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As peace protests are violently suppressed, CNN paints them as hate rallies

Some in corporate media very clearly took sides, portraying student protesters as violent, hateful and/or stupid. Source

Zachary Foster PhD Interview – The Documented (And Suppressed) History Of Palestine & Zionism

Joining me today is Zachary Foster PhD, here to discuss his area of expertise — the suppressed history of Palestine. Unfortunately, you cannot have a conversation about the history of Palestine without including the Zionist agenda. We discuss the truth about the history of Palestine prior to its occupation, how it was then attacked, occupied, […]

Suppressed J6 Police Video Shows Protester Rosanne Boyland Getting Beaten to Death. “Scaffold Commander” Still Free

Above image: Washington DC on January 6, 2021 “J6” As the FBI continues to ignore the lynchpin of the entire J6 fiasco, the unidentified and unprosecuted man dubbed “Scaffold Commander” who is conspicuously missing from the FBI’s “Most Wanted” even though he can be seen playing perhaps the most vital role of that day, of […]

As natural health solutions were being suppressed, autoimmune and inflammatory diseases exploded post covid infection

(NaturalNews) After a year of lockdowns, bio-terror, and censorship of treatments and natural health solutions, there was an explosion of covid-19 infection and… Source

SUPPRESSED: Since 1993, dozens of government agencies and organizations have warned against, or called for ban on, wireless technology

(NaturalNews) One of the first entities to ever speak out against wireless technology and the dangers it poses to human health was the U.S. Environmental… Source

A ‘Vast Censorship Enterprise’ Funded by Taxpayers Knowingly Suppressed Vaccine Injury Content

Friday, March 10th 2023 Written By:  Sayer Ji, Founder This article is copyrighted by GreenMedInfo LLC, 2023Visit our Re-post guidelines A TWITTER FILES bombshell just dropped revealing how a foreign, dark money group (CCDH) targeting the free speech of US citizens may have been indirectly funded by the US government, military, and taxpayers themselves. Moreover, […]

Congress had exculpatory for J6 prisoners for over a year; they’ve suppressed it and continued lying

You should be ashamed of yourselves. We the People are certainly ashamed of you.   Congress had exculpatory for J6 prisoners for over a year; they’ve suppressed it and continued lying On the Friday morning episode of the Conservative Daily Podcast, Joe and Tig interviewed the late Ashli Babbitt’s mother Micki Withoeft and independent journalist […]

Andy Biggs: ‘Corrupt’ DOJ, FBI ‘Illegally Suppressed’ Info on Hunter Biden

Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) said Wednesday that the DOJ and FBI “illegally suppressed information” on Hunter Biden. Source

Pfizer Shot Killed THOUSANDS in the FIRST MONTH-FDA & PFIZER Suppressed This Evidence in Our Khazar/ZIONIST Owned System aka “Jewish” Mafia; Arrest Them ALL! 258,017 views · Dec 1, 2021155ShareDownloadThe Alex Jones ShowSUBSCRIBE Alex Jones breaks down the BOMBSHELL evidence proving the FDA and Pfizer colluded to cover up thousands of deaths in the first month of COVID injections. Read more here: The Cyber Week Mega Blowout Sale is now LIVE! Save up to 60% with double Patriot Points & FREE […]

Pentagon And Its Overseers Suppressed Whistleblowers Who Challenged Massacre In Syria

This article was funded by paid subscribers of The Dissenter, a project of Shadowproof. Become a paid subscriber and help us expand our work. Whistleblowers in the United States military exposed a strike in Syria that resulted in the massacre of around 70 women and children, according to an investigation by the New York Times. […]

The Suppressed History of ‘jewish’ Crimes Committed on German Soldiers in WWII

The Suppressed History of Crimes Committed on German soldiers in WWII by Wilfried Heink Published: 2012-03-25 The following essays are based mostly on “Verbrechen der Sieger. Das Schicksal der deutschen Kriegsgefangenen in Osteuropa” (Crimes of the Victors: The Fate of German POWs in Eastern Europe, Druffel-Verlag, Leoni am Starnberger See, 1975). It begins with a […]

Hear the Suppressed Voices of the Vaccine Injured

11/03/2021 Round-table discussion at the U.S. Senate building in Washington DC where vaccine injured spoke about their experience and the tens of thousands of others who are being “erased” by politicians and social media. _______________________________ If you are looking for solutions (lawyer, form, gathering, action, maybe this could help you:HERE If you like our […]

Two effective COVID-19 treatments, Zinc and chloroquine, suppressed because they can do what COVID-19 vaccines can’t do

2005 medical study “Chloroquine is a potent inhibitor of SARS coronavirus infection and spread” proved Chloroquine / Hydroxychloroquine prevents SARS-CoV infection and spread. The 2005 study effectively showed World that the Apotex drug Hydroxychloroquine can do what COVID-19 vaccine can’t do.  We report, however, that chloroquine has strong antiviral effects on SARS-CoV infection of primate […]

Two effective and safe SARS-CoV-2 treatments – chloroquine and zinc, suppressed because they do what COVID-19 vaccines can’t do – prevents SARS-CoV infection and spread

“chloroquine is an effective pre & post-infection antiviral agent for SARS-CoV. A dose-dependant decrease in virus antigen-positive cells was observed starting at 0.1 μM chloroquine & 10 μM (Micrometre, also called micron, metric unit of measure for length equal to 0.001 mm, or about 0.000039 inch) completely abolished SARS-CoV infection. … Chloroquine, a relatively safe, […]

