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Afghanistan’s Labyrinth of Opportunity

Four months after the withdrawal of the US and NATO troops from Afghanistan, the Taliban (movement is banned in the Russian Federation) attempts to shape the country on their image, despite the lack of recognition. Nevertheless, they have complete freedom from their neighbors to do whatever they want. They do not officially interfere but try […]

Sissy Democrats Criticize Republican Plan To Put Polling Place In A Labyrinth Guarded By A Minotaur

Sissy Democrats Criticize Republican Plan To Put Polling Place In A Labyrinth Guarded By A Minotaur U.S.—The Democrats, always a bunch of mewling sissies, are criticizing yet another Republican plan to protect election integrity, which is to put the only polling place in a vast labyrinth guarded by a fierce minotaur. Democrats are whining that […]

The Labyrinth in Literature

Renegade Editor’s Note: Just imagine if this was written after all the movies and books of recent years had been released. By W. H. MatthewsFrom Mazes and Labyritnhs [1922] THE romantic and mysterious flavour of the words “maze” and “labyrinth” has induced many a writer of fiction to adopt one or the other as the […]

Loves Of The Lady Of The Labyrinth: Ariadne Powerful Minoan Goddess

In the Myth of the Minotaur , if not for the ministrations of the humble Princess Ariadne, Theseus—the Greek hero—would not have had a prayer. Although often portrayed as a mere maiden, truth be told, providing back-up for a leading man was the very least of her qualities. Springing from the heavens, Ariadne’s origins beckon […]

The Giza Labyrinth & How the Pyramids Saved Humanity

It was denied for years by the Egyptian authorities but beneath the Giza plateau, underneath the pyramids and the sphinx, is a huge labyrinth of ancient caves and tunnels, some of which are said to date back 15,000 years. It is an enormous underground world that has been conveniently kept away from the history books, […]

The Twilight of NATO

Obama Praises New U.S. ‘Miracle Bomb’ That Doesn’t Kill Anyone

A tongue-in-cheek report issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs says that Russian officials are “praising” U.S. President Barack Obama for his development of a “miracle bomb” after the U.S. State Department announced that they had successfully dropped 23,144 bombs on Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia in 2015 without killing any civilians. reports: […]

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