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Israeli source of “executed children” lie admits story was untrue

First published by The Electronic Intifada, 27 March. The Jewish extremist responsible for concocting some of Israel’s worst atrocity propaganda about 7 October has admitted that one of his stories about Hamas executing children was untrue. Yossi Landau of the group ZAKA concedes in a new interview with Al Jazeera’s Investigative Unit that dead bodies […]

HRS SOLUTIONS: Stock up on organic non-fat milk powder, a long-lasting source of essential nutrients

HRS SOLUTIONS: Stock up on organic non-fat milk powder, a long-lasting source of essential nutrients Before disaster strikes, you need to make sure that your survival pantry or stockpile includes a variety of emergency drinks. (h/t to Stay hydrated with these emergency beverages Aside from supporting proper hydration, your emergency drink should also be able to provide you […]

Planned BBC smear on UK Palestinians will rely on Israeli spy source

Originally published by The Electronic Intifada John Ware will soon front a new BBC attack on British Palestinians. (BBC/Al Jazeera) Citing Israeli “terror” allegations, the BBC plans to broadcast an attack on prominent British Palestinians in a television program presented by pro-Israel reporter John Ware. The Electronic Intifada has learned that the episode of Panorama […]

Source who revealed how taxes steal for the rich rewarded with five years in prison

“If you can prove it, you should not be subject to incarceration.” Source

ZAKA is not a trustworthy source for allegations of sexual violence on October 7

ZAKA is one of the leading organizations alleging Hamas atrocities on October 7. But the organization’s volunteers have systematically given false testimonies, and continue repeating them to journalists on behalf of the Israeli government. Source

Yemen’s impact: A source of US’ national humiliation

 December 19, 202 Source: National Review By Al Mayadeen English US’ inability or restriction of the US Navy to counteract these disruptive and economically impactful acts should be a source of national embarrassment, says Rich Lowry, the editor-in-chief of National Review. Rich Lowry, the editor-in-chief of National Review, wrote a piece in which he acknowledged […]

Open Source Education

Dec 12 2023 SHOW NOTES AND MP3: We all know the problem’s with the public miseducation system. But what’s the answer? Corbett in the Classroom, of course! Join James as he explores his new page,, and talks about the inspiration for this idea (and the guerrilla marketing campaign that is accompanying it) with […]

Open Source Education – #SolutionsWatch

Sunny says: General comment about the series: I think the series Solutions watch is really great and potentially useful although so far I only implemented a small number of ideas. Personal story- ”Solutions Watch: Take good care of yourself” is a phrase I often tell myself. Inspired by the episode ”Solutions Watch: Take a break”. […]

Health Ranger to launch AI open-source health and nutrition knowledge repository that’s free for everyone

(NaturalNews) Brighteon and Natural News founder Mike Adams recently made a breakthrough announcement that could make any Big Tech search engine soon… Source

Support eye health with pumpkin, a superfood source of beta carotene

Pumpkin is a variety of squash that may come to mind during popular holidays like Halloween or Thanksgiving. This nutrient-rich vegetable is low in calories, but full of vitamins and minerals. Pumpkin seeds, leaves and juice are also full of nutrients. Health benefits of pumpkin Pumpkin offers amazing benefits, including being one of the best-known sources of […]

Christie says Iran ‘greatest’ source of world’s terrorist activity

Republican Presidential candidate Chris Christie weighed in on the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas and the deal between the United States and Iran, calling Iran the “greatest” source of the world’s terrorism.   The Biden administration struck a deal with Iran in August, allowing $6 billion in previously frozen assets to return to the… […]

Source Of ‘Beheaded Babies’ Claim Is Israeli Settler Leader Who Wants To Wipe Out Palestinians

Biden, Netanyahu and the international media have been quick to report on dubious claims made by a radical Israeli settler leader who told a reporter that Palestinian militants had cut of the heads of babies. […] The post Source Of ‘Beheaded Babies’ Claim Is Israeli Settler Leader Who Wants To Wipe Out Palestinians appeared first […]

There is no proof Palestinian fighters ‘beheaded’ babies. The only source is a radical settler.

U.S. and international media outlets are repeating unsubstantiated claims that Palestinian fighters “beheaded” babies. These unverified assertions aren’t just sloppy journalism — they are being used to justify a massacre. Source

List of free, open source and privacy respecting services and alternatives to privative services

13 aug 2023  Important note Anonymity, Privacy, and Security are often used interchangeably, but they actually represent distinct concepts. It is important to understand the differences between them. Read more in this section below. The primary focus of this list is to provide alternatives that prioritize privacy. These alternatives give you control over your data and […]

Globalist Lula da Silva Bans Guns in Brazil: ‘The Gov’t Will Be Your Sole Source for Safety’

Young Global Leader Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva has issued a blanket-wide ban on all firearms in Brazil, declaring that the government will now be Brazilians sole source for safety. The new gun decree introduces […] The post Globalist Lula da Silva Bans Guns in Brazil: ‘The Gov’t Will Be Your Sole Source for Safety’ […]

