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Chainsaw-Wielding Thieves Target Olive Trees Amid Soaring Oil Prices

Surging olive oil prices, driven in part by two years of drought in Spain, has meant opportunity for criminals across the Mediterranean. Source

California Awarded $100 Million From Fed To Plant Trees To Combat Extreme Heat

California Awarded $100 Million From Fed To Plant Trees To Combat Extreme Heat Authored by Carol Cassis via The Epoch Times, Officials announced last week that California will share in over $1 billion of federal funding allocated to all 50 states to help plant trees in an effort to cool rising temperatures and fight climate […]

Corporate media declares war on TREES as latest insane chapter of climate propaganda

(NaturalNews) Oftentimes when some crazy scheme comes out of the climate change cult, i.e., the push for artificial “sun-blocking,” the mass media remains silent… Source

Scottish Govt Axes 16 Million Trees To Clear Way For ‘Greener’ Solutions

A Scottish government official has admitted that almost 16 million trees have been cut down in Scotland to make way for ‘green energy’ farms. Source

She Planted More Than 4,500 Trees in a Day and Found an Audience of Millions

To plant more than 4,500 trees in one day, you don’t move like a gardener, you move like a machine. In a video viewed millions of times on social media, Leslie Dart walks across a desolate and burnt landscape in Saskatchewan. She plunges a small spade into the ground, levers open a hole, drops in […]

Facebook*-Tik Tok-MSM: Americans MUCH 2-far Distracted to “See the Forest for the Trees”

A Facebook* friend has been having trouble with the platform for his business page, which has been screwing up lately. He can’t get any help from Facebook*, and believes this is because Mark Zuckerberg has fired many of the employees. Allegedly, on their way out, the fired support staff infected the site with a range […]

Storms Bring Down Trees at Masters, Play Halted in 2nd Round

AUGUSTA, Ga.—Three towering pine trees fell near patrons as storms rolled through Augusta National on Friday, though nobody was hurt, and the second round of the Masters was suspended for the day amid heavy wind and rain. The course was cleared once for 21 minutes by an earlier band of storms. The air horns sounded […]

Play Suspended After Trees Fall Into Gallery at Augusta National, No One Hurt

AUGUSTA, Ga. (AP) — Play has been suspended after a large tree fell near the 17th hole at Augusta National on Friday. Source

NZ Streams Drying Up Under Onslaught of Pine Trees

Damaging the environment in more ways than one witness the recent flooding on the East Coast & Hawke’s Bay. So much for the ‘sustainable development’ rhetoric spouted by our government and councils. EWR From NZFFA by Ben Hope Late last year, research commissioned by Federated Farmers and Beef + Lamb New Zealand (B+LNZ), found 54 […]

The Evolutionary Leap to Bipedalism Took Place in Trees

Conventional wisdom says that ancient humans made the transition from walking on four legs to walking on two because they needed to travel more efficiently across open savanna land in Africa.  Read more Section:  News Evolution & Human Origins Read Later  Source

Trees, nativity scenes and markets: People start to celebrate Christmas season

From Christmas trees at the Vatican to nativity scenes in Bethlehem, holidaymakers are starting to celebrate the Christmas season. Source

Israeli extremists raid Al-Aqsa, cut down 2,000 olive trees

The Israeli Occupation Forces escorted groups of Israeli settlers as they raided the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound through the Al-Maghrebi Gate, this morning, Arab48 reported. In a statement, the Jordan-run Islamic Waqf Department, which oversees the holy sites in Jerusalem, said some of the settlers continuously performed Talmudic rituals and prayers inside and at the gates […]

Tracking Down Ancient Artwork Carved into Australian Boab Trees

Archaeologists and historians from Australian National University, the University of Western Australia and the University of Canberra recently teamed up with a group of First Nations Australian cultural historians to undertake a unique expedition recording ancient art carved into boab trees. Their goal was to find and document the existence of artwork carved into the […]

A Biologist Believes That Trees Speak A Language We Can Learn

From via I’m in a redwood forest in Santa Cruz, California, taking dictation for the trees outside my cabin. They speak constantly, even if quietly, communicating above – and underground using sound, scents, signals, and vibes. They’re naturally networking, connected with everything that exists, including you. Related: The Health of Trees and The […]

Old trees, waterfalls in western Iran made national heritage 

TEHRAN – A selection of nine natural properties across the western province of Lorestan has recently been inscribed on the national heritage list. 

Old trees, waterfalls in western Iran made national heritage 

TEHRAN – A selection of nine natural properties across the western province of Lorestan has recently been inscribed on the national heritage list. 

