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The Shattered Glass Or America’s War Crimes For the Greedy Wealthy; Secret Society Criminals Love WARS

February 8 2005 THE SHATTERED GLASS ( … and the milk it spilled) What if what we thought was healthy was actually killing us? By John Kaminski The only sound in the darkness was the voice of a woman on the phone outlining her plans to awaken a sleeping citizenry with an accurate video version of […]

New Report Exposes Years of Human Rights Abuses by Wealthy Nigerian Governor

Governor El-Rufai is not who he tries to make the world believe he is  12/02/2021 Nigeria (International Christian Concern) – Human rights watchdog group International Christian Concern (ICC) released a report earlier today profiling Nigerian Governor Nasir El-Rufai and analyzing his years-long pattern of punishing Christian communities in Kaduna State. While militant groups contribute to religious persecution in Nigeria, No […]

Wealthy Liberal Arts Colleges Are Exploiting International Students

Such practices are widespread across the United States. Left Voice spoke to a teacher at Grinnell College about the working conditions of the severely underpaid “language assistants,” student workers who teach for-credit classes. Teaching college has the odd social position of being a job with high prestige but, in the vast majority of cases, very […]

Wealthy Americans get paid leave. Shouldn’t the rest?

Image Credit: Common Dreams For Ruth Martin, the fight for paid leave is both professional and personal. As Senior Vice President of MomsRising, she’s helped mobilize more than 870,000 calls and emails to lawmakers advocating for paid leave and other pro-family benefits in the Build Back Better legislation. As the daughter of a cancer patient, […]

Our Gov’t & Political Establishment Have Impoverished the Working Class For The Benefit of the Wealthy Elite

Comment: They are pretty much almost 100% Secret Society members representing super wealthy as all secret societies DO. Same for Hollywood crowd. The surging cost of living and the class struggle Gabriel Black19 hours ago The price of goods and services used by US households increased 6.2 percent over the past year, according to […]

Now That the American Dream Is Reserved for the Wealthy, The Smart Crowd Is Opting Out

Clueless economists are wringing their hands about the labor shortage without looking at the underlying causes, one of which is painfully obvious: the American economy now only works for the top 10%; the American Dream of turning labor into capitalis now reserved for the already-wealthy. As a result the Smart Crowd is opting out of […]

Wealthy Countries Weigh Boosters; Fewer Than 2% Of Africans Vaccinated

Above Photo: Luke Dray/Getty Images. While Global North Weighs Booster Shots Against Covid-19. Wealthy countries around the world are preparing to offer a third shot of Covid-19 vaccines to their populations. Meanwhile, vaccination remains out of reach for the vast majority of Africans. The highly infectious Delta variant of the coronavirus is sweeping Africa in a deadly […]

Some COVAX Supply Sent To Wealthy Countries As Charity Only Goes So Far

LONDON (AP) — An international system to share coronavirus vaccines was supposed to guarantee that low and middle-income countries could get doses without being last in line and at the mercy of unreliable donations. It hasn’t worked out that way. In late June alone, the initiative known as COVAX sent some 530,000 doses to Britain […]

Under the Cover of Covid 15,000 Wealthy Foreigners given Australian Visas!

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Wealthy Americans Targeted By US In Panama Tax-Fraud Probe

Above Photo: The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) headquarters in Washington. Stefani Reynolds / Bloomberg. US authorities obtained a court order allowing them to demand financial information from banks and couriers about wealthy Americans suspected of using a Panamanian law firm to evade taxes. The Internal Revenue Service can now get information about electronic fund transfers […]

Matt Heimbach Is Back As An Open Bolshevik Calling for Murdering Wealthy Children

I thought we were done with this semitic shill a few years ago after he admitted to being an anti-White communist. Now he says he is going to resurrect his Tard Workers Party to wage class warfare in the style of Mao, murdering any wealthy children that get in the way of the workers’ revolution. […]

The Ancestry Of A Wealthy Politician Threatens To Tear The Congo Apart

Home » Africa, Politics » The Ancestry Of A Wealthy Politician Threatens To Tear The Congo Apart     The ancestry of the wealthy son of a Jewish refugee in the Democratic Republic of Congo has emerged as a flashpoint for a political crisis that is threatening the integrity of the massive African country: The […]

The Jewish Ancestry Of A Wealthy Politician Threatens To Tear The Congo Apart

The ancestry of the wealthy son of a Jewish refugee in the Democratic Republic of Congo has emerged as a flashpoint for a political crisis that is threatening the integrity of the massive African country: The crisis came to a head last week when lawmakers loyal to President Felix Tshiseked introduced a bill that would […]

Charles Hurt: Nancy Pelosi, Patron Saint of Wealthy Whites

Mrs. Pelosi, tear down that wall! Word on the street is House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is finally allowing her Stasi fencing around her grand office on Capitol Hill to come down this weekend. We will believe it when we see it. But the real scandal remains that she had the damned thing erected in the first place. It was after the “deadly insurrection” at […]

Why Are Hordes Of Wealthy People Hitting The Escape Button & Heading To Montana?

by Michael Snyder Why have thousands upon thousands of very wealthy people suddenly felt an overwhelming urge to buy a home in Montana? At this moment, Montana is one of the hottest real estate markets in the entire country. When a desirable house is put on the market, it can often spark a wild bidding […]

The ZIONIST Filthy Rich Get Obscenely Wealthy! All Members of the CABAL & Bankrupting Non Cabal Members Simultaneously Targetting Small Family Businesses!