COVID-19 origin dissent ‘suppressed’ by intelligence community, House GOP report finds

U.S. intelligence failures related to the COVID-19 global pandemic include suppression of dissenting views on the origin of the virus, a recent report by House Republicans on the intelligence oversight panel concluded. “We believe the [intelligence community] failed to properly support policymakers with timely products and analysis. Moreover, evidence shows that [its] failures continued in the […]

Apocalypse at Dresden: The Long Suppressed Story of the Worst Massacre in History

By R. H. S. CROSSMAN | November 1, 1963 Were all the crimes against humanity committed during World War the work of Hitler’s underlings? That was certainly the impression created by the fact that only Germans were brought to trial at Nuremburg. Alas! It is a false impression. We all now know that in the […]

Suppressed Government Report Admits Online ‘Hate Speech’ Does NOT Result In Real World ‘Hate Crimes’

In complete contradiction to the official narrative of the Anti-Defamation League, online so-called “hate speech” does not, in fact, lead to an increase in real-world hate crimes, according to a suppressed Federal report: The report was sent to Congress by the Department of Commerce in January, but is yet to appear on any government website. […]

The Most Suppressed Technology Today

January 19th, 2021 By Paul Lenda Staff Writer for Wake Up World There is a technology today that is supposed beyond all others. No, it’s not free energy, wormhole travel, or anti-aging pods. The most suppressed technology today is higher consciousness. As Graham Hancock once famously said, there is a war on consciousness. While I […]

Coronavirus: Hydroxychloroquine – A Cure to be Suppressed

Counter Information Part 3 ByMichael Welch,Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, andDr. Meryl NassGlobal Research, October 10, 2020 “In my opinion, tens of thousands are dying unnecessarily. Our current approach of waiting for these high-risk patients to become ill and then hospitalizing them is failing. The answer is early diagnosis of the high-risk individuals, and then treating them […]

Kennedy Assassination: Evidence Seen by JFK’s Doctor Suppressed

The highly anticipated release of long-withheld US government documents related to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy is scheduled for October 26. In the runup to this event, the media have devoted more attention to this history-altering political murder than at any time since the Oliver Stone film “JFK” came out in 1991. […]

7 Suppressed Technologies That Could Have Changed the World

September 10th, 2017 By Paul A. Philips Guest writer for Wake Up World The world is steeped in poverty with precious little achieved in the way of real humanitarian advancement. While there are a number of technologies that could have changed the world and helped humanity create a living utopia, the brilliant inventors of these technologies were given […]

Why Emotions Should Be Taught In Schools Rather Than Ignored & Suppressed

Next Story What exactly is education? Today, many view it as an opportunity to learn, thrive, and excel in the world. Others see it as a necessary step toward obtaining a piece of paper that ensures one’s entrance into the professional world. Regardless of your take on it, however, one thing is certain: From a very early […]

Free Speech in Canada Suppressed and Negated

Baton Rouge, Minneapolis And Dallas Through A Father’s Eyes

Print Friendly Above Photo: People attend a vigil in Harlem, July 8, 2016. (Photo by Volkan Furuncu/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images) “The first rule we teach our children as a matter of survival is, ‘Be polite and respectful when stopped by the police.’ We know that it may not save them anymore than it saved Philando Castile, but […]

Populism With A Brain

Print Friendly Above Photo: From Ten old/new ideas to give power back to the people. National Review recently described Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump as “two populist peas in a pod.” This was not a compliment. Across the political spectrum, people stick the “populist” label on politicians they see as exploiting the worst resentments and envies of […]

Big Biotech’s big lie: National sciences group concludes GMOs do not increase crop production

(NaturalNews) Over the years, genetically modified crops have been a controversial topic of intense global debate. While proponents claim that GMOs are safe and needed to feed our burgeoning population, health and environmental groups are concerned about the lack of long-term testing on the impact of GMOs on the environment and human health. […]

‘Suspicious Car’ Explodes Outside ITV Studios

Bomb disposal officers carried out two controlled explosions outside ITV’s Southbank studios. The ITV  building was evacuated after police discovered a suspicious white car parked outside at 11.20am on Friday morning. The Daily Express reports: The studios are where popular shows such as This Morning and Loose Women are filmed, and is a popular area […]

Stop Supporting Child Slavery By Avoiding These 7 Companies

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Americans sure do. In fact, the average American citizen eats over 11 pounds of chocolate each year. But there’s a downside to this sweet treat beyond simply questionable ingredients. Many of us purchase our chocolate without thinking about who made it, and that’s a problem, since a variety of large corporations have […]

Questioning The Holocaust: Why We Believed (Part 1 of 2)

Youtube link Why did we believe in gas chambers disguised as shower rooms? Questioning The Holocaust : Why We Believed (Part 1 of 2) examines the unbelievable “gas shower” claims and how images of concentration camp prisoners directly killed by Allied air attacks are cynically exploited to promote “The Holocaust.” Help support independent media! Please […]

Why are enraged naked people going on the attack all around the world?

     Remember about a month ago when I reported on what appeared to be a mentally ill naked woman who shut down a major Texas highway after climbing on top of an 18-wheeler and refusing to come down as she ranted about government mind control? Apparently this was not an isolated incident… by far. Check […]

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