What’s the story?: Elias Khuri on the home with 12 olive trees

What’s the Story? – ‘Shu al-Qusa?’ Palestinian architect Elias Khuri tells the story of a home he designed around 12 olive trees in the Galilee village al-Mashhad, and how Palestinian architectural heritage compelled him to harmonize this home with the Palestinian landscape. As told to producer/director Ghousoon Bisharat and cinematographer/editor Thomas Dallal. Follow Elias Khuri […]

French oak trees airlifted to rebuild Notre-Dame cathedral

In the Bercé state forest in France’s Sarthe region, some hundred-year-old oaks that will be used to rebuild Notre-Dame cathedral are “flying” as part of a test project. Source

Settlers cut down dozens of olive trees in West Bank to expand illegal settlement 

Israeli settlers yesterday uprooted and chopped down more than a dozen olive trees in one area of the central occupied West Bank Salfit district, reported Wafa news agency. Saleh Shunnar, the landowner based in the Kafr Al-Dik village, said that settlers from the illegal Israeli settlement of Alei Zahav uprooted 50 olive saplings after they […]

Animals at Berlin zoo snack on Christmas trees

Animals living at Zoo Tiergarten in Berlin enjoyed a belated Christmas dinner on Wednesday when they were treated to unsold Christmas trees. Fir trees were on the menu for the attraction’s reindeer and other animals such as elephants and bison. Donations are welcomed every year and it is seen as a way to minimise waste […]

Sacred Trees in the Americas: American Holly (Ilex Opaca) – Magic, Meanings, Ecology, and Divination

Sacred Trees in the Americas: American Holly (Ilex Opaca) – Magic, Meanings, Ecology, and Divination American Holly is one of the most wonderful trees for getting us through dark times.  And as the season of darkness is upon us once more, it is a good time to consider the magic, meanings, and mystery of this incredible […]

Anatolian Neolithic Weavers At Çatalhöyük Used Trees to Make The Oldest Cloth

A new study published in the journal Antiquity has revealed some surprising information about the inhabitants of the ancient city of Çatalhöyük, an early Neolithic settlement located in southern Anatolia (modern-day Turkey). It seems these industrious people found a way to convert fibers from oak trees into textiles that were used to make clothes. Based […]

About 10,000 Trees to Be Removed After California Wildfire

THREE RIVERS, Calif.—In the wake of California wildfires, upwards of 10,000 trees weakened by fires, drought, disease or age must be removed, work that will keep a nearby highway closed to visitors who seek the world’s two largest sequoia trees. The hazard trees could potentially fall onto people and cars on the section of State […]

5 Fruit Trees that are too EASY to GROW in the Home Garden

WATCH AT THE LINK: Self Sufficient Me 1.39M subscribers In this video , I give you my 5 top fruit trees that are too easy to grow in the home garden! Support me on Patreon: Help support the Channel and buy a T-shirt/Merchandise from our Spreadshirt shop: or Teespring (below the video). […]

The Secret Language of Trees

» Covid: Biggest Health Scam of the 21st CenturyYesterday at 11:15 am by PurpleSkyz » Elon Musk ExposedYesterday at 11:05 am by PurpleSkyz » Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. sounds the alarm over genocidal crimes of Anthony Fauci and Bill GatesYesterday at 10:56 am by PurpleSkyz » The Secret Language of TreesYesterday at 10:37 am by PurpleSkyz » Dark Journalist: Dr. Joseph Farrell Nazis In […]

How India Can  Save Two Million Crore Rs. and Four Million Trees in Difficult Times

It is widely agreed that  any family should face the challenge of difficult times by  first of all curbing all wasteful expenditure. This also applies to nations, or at least all nations who choose to act wisely. India is currently passing through very difficult economic times. Hence, acting wisely, it is important to explore all […]

USDA May Allow Genetically Modified Trees To Be Released Into The Wild

Above photo: Green chestnut burrs form on one of the trees at a small chestnut farm in the Heidelberg Township of Pennsylvania, on August 6, 2020. Ben Hassty/Media News Group/Reading Eagle via Getty Images. On August 18, 2020, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) published a petition by researchers at the State University of New York College […]

Scientists Explain How Trees Talk to Each Other Through an Ancient ‘Otherworld’ Network

Trees talk to each other deep underground. It’s an idea still relatively new to science but familiar to ancient beliefs. Today, scientists are confirming that forests act like one big superorganism. Below the ground, fungal highways connect the trees. Through this highway, the oldest trees nurture their young. Image source: National Geographic YouTube What’s more, […]

Two Sacred Medicine Trees of North America

March 1st, 2021 By Nick Polizzi Guest Writer for Wake Up World A few years ago, I took a trip up to the coastal wilderness of Northern California to meet with  Native American elder, Dennis Martinez. Born of O’odham and Chicano heritage, Dennis has spent his life educating both native and non-native people in the practices of […]

PA plants trees to honour 35,000 Shahids, including suicide bombers

Browse > Home / News / PA plants trees to honour 35,000 Shahids, including suicide bombers February 3, 2021 by TPS Read on for article The Palestinian Authority (PA) has launched a project to honour all Arabs who have ‎died as so-called Shahids, martyrs killed while fighting the Infidel, since 1917 when the British Army […]

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