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It Had to Happen

Is it really about ‘representation’, or is it about indoctrination? Please share this video! SUBSCRIBE on YouTube: Follow on Twitter: Follow @PrisonPlanet ——————————————————————————————————————— Brand new merch now available! Get it at ALERT! In the age of mass Silicon Valley censorship It is crucial that we stay in touch. I need you to sign […]

MN Gov. Walz: Late-Term Abortion ‘Doesn’t Happen’ and Is a ‘Rarity’ for when a Life Is in Danger

On Friday’s broadcast of “CNN News Central,” Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz (D) defended rejecting Republican amendments on late-term abortion to abortion legislation by stating that late-term abortion is “a strawman. It doesn’t happen,” late-term abortion is an “incredible rarity”, and that Source

US President Joe Biden’s Long-Awaited Canada Visit to Happen March 23-24

U.S. President Joe Biden will travel to Ottawa on March 23 to meet with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Canadian soil, his first visit north of the border since taking the oath of office in 2021. The president and his wife Jill Biden will spend two days in Canada, the White House confirmed Thursday, although […]

Map shows chemical-related incidents happen every two days in US

In the wake of the train derailment in Ohio, a new analysis shows chemical accidents are more common in the United States than previously thought. A map created by the Coalition to Prevent Chemical Disasters shows chemical-related incidents happen at a rate of one every two days. The map, which allows viewers to see chemical-related […]

8-Year-Old Going To Bed Asks For A Glass Of Water And Also How God Is Still Good When Terrible Things Happen In The World

GOSHEN, IN — According to sources, 8-year-old Kylee Carmen is being tucked into bed by her exhausted mother, but needs a few things before she can go to sleep. The first is a glass of water in her favorite princess cup, and the second is a satisfactory explanation for why we can still call God […]

Tbilisi Georgia: An Earthquake Disaster Waiting to Happen?

A few days after the recent wave of earthquakes hit Turkey and Syria a close contact, a friend with a Turkish wife, wrote to me: “Luckily we’re all safe, but some of our friends’ relatives are still buried under the rubble. Many of the rescue problems can be attributed to the terrible performance of the […]

What will happen when banks go bust? Bank runs, bail-ins and systemic risk

What will happen when banks go bust? Bank runs, bail-ins and systemic risk  Financial podcasts have been featuring ominous headlines lately along the lines of “Your Bank Can Legally Seize Your Money” and “Banks Can STEAL Your Money?! Here’s How!” The reference is to “bail-ins:” the provision under the 2010 Dodd-Frank Act allowing Systemically Important […]

What will happen after the ICJ delegitimises Israel’s occupation of Palestine?

Once more, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) is set to offer a legal opinion on the consequences of Israel's occupation of Palestine. A historic UN vote on 31 December called on the ICJ to look at the occupation in terms of legal consequences, the rights of the Palestinian people to self-determination and the responsibility […]

Things That Will Absolutely, Definitely, No Doubt Happen in 2023

By all means, let’s all speculate about the year ahead in the comments section below. But, more importantly, let’s also discuss the world we want to live in and how best we can bring that world about. The post Things That Will Absolutely, Definitely, No Doubt Happen in 2023 first appeared on The Corbett Report. […]

The enmity between China and the USA – what will happen next?

As reported by a number of global media outlets, Washington’s ban on the import of products made by the Chinese technology companies Huawei and ZTE is just one aspect of a much broader conflict between the two countries, in which the growing might of China is pitted against the USA, now in its decline. In […]

Here’s What Could Happen Now That Democrats Clinched the Senate

The Democrats needed a best-case scenario in order to keep the United States Senate. That turned out to be exactly what they got.  Senate seats defended in Nevada and Arizona, and a flip of a Republican-held seat in Pennsylvania, clinched the Senate for the Democrats, as the 2022 midterm elections saw less of a red […]

“We’re At The End Of A Major Era” – Von Greyerz Warns Of “$2.5 Quadrillion Disaster Waiting To Happen”

Egon von Greyerz (EvG) stores gold for clients at the biggest private gold vault in the world buried deep in the Swiss Alps. EvG is a financial and precious metals expert. EvG is a former Swiss banker and an expert in risk. He says the risk in the global markets has never been this high. […]

What is Going to Happen on September 24 2022?

Mystery of the alleged coming event on September 24 clarified?September 21, 2022 * Mass casualty exercise planned Sept 24 in Kansas?   [embedded content] What is going to happen on September 24, 2022?  What is the significance of this date? Should you be afraid of it? The TimeKeeper explores the mechanism of fear and its usage to […]

Kanye West Says ‘Pornography Destroyed My Family,’ Cites Kim in Playboy — Won’t ‘Let It Happen’ to Daughters

Grammy-winning recording artist and billionaire fashion mogul Kanye West took to Instagram Thursday night to proclaim that “Hollywood is a giant brothel” and “pornography destroyed my family,” adding that he wants to stay in his kids’ lives.

‘The Great Unravelling’, It Will Happen Suddenly

CROSSROADS: ‘The Great Unravelling’, It Will Happen Suddenly – By Jeff Thomas SM Source – “…When an empire collapses, it dies slowly. Unless it comes to an end through conquest, it deteriorates in a series of sudden jolts. Its leaders grasp at anything that might cause a delay, even if this means a worse […]


THE GALLOWS MAKING THEM NERVOUS – MANDATORY VAXXING WILL NOT HAPPEN Tap News / David 2 Original Article: Dylan Eleven | 1) 2020 No Pandemic, No Excess Deaths There was no pandemic in 2020, no excess deaths compared to previous years. 2) 2021 Vaccine Genocide, Deaths Up 40% The vaccinated are hurt […]

Snordster – Bank Confiscation of Money WILL Happen.

