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HRS SOLUTIONS: Stock up on organic non-fat milk powder, a long-lasting source of essential nutrients

HRS SOLUTIONS: Stock up on organic non-fat milk powder, a long-lasting source of essential nutrients Before disaster strikes, you need to make sure that your survival pantry or stockpile includes a variety of emergency drinks. (h/t to Stay hydrated with these emergency beverages Aside from supporting proper hydration, your emergency drink should also be able to provide you […]

Destructive Solutions to Imaginary Problems

At its recent Davos annual meeting, the WEF focused much of its attention on how to respond to the fictional “Disease X.” This alarmist concern about an imaginary threat follows hard on the heels of the still-unfolding worldwide devastation wrought by extreme “solutions” to a grossly exaggerated disease threat. Over the last two centuries, world […]

As natural health solutions were being suppressed, autoimmune and inflammatory diseases exploded post covid infection

(NaturalNews) After a year of lockdowns, bio-terror, and censorship of treatments and natural health solutions, there was an explosion of covid-19 infection and… Source

NYC Mayor Eric Adams mulling unconventional housing solutions for ILLEGALS

(NaturalNews) New York City (NYC) Mayor Eric Adams is reportedly considering unconventional housing solutions to shelter illegal aliens and border crossers being… Source

Scottish Govt Axes 16 Million Trees To Clear Way For ‘Greener’ Solutions

A Scottish government official has admitted that almost 16 million trees have been cut down in Scotland to make way for ‘green energy’ farms. Source

Solutions to Vaccine Troubles in Ten Sentences

The uncritical, blind faith in vaccines is the preeminent sacred cow of modern medicine. (It happens to be its preeminent cash cow as well.) It is a quasi-religious, dogmatic article of conviction, rather than a sound scientific theory or an empirically-based clinical precept. Vaccines have been controversial since their introduction centuries ago. Only in very […]

Big Tech Is Ramping Up Censorship of the Climate ‘Solutions’ Debate

Social media “climate misinformation” policies are targeting a wide range of people on both the Right and Left who dispute official narratives about climate “solutions” preferred by the government and its powerful corporate backers. In May, LinkedIn suspended the account of Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy after he posted several climate-related campaign messages. In one message, Ramaswamy […]

Interview 1804 – James Corbett Explains Musk, AI and Solutions to Dr. Mercola

Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed via Dr. Mercola’s Censored Library: In this interview—RECORDED ON MAY 8TH, 2023, BEFORE ELON MUSK APPOINTED WEF INSIDER LINDA YACCARINO AS NEW TWITTER CEO—Dr. Joseph Mercola interviews James Corbett about Elon Musk’s military and governmental ties, the controlled opposition infighting psyop, and the solutions we can […]

Iraq: Political Crisis and Solutions

As the world watches the various elections (for instance, the upcoming elections in Turkey) and the transfer of power from one government to another, doubts and criticism of the current “Iraqi Formula” are growing. Iraq, meanwhile, continues to grapple with never-ending crises, fueling speculation both at home and abroad about the need for “real change” […]

Alternative Solutions to the Banking Crisis – #SolutionsWatch

Ellen Brown, frequent Corbett Report guest and author of The Web of Debt and Banking on the People: Democratizing Money in the Digital Age, joins us to discuss her latest articles on the bank runs that are leading us toward the event horizon of the quadrillion dollar derivative black hole. The post Alternative Solutions to […]

Neolithic Solutions to Lactose Intolerance Revealed in New Study

During the Neolithic period up until the Late Bronze Age, lactose intolerance was prevalent among the European population. However, a genetic mutation eventually became widespread, allowing adults to produce lactase, the enzyme responsible for breaking down lactose in the body. But milk had already become an important part of the human diet before then. So […]

Nurses strike in NYC demanding better working conditions and solutions to staffing shortage

“What’s going on today is that these work environment challenges have been predating COVID-19, and nurses have been experiencing many of these challenges for decades.” Source

Solutions Needed for 6+ Million EV Battery Packs That Will Be Retired by 2030; “Handling Lithium Batteries is a Serious Subject”

By B.N. Frank Electric vehicles (EVs) have been associated with threatening already vulnerable power grids (see 1, 2), fires (see 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9), and high costs (see 1, 2, 3) as well as health and environmental issues (see 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6).  Despite all of the above, many U.S. legislators and government agencies continue to support and fund the hurried adoption of electric cars and trucks and rapid deployment of charging infrastructure (see 1, 2).  In fact, EV mandates are […]

Meet “Solutions Not Sides,” the Israel lobby group infiltrating British schools

Last month British actor-turned-Twitter-troll Tracy-Ann Oberman ate humble pie. She apologised for libelling academic and activist Philip Proudfoot and was forced to pay out large sums of money in the legal settlement.

Interview 1684 – James Corbett on the Perceptual Shift to Solutions

westerncivic says: Whether this line of innate communication abilities can truly be expanded or if we are just living out the Star Wars narrative, I don’t know.  But I am intrigued. Use the force, Luke! For multiple reasons, today I embark on a personal experiment. I’m shutting down my cell phone for a self promised […]

China And Solutions To Climate Change

Above photo: Wikimedia. The Earth’s greenhouse gas concentrations are at their highest levels in two million years, driving catastrophic climate change, and creating an existential threat to the planet. But there is a way out. Last year, President Xi Jinping, pledged that China’s CO2 emissions would peak before 2030, and China would become carbon neutral […]

Solutions for Health Freedom Advocates

The Only Way Out is Through Many of you are at a crossroads where your medical decisions are clashing with the comfort zone of security. It’s happening in schools; it’s happening at jobs; it’s happening in your community. You know in your heart the impossible choices being given to Americans these days is immoral, unconstitutional […]

As Climate Change Threats Increase, Solutions Offered by Farmers and Workers Should Get More Attention

          There is deepening concern worldwide at the increasing threats from climate change and the ongoing Climate Summit at Glasgow is in the middle of examining these serious issues. Scientists are giving increasing attention to finding smarter ways of climate change mitigation and adaptation. However adequate attention is not yet being given to properly tapping […]

Scientists Test Three Solutions for Cleaning Pesticides Off Produce: The Winner is Clear, Chemical-Free and Surprisingly Cheap

Rangitikei Environmental Health Watch Each year, the release of the Environmental Working Group’s ‘Clean Fifteen’ and ‘Dirty Dozen’ lists inspire countless health conscious shoppers looking for the best deals on produce as free from toxic pesticides as possible. This year’s list followed a similar pattern, with the exception of two well known crops that contain “less than […]

America: Monumental problems, no solutions, caught up in a state of regression

When have we ever seen this country in such a tenuous condition? At different times in past decades, America has been beset with many serious problems but was entirely capable of addressing and solving the majority of them.   But those days are no more. In today’s America, we have a myriad of problems that are […]

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