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Narrower radiation compensation bill rankles advocates

Advocates of a bipartisan bill to extend and expand compensation for Americans exposed to nuclear radiation by the government are now grappling with a new wrinkle they fear could impede their efforts. While the bill’s sponsors pressure Speaker Mike Johnson (R.-La.) to give it a House vote following its passage in the Senate, Utah’s senators have… […]

Four More Pro-Life Advocates Convicted by Biden Regime for Praying and Singing Hymns Outside Abortion Clinic in Tennessee

Four More Pro-Life Advocates Convicted by Biden Regime for Praying and Singing Hymns Outside Abortion Clinic in Tennessee Source

Pelosi suggests FBI investigation into cease-fire advocates amid Gaza conflict

Pelosi’s call for an FBI investigation into cease-fire advocacy has highlighted the complexities of navigating domestic civil liberties against the backdrop of international conflict. Source

Gun Control Advocates Flood Comments Section In Support Of Proposed ATF Rule To Restrict Gun Sales

Authored by Michael Clements via The Epoch Times (emphasis ours), A rule to redefine what doing business as a gun dealer means—proposed by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF)—is supported by a majority of public commenters, with 10 days left in the comment period. Cindy Sparr shows a customer an AK-47 style […]

Sanders advocates for equity in pandemic response, presses for fair pricing in WHO treaty talks

Economic parity in health emergence: Sanders’ rallying cry for global equity in WHO pandemic accord. Source

Advocates fear Biden’s campus antisemitism plan will mobilize law enforcement to surveil students

The Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice are partnering with campus police to combat antisemitism on campuses across the United States. Advocates fear this will include Palestine solidarity activism. Source

Stew Peters Advocates for a Violent Overthrow of the Government

Stew Peters is a far-right virulently anti-LGBTQ bigot who regularly uses his nightly “The Stew Peters Show” program, speeches, and social media accounts to promote white nationalists and antisemites and to spread wild conspiracy theories, bigotry, and calls for violence. Despite his bigoted views and unhinged rhetoric, Peters regularly manages to get Republican leaders, elected […]

Boy Scout Leaders Invited LGBTQ Advocates To Its National Jamboree Camp

The Boy Scouts of America scouting organization invited “LGBTQ” advocacy to its national jamboree camp in West Virginia last month. The move was applauded in the Washington Post by LGBTQ advocate and journalist Mike De Socio. […] The post Boy Scout Leaders Invited LGBTQ Advocates To Its National Jamboree Camp appeared first on The People's Voice. […]

Gascón Recall Advocates Questions Election Certification Process

LOS ANGELES—Supporters of an effort to recall Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón filed a new legal action on July 7 asking a judge to certify the recall petition against the county’s top prosecutor, saying a nearly year-long review of rejected signatures shows the group actually submitted nearly 6,000 more names than required. The […]

Officer’s job under review, homicide squad called in, as advocates call out police handling of 95yo tasering

Clare Nowland was at Yallambee Lodge in Cooma when staff called NSW Police to the facility An advocacy group representing people with disabilities has criticised a senior constable for his use of a taser on a 95-year-old woman with dementia at her Cooma aged care facility. Key points: A NSW Police critical incident investigation will be independently reviewed People with Disability […]

Homeless vets are being booted from NY hotels to make room for migrants: advocates

‘The Veteran Lay Dying on the Filthy Washington DC Street’ The Veteran lay dying on the filthy Washington DC street- As the Veterans Administration Administrator walked around his feet- The VA bureaucrat looked at at the “bum” with self-righteous distaste- Wishing these Street people would learn their place- Why they had to be here to […]

Migration Advocates Blame Americans for 40 Dead in Mexico Jail Fire

Pro-migration advocates are blaming Americans’ opposition to mass migration for the death of 40 migrants in a Mexico jail. Source

Migration Advocates Excuse, Downplay Teen Migrant ‘Brutal’ Work Abuse

Migration advocates claim to be shocked by the New York Times‘ admission that many teenage migrants are working in sometimes “brutal” jobs, but they also are trying to keep the migrants coming “I was particularly alarmed to learn that some of these children are working full adult shifts in food processing facilities and factories after school,” said Sen. Alex […]

Advocates say ‘hell no’ as Manchin pitches Social Security deal with GOP

“Manchin is providing cover for Republican attacks on Social Security and Medicare.” Source

RIDICULOUS: German Ethics Council chair says anyone who advocates review of COVID-19 policy is an enemy of democracy

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) German Ethics Council (DE) Chair Alena Buyx said any plans to investigate the German government’s policy regarding the Wuhan coronavirus  (COVID-19) is “dangerous to democracy.” According to Buyx, anyone who advocates a fundamental review of COVID-19 policy and demands personal and legal consequences is an enemy of … [Read More…] Source

Arizona Wild Horse Advocates Buy Up Dwindling Alpine Herd

PRESCOTT, Ariz.—Simone Netherlands grabbed a handful of green alfalfa hay and called out to Apache, guarding a small band of Alpine wild horses at the opposite end of the corral. The young stallion lowered its head warily and remained motionless at seeing a visitor standing beside her. “C’mon,” Netherlands said to the horse gently, waving […]

Palestine advocates launch campaign to free Holy Land Five members

A coalition of Palestine advocacy groups has launched a renewed effort to free members of the Holy Land Five who were imprisoned 14 years ago in what is widely considered a grave injustice by the Bush administration at the height of the “War of Terror.” Source

Border Security Advocates Slam Biden for Pretending to Support ‘Rule of Law’

The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) slammed Joe Biden for paying lip service to the rule of law while refusing to secure our border.