  3 mins ago   Herland Report: Covid-19 is economic goldmine for the wealthiest: In the Western hemisphere, the strategy seems to be for national governments now lose power as private capital control takes over …   1 day ago   Herland Report: During US President Joe Biden’s first hundred days in office, the wealthiest billionaire Americans have […]

‘He was packing up his hangar’: Jenner says wealthy Californians are moving to avoid the homeless

“I don’t want to leave,” Jenner added. “Either I stay and fight, or I get out of here.” Jenner’s complaints about her friends’ exodus from California were criticized by some on social media as tone-deaf and unhelpful to her developing campaign. As of Thursday morning, “Sedona” was still trending on Twitter. The comments also seemingly […]

Democrats Again Consider Bailing Out the Wealthy with Billions in Tax Cuts

Democrats are again considering legislation to provide their wealthy blue state donors with billions by ending the cap on a tax deduction. As President-elect Joe Biden has released his $1.9 trillion Chinese coronavirus relief package that offers $1,400 stimulus checks to working and middle class Americans, rather than the $2,000 checks that President Trump had […]

Pope Francis Says He Is ‘Pained’ By Wealthy People Taking Vacations To Flee Lockdowns

Pope Francis claims that he is “deeply pained” to read that wealthy people have taking flights to escape new coronavirus lockdown measures at home. Pope Francis claims that he is “pained” that rich people have taking flights to escape new coronavirus lockdown measures at home. Onn Sunday the pope spoke about the temptation to focus […]

Huge Study Of 50 Years Of Tax Cuts For The Wealthy

Above photo: Rogelio V. Solis/AP. Suggests ‘trickle-down’ economics makes inequality worse. “Cutting taxes on the rich increases top income shares, but has little effect on economic performance,” the researchers concluded. Large tax cuts for the rich don’t lead to economic growth and employment but instead cause higher income inequality, a new study that examined tax […]

Zio Puppets For the Obscenely Wealthy; Hannibal Lector May as Well Be In Charge of Foreign Policy

BY VOLUBRJOTR Rothschild’s Koolaid Brimming with hubris and self-importance, the ruling Elite and mainstream media cannot believe they have lost the consent of the governed. Every ruling Elite needs the consent of the governed: even autocracies, dictatorships and corporatocracies ultimately rule with the consent, however grudging, of the governed. Revolt Of The Debt Slaves: When The […]

Massive Inflation Benefits Wealthy Elite

PAPAZULU CORRUPTION, DEEP STATE, ECONOMY, NEWS, NWO, POLITICS, Q SGTREPORT 0 by Charles Hugh Smith, Of Two Minds: Asset inflation benefits the super-rich more than anyone else because they own the vast majority of these assets. With the reflation euphoria running full blast, maybe central banks will finally get all that inflation they’ve been pining for. So let’s ask cui bono–who will benefit from inflation? The Super-Rich […]

How the wealthy and powerful oligarchy rules America. (Video)

Well said… #qanon — SuperStavros (@SuperStavros) September 9, 2020

Estonia launches new visa programme for wealthy ‘digital nomads’

On the edge of the Baltic Sea in the medieval town of Tallinn, an experiment is underway that could change the way people work and live. On August 1, Estonia launched a new visa, designed for a new breed of professionals, known as “digital nomads”. The visa lets people working remotely for companies abroad – […]

“White Flight Is Real”: Publicist Says Middle Class & Wealthy are Fleeing Los Angeles

Veteran publicist Ed Lozzi says that the middle class and wealthy are fleeing Los Angeles, noting that whereas the town once smelled of orange blossoms, it now smells of urine. Lozzi noted that coronavirus was just the final blow to a city already reeling as a result of its progressive attitude towards homelessness. “Hollywood has […]

AMERIKA: ‘Escape From New York’, Wealthy Residents Flee the City In Droves

RIELPOLITIK Source – – “…Roughly 5 percent of residents — or about 420,000 people — left the city between March 1 and May 1. In the city’s very wealthiest blocks, in neighborhoods like the Upper East Side, the West Village, SoHo and Brooklyn Heights, residential population decreased by 40 percent or more” Escape From […]

Escape From New York: Wealthy Residents Flee In Droves As The City Degenerates Into A Hellhole

Hundreds of thousands of wealthy residents have already left New York City, and more are leaving every day as America’s biggest city rapidly degenerates into a hellhole.  This is incredibly sad to watch, because in many ways New York had been an incredible success story over the past several decades.  The 1970s and 1980s were […]

Maingmaw, The Wealthy Pyu City State of Myanmar

Myanmar, once known as Burma, has a unique culture that has fascinated outsiders for many years. It also has a long tradition of Buddhism, which is in part a legacy of the Pyu City-States. Maingmaw is today an important heritage site as it was once one of the most significant city-states and contains many remains […]

UK: Wealthy To Get Private Police Force

Last November TruePublica wrote an article – Powers of Arrest, Restraint and Detention – Policing To Be Privatised. We reported, amongst other things that 38 Degrees, the online campaigners had started a petition reaching nearly 200,000 signatures to stop private police forces to be given powers of arrest becoming the norm in Britain. 38 Degrees […]

Wealthy Exodus to Escape New Tax Rules Worries California Democrats

Wealthy Exodus to Escape New Tax Rules Worries California Democrats January 19th, 2018 Via: Sacramento Bee: The state’s wealthiest 1 percent, for instance, pay 48 percent of its income tax, and the departure of just a few families could lead to a noticeable hit […]

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