First Comment from AL-
Sadly, there’s nothing that can be done..”  she says just like Celeste Solum who accidentally leaked out that Darpa knows that BORAX fights against the poison shots then neglected to elaborate.

“MOCKERY OF THE VICTIM” is what they are doing.  The truth is as long as we are alive we can do SOMETHING, only when we are dead we can do nothing.  Not so long ago before men were neutered by communism people formed posses.  Protocol 5 of Learned Elders of Zion – “…THERE IS NOTHING MORE DANGEROUS THAN PERSONAL INITIATIVE..”.

(5min Karen Kingston explains Mockery of the victim)

The Amish are doing something by staying out of our satanic system and they have no autism, no cancer and no diabetes in their community.  We can all take notes from the Amish.

Comprehensive study: There are ZERO Amish kids suffering from cancer, diabetes or autism:

Amish Farmer Sentenced to 6 Years In Prison For Cancer Cure:

I found this 2021 Study on Eggs… Did you see this?:

Eggs can stop the spike protein! This study from the GOVERNMENT APPROVED WEBSITE lays it all out and it makes you wonder why the egg factories and burning down.


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