» Twitter censors account that alleged another CNN pedophilia scandalYesterday at 11:52 am by PurpleSkyz » Verdict in Ghislaine Maxwell Trial “Highly Likely” by Wednesday – Source: Maxwell Threatening to Start “Naming Names”Yesterday at 11:46 am by PurpleSkyz » 6 Serious COVID Jab Side Effects You’re Not Hearing AboutYesterday at 11:35 am by PurpleSkyz » Rickards: The Great Supply Chain CollapseYesterday at […]

Amazing: Clairvoyant Man Can Always Guess What Will Happen Next In Wife’s Hallmark Movie

Amazing: Clairvoyant Man Can Always Guess What Will Happen Next In Wife’s Hallmark Movie MEMPHIS, TN—Local man Hudson Tregnog is attracting worldwide attention for a truly miraculous ability. According to sources, he can prophetically guess what will happen next in whatever Hallmark movie he’s watching with his wife. “I am Tregnog, Oracle of Christmas romance and […]

Rob Schneider Predicts What Would Happen if Jesus Came Back Tomorrow

Sometimes a joke is funny because it reveals a truth people recognize but are afraid to admit. Take “Saturday Night Live” alum Rob Schneider’s take on what would happen if Jesus came back tomorrow: He would be banned by Big Tech. “If Jesus came back tomorrow all news about his return would be immediately banned […]

Did a major shift finally happen between the USA and Russia?

December 07, 2021 The western media is writing with a uniformity and discipline which goosestepping SS on a parade could envy them: Joe Biden delivered a “stern warning” to Putin: don’t invade the Ukraine, or else… (see here, here or here). Since Russia has no intention, need, or even capability (as currently poised) to “invade” the Ukraine we can […]

Tyranny Deepens (and Why Nuremberg-Style Trials Must Happen): Austria is the World’s First Country to Approve Nationwide Lockdown for the Unvaxxed

Austria will impose new curbs on the unvaccinated starting from Monday. The measure aims to ease pressure on hospitals and ICUs. The lockdown will come into effect at midnight and will apply to people aged 12 and older who have not been vaccinated and have not recently recovered from Covid-19. A line in front of […]

Having More Than Once Source of Income Can Make You Rich; Here’s How to Make It Happen

This story originally appeared on MarketBeat Did you know that really rich people rely on several sources of income—not just one? The reality is that a total of 54 percent of Americans live paycheck to paycheck—that’s 125 million U.S. adults, according to LendingClub and PYMNTS. Of this group, 21 percent struggle to pay their bills, […]

Norway counter-terror chief: Kongsberg attack ‘will happen again’

Norway’s domestic intelligence agency says that such attacks as the one in the town of Kongsberg earlier this month are highly difficult to anticipate and prevent, and are likely to happen again in an open society such as Norway. “This type of attack performed by a person on an impulse with simple means will happen […]

FDA Panel Member On COVID Vaccines: ‘Heart Attacks Happen 71 Times More Often….’

A guest post by Selwyn Duke of Blue State Conservative: “I had a heart attack….” A bit more than a month ago I wrote about “My troubling COVID vaccine story experiences.” Aside from citing a friend who developed heart inflammation after taking a coronavirus genetic-therapy agent (GTA, a.k.a. a “vaccine”; more on this later), I mentioned […]

Larken Rose – Make It Happen.

» The Story of IvermectinToday at 9:07 pm by PurpleSkyz » Larken Rose – Make It Happen.Today at 10:59 am by PurpleSkyz » California Nurse Shortage Reaches “Crisis Level” As Vaccine Mandate Wards Off Traveling NursesToday at 10:28 am by PurpleSkyz » HERE WE GO AGAIN: World Health Organization Declares ‘Mu’ Strain of COVID-19 as ‘Variant of Interest’Today at 10:23 am by PurpleSkyz […]

We Knew This Would Happen: Attacking Our Way of Life

Afghanistan continues to devolve into terror after suicide bombings occurred at the Kabul airport, showing us once again that such terror is an attack on our way of life and liberty. Hosted by the two-time Emmy-nominated actor and singer-songwriter Beau Davidson, The Beau Show addresses issues affecting everyone and invites conversation and critical thinking, normally […]

They think it’s all over… Don’t be stupid! These 10 things will happen next…

BY THE DAILY EXPOSE ON JULY 5, 2021 • Listen Now  There is no denying that the world is getting madder – and that the conspiracy practitioners who are now running our lives are becoming increasingly arrogant. And the zombies are becoming ever more stupid. Twice recently I’ve visited shops which had notices outside telling shoppers that they could […]

What is going to happen after they have finished jabbing everyone? The government already know.

This are snippets taken from the website… Page 10 paragraph 32 The resurgence in both hospitalisations and deaths is dominated by those that havereceived two doses of the vaccine, comprising around 60% and 70% of the waverespectively. This can be attributed to the high levels of uptake in the most at-risk agegroups, such that […]

Covid-19 vaccine rollout to NZ 12-15 Yr Olds may happen at schools says Bloomfield – (important info for parents)

This comes right after a challenge in the High Court by NZ Lawyer Sue Grey highlighting the fact that approval for the experimental CV VX was only ever for a limited number of people. That ‘limited number’, the government has claimed in their own defense, was NZ’s entire population excluding children and teens. Note, the […]

Covid-19 Paranoia has cast a chill over Love, Sex, and Birthrates, and we were damn Fools to let it happen

Home » Extinction, North America, Social » Covid-19 Paranoia has cast a chill over Love, Sex, and Birthrates, and we were damn Fools to let it happen     Instead of allowing the human spirit to triumph in the face of adversity, we cowered in our homes, prevented children from learning and playing together, and […]

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