Israel’s advocates offer political cover to Biden over embarrassing trip

Biden’s trip to the Middle East was a fiasco but the Israel lobby loved it. Former ambassadors Dan Shapiro and Martin Indyk celebrate the trip as a breakthrough and manage not to mention Israel’s killing of journalist Shireen Abu Akleh during an hour’s talk. While an AIPAC officials says of the speech Biden gave when […]

Privacy Advocates Celebrate ‘Big Win’ Against Facial Recognition Giant

A historic settlement filed in court on Monday highlighted the power of Illinois’ strong privacy law and will result in new nationwide restrictions on a controversial technology company infamous for selling access to the largest known database of facial images. “This represents one of the biggest victories for consumers to date.” The deal permanently banning Clearview AI from […]

Tennessee Legislators Protect Children from K-12 Transgender Advocates

The Republican-controlled Tennessee state legislature approved a bill that would further protect girls’ sports from pro-transgender administrators and coaches in the state’s schools. The measure, SB1861, passed 26-5 in the state Senate and will now go before Gov. Bill Lee (R) for approval. Lee has not publicly said if he supported the legislation, though he […]

Israel Advocates Rush to Deny any Parallel Between Ukraine and Palestine

Psaki’s Admission Even the mainstream media is beginning to pick up on the hypocrisies generated by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. ‘Hypocrisy’: Lawmakers fighting Israel boycott now all-in for Russia sanctions reads a headline at Politico. The article quotes Yousef Munayyer, a nonresident senior fellow at the Arab Center. “We are watching at this moment a […]

One of WEF’s ‘Young Global Leaders’ Advocates China-Style ‘Re-Education Camps’ Used for Uyghur Genocide

The World Economic Forum named Wang Guan as one of its Young Global Leaders in 2021. Wang Guan – a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader – has repeatedly advocated for the Chinese Communist Party’s “re-education camps,” weaponized by the regime against Uyghurs in Xinjiang. Wang, who works as a chief political correspondent for a […]

Environmental Working Group (EWG) Advocates for EMF Exposure Guidelines up to 400 Times Stricter Than FCC SAR Standards

Last month, the FCC lost a landmark court case against the Children’s Health Defense (CHD), where the court ruled the FCC neglected evidence in determining their wireless radiation exposure standards, which they have not updated since 1996. Their loose, outdated limits put the health and safety of the public at risk. The FCC fails to even address standards for children, […]

Unions, Worker Advocates Call Out Backroom Deal To Sneak Amazon Into NJ Airport

New York, NY – Teamsters Local 863 member George Boada, 45, grew up in Elizabeth, New Jersey and still lives “about seven traffic lights” away from Newark Liberty International Airport with his wife and their 14-year-old son. Boada’s worked at the same Jersey-based supermarket cooperative for more than 25 years. Now, however, he fears that […]

GOP Senator and ISRAEL Shill Advocates Nuking Russia Over Ukraine; Our Secret Society Criminals Want Us All Firebombed in WW3 With Russia & China

Because That’s what we do as we are a bunch of idiots who listen to a Bunch of Satanic PSYCHOPATHS. BTW America these Psychopaths don’t like You either. They want you to be firebombed like they did the Japanese; This is why they want WW3 with Russia and China. ™ An “Almost Daily” Web Page […]

Jewish Psychiatrist Advocates Hypnotizing Children Into Taking Deadly, Experimental COVID Vaccines

(Jerusalem Post) As many countries get ready to approve experimental COVID vaccines for the 5-11 age group, “trusted experts” have been offering advice on how to get children to overcome their natural and healthy aversion to these vaccines — and one of those “experts” — a Jewish psychiatrist in Israel — advocates the use of […]

Corporate Dems flounder, advocates for Palestine prevail at local level

Virginia Who could have possibly predicted that Terry McAuliffe would blow it in Virginia? Thousands of people, maybe millions. There’s a right-wing bogeyman in every election, whether it’s death panels, flag burning, or CRT. To win you need a candidate strong enough to make that kind of scaremongering a nonfactor. A corporate moderate who has […]

Solutions for Health Freedom Advocates

The Only Way Out is Through Many of you are at a crossroads where your medical decisions are clashing with the comfort zone of security. It’s happening in schools; it’s happening at jobs; it’s happening in your community. You know in your heart the impossible choices being given to Americans these days is immoral, unconstitutional […]

Glenn Youngkin Brags About Support From Advocates of Total Abortion Bans, Opponents of LGBTQ Equality

Republican Glenn Youngkin is continuing to rally anti-abortion and anti-LGBTQ extremists in his bid to become Virginia’s next governor. Most Virginians support legal equality, including marriage equality, and most Virginians believe abortion should be legal in all or most circumstances, but Youngkin continues to seek and tout endorsements from groups that oppose LGBTQ equality and […]

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