Women ‘source of tranquility’ at home

TEHRAN – The importance of a woman in the family and her fundamental role in raising the children, and creating a calm atmosphere for the family members is obvious and crystal clear for anyone. The family is a fundamental body in society and the most suitable place to meet human beings’ material and spiritual needs. […]

China Health Officials Lash Out At WHO, Defend Search For Source Of COVID-19

The director of the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention accused the WHO of “attempting to smear China” and said it should avoid helping others “politicize COVID-19.” Source

Psaki: ‘MSNBC Is the Most Factual News Source in the World’

Former Biden press secretary Jen Psaki, who is now an MSNBC commentator, has recently defended her network as a beacon of truth-telling. While on Stephen Colbert’s CBS show on Monday, Psaki attacked Fox News while also defending her own network. She claimed, “MSNBC has a very high standard of what is factual. You have to […]

WSJ: U.S. Energy Department Report Says Lab Leak Most Likely Source of Global Coronavirus Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic most likely began with a laboratory leak,  a U.S. Energy Department classified intelligence report now before the White House and key Congress members sets out. The Wall Street Journal reported on Sunday the Energy Department’s revised assessment of the pandemic’s origins is based on fresh intelligence noted in an update to a 2021 […]

Hackers Demand $10M From Riot Games to Stop Leak of ‘League of Legends’ Source Code

Hackers stole the source code for League of Legends, and now they’re asking for $10 million from developer Riot Games. Motherboard has obtained a copy of a ransom email the hackers sent to Riot Games. “Dear Riot Games,” it begins. “We have obtained your valuable data, including the precious anti-cheat source code and the entire […]

Report: Supreme Court Investigators Draw in on Source of Roe Leak

U.S. Supreme Court investigators are getting closer to finding the individual who leaked the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, according to the Wall Street Journal. Source

The Matrix is Real, Human Battery: 6G Tech May Use Humans As Energy Source

When 6G oogy is eventually rolled out to replace 5G, humans might be used as an energy source to power their wearable devices and possibly larger electronics. Science Daily explains: “One of the most promising breakthroughs in 6G telecommunications is the possibility of Visible Light Communication (VLC), which is like a wireless version of fiberoptics, […]

EXCLUSIVE: Tens of Thousands of Migrants in Mexico Heading to U.S. Border, Says CBP Source

A Border Patrol intelligence alert warns the situation along the southwest border is expected to worsen as tens of thousands of migrants prepare to move to the United States border from southern Mexico. According to a source within CBP, the report, sent via official email, advises Border Patrol agents that more than 40,000 migrants in […]

‘One of the oldest hatreds’: Netanyahu sees new source of antisemitism

Antisemitism is “the oldest hatred,” but the internet is making it worse, Israeli Prime Minister-designate Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday. “It’s the oldest hatred, as I say, one of the oldest hatreds of humanity. It was wrong then, it’s wrong now,” Netanyahu told host Chuck Todd on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” “But it’s got an extra […]

Dalton Clodfelter Admits to Using Neo-Nazi Website as Main Source for His Nightly Program

Earlier this year, Dalton Clodfelter, a radical right-wing bigot, Christian nationalist, and fascist who openly dreams of imposing fundamentalist Christianity on the United States and censoring any opposition, was given a nightly show on the network run by far-right conspiracy theorist Stew Peters. Peters—who has close ties to various far-right political candidates and has used […]

Key Dossier Source Confirms He Was Paid by FBI for Years

A key source for the anti-Donald Trump dossier paid for by Democrats has confirmed that he was on the FBI’s payroll for years. Igor Danchenko, who provided information to dossier author Christopher Steele, “was a vital source of information to the U.S. government during the course of his cooperation and was relied upon to build […]

Who owns the No.1 source of mainstream news Reuters?

BY RHODA WILSON ON SEPTEMBER 14, 2022 • ( 9 COMMENTS ) Reuters news agency, a division of Thomson Reuters Corporation, employs 2,500 journalists in 200 locations worldwide.  It produces over 2 million news stories and 129,000 video stories each year. The news agency, however, is not the primary focus of Thomson Reuters’ activities which also offers corporations end-to-end solutions for regulatory, legal and compliance “challenges”; informs […]

Steele Dossier Source Asks Court to Throw Out Charges

A key source for the anti-Trump dossier paid for by Hillary Clinton’s campaign has asked a federal judge to throw out charges filed against him after he allegedly lied to federal agents about where he got the information he fed the dossier’s author. Igor Danchenko, a Russian national, says that the five false statement charges […]

Cosmic Buckyballs Could Be The Source of Mysterious Infrared Light

Cosmic Buckyballs Could Be The Source of Mysterious Infrared Light MICHELLE STARR   2 AUGUST 2022 Scientists may have just tracked down the source of some mysterious infrared glows detected emanating from stars and clouds of interstellar dust and gas. These Unidentified Infrared Emission (UIE) bands have baffled scientists for decades; according to a theoretical […]

NZ is well on track with ‘one source of truth’ Ardern’s globalist WEF reset plans

In NZ, “people are at the heart of policy decisions” says PM Ardern. Meanwhile, many NZ parents are concerned that their ‘open and transparent’ government is reserving the (legal) right to detain their children at school for 72 hours in the event of a health emergency, disallowing all contact with their parents. This became apparent […]

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