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Zachary Foster PhD Interview – The True Origin Of Hamas & The Decline Of Apartheid Israel

Joining me once again today is Zachary Foster PhD, here to discuss the true origin of Hamas and how this is central to many of the lies being promoted currently by the Israeli government and its supporters. We also discuss the history of peaceful resistance of the Palestinian people, even in the face of brutal […]

Zachary Foster PhD Interview – The Documented (And Suppressed) History Of Palestine & Zionism

Joining me today is Zachary Foster PhD, here to discuss his area of expertise — the suppressed history of Palestine. Unfortunately, you cannot have a conversation about the history of Palestine without including the Zionist agenda. We discuss the truth about the history of Palestine prior to its occupation, how it was then attacked, occupied, […]

The Crucifixion of Peaceful J6 Protester Zachary Rehl

Non-violent J6 prisoner Zachary Rehl, 38, who walked through the Capitol peacefully for 20 minutes, took a selfie, and left, has been sentenced to 15 years in prison by a jury which is all from a district which voted 92% for Biden. Rehl entered through the West Side doors where police were ushering in and […]

Two Omaha Police Officers Charged With Assault in Death of Zachary Bearheels

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2 Omaha Cops Fired For The Murder Of Zachary Bearheels

Twelve electric shocks by a Taser — each five seconds long. Three of the jolts when the mentally ill man did not resist. Multiple punches to the head even as he sat motionless and unarmed. The troubling actions by two Omaha police officers Monday morning while they attempted to […]

BREAKING: No Charges for Officer Who Killed Jamar Clark

CLICK banner to get AWESOME COPBLOCK GEAR! Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman announced two Minneapolis Police Officers will not be charged in the death of Jamar Clark. Officer Dustin Schwarze shot the 24-year-old last November in North Minneapolis. He was shot in the head on Plymouth Avenue North just before 1 a.m. on Nov. 15, 2015. Related: Timeline […]

FBI Director claims police don’t like being recorded, calls it a "chill wind blowing through American law enforcement"

FBI director James Comey said his conversations with police officers often come back to cellphones. He claims they’re worried that young people are recording EVERY police encounter with their cellphone cameras. Comey said he has been told about higher-ranking police telling officers “to remember that their political leadership has no tolerance for a viral video.” Try […]

New Video – Officer That Slammed Student Has Long History Of Racism And Abuse

Deputy Fields Receiving An ‘Excellence Award’ The FBI and the U.S. Attorney’s Office is now investigating a South Carolina School Resource Officer (SRO) for violently slamming a student to the ground. In the video, Richland County Deputy Ben Fields can be seen violently flipping over the student’s desk, slamming her to the ground, and then ‘hauling’ […]

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