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Houthi Vows 4th Phase of Yemeni Operations: Gaza Steadfastness Frustrated Israeli Aggression Plots

3 May 2024  Source: Al Mayadeen By Al Mayadeen English Hamas representative, Ahmed Abdel Hadi highlights concerns over vague language in the ceasefire proposal, and external pressures targeting the Palestinian Resistance. The Hamas representative in Lebanon, Ahmed Abdel Hadi, in an interview with Al Mayadeen, said that although the movement is “seriously studying” the proposals for […]

How Hezbollah Preemptive Strikes Frustrated Israeli Scheme to Attack Lebanon: Video

December 23, 2023 Mohammad Salami In light of the military escalation on Lebanon southern borders with occupied Palestine, the Western media concentrated on the possible repercussions of this escalation. The British paper, The Guardian, reported rising fears of an all-out confrontation between Hezbollah and the Israeli enemy. In an article, the newspaper mentioned that, after Hamas […]

Teacher Frustrated As Half Her Students Detransitioned Over Christmas Break

BEAVERTON, OR — Third-grade teacher Ms. Gaywood (she/her) became frustrated during the first day back from the holiday break when she discovered half her students had detransitioned and were no longer identifying as made-up genders. Source

Book: Barack Obama Frequently Frustrated by Joe Biden — ‘Shoot. Me. Now.’

Former President Barack Obama was frequently frustrated with Joe Biden, a new book claims, first as a Democrat senate colleague and then as his vice president.

Report: Frustrated Joe Biden Reminds Staffers He Is the President

President Joe Biden is not happy about his staffers repeatedly stepping in to clarify his statements, according to a report, and feels it necessary to remind them he is the president.

Batman, Commissioner Gordon Frustrated As Kamala Harris Keeps Paying The Joker’s Bail

GOTHAM—The Caped Crusader took a short break from keeping the streets of Gotham safe to express his frustration at Vice President Kamala Harris for paying The Joker’s bail every time Batman turned him over to authorities. “Twenty minutes. The Joker was incarcerated for twenty minutes before Kamala Harris bailed him out in the name of […]

How to Find Calm and Be Less Frustrated

One of the most common sources of difficulty for most of us is frustration—we can get frustrated with the smallest things throughout the day. And yet, becoming aware of how often we’re frustrated doesn’t quite solve the problem. Someone pointing out that you’re frustrated only makes you more irritated. How can we let go of […]

Korean Companies in China Being Frustrated in Strict Electricity Restrictions

Korean companies in China have encountered operational difficulties due to strict power use restrictions. For these companies, a Korean expert says, it is useless to plead with Chinese authorities, regardless of the losses they suffer from the policy. Pohang Iron and Steel Co. Ltd (POSCO), a Korean steel giant, recently told the Yonhap News Agency […]

Frustrated Women Demand Trans Women In Public Restrooms Stop Leaving The Toilet Seat Up

Frustrated Women Demand Trans Women In Public Restrooms Stop Leaving The Toilet Seat Up U.S.—With more and more public bathroom facilities now allowing biological men in women’s restrooms, women are dealing with the frustrating problem of always walking into a bathroom stall and finding someone has left the toilet seat up.  “We’re sick of it!” said […]

New Border Patrol Chief Addresses Frustrated Residents at First Town Hall in Texas

On Thursday, Acting Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Troy Miller announced the promotion of Raul L. Ortiz as the 25th Chief of the United States Border Patrol. Shortly after the formal announcement, Chief Ortiz participated in a town hall event in Del Rio, Texas. Chief Ortiz, a native of Del Rio, was met by a […]

Uyghur Groups Frustrated With US Inaction Against Genocide

Commentary Uyghur groups are quietly frustrated with slow action by the president and Congress against the Uyghur genocide, as the government appears unable to override business interests bent on appeasing China. The Chinese Communist Party-led government detained, for reeducation, forced sterilization, and forced labor, approximately 2 million Uyghurs over the past years in what amounts […]

Frustrated by delays, EU launches legal action against vaccine-maker AstraZeneca

BRUSSELS, Belgium (AP) — The European Union’s executive branch said Monday that it has launched legal action against coronavirus vaccine-maker AstraZeneca for failing to respect the terms of its contract with the 27-nation bloc. The AstraZeneca vaccine has been central to Europe’s immunization campaign, and a linchpin in the global strategy to get vaccines to […]

‘Our state has forgotten us’: Immigration groups frustrated with Murphy agenda

As the pandemic enters its second year, the absence of economic relief for New Jersey’s nearly 500,000 undocumented residents has created a vexing situation among advocates. Proponents of relief say that as taxpaying undocumented workers remain excluded from federal relief efforts and pandemic-related unemployment benefits, the state should step in. They note other states, including […]

How to Avoid Getting Frustrated By People Who Are Asleep

February 9th, 2021 By Paul Lenda Staff Writer for Wake Up World 2020 has shown us that many are still asleep and not ready to awaken. It also has, perhaps more disappointingly, that many who appeared to be awake were only partially there. However, we should be careful when it comes to how we feel […]

NY Mag’s Nuzzi: GOP Establishment Frustrated with Hawley — ‘He’s Not Some Moron Like Louie Gohmert’

New York Magazine correspondent Olivia Nuzzi reported Friday on CNN that a Republican official told her the party establishment is frustrated with Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) objecting to the certification of President-elect Joe Biden’s electoral college win in the Senate on January 6, because “he’s not some moron like Louie Gohmert.” Discussing Rep. Louie Gohmert’s (R-TX) lawsuit against […]

The Frustrated Scientist

‘This Side of Life’ This article is not about me—it’s about a wonderful person who has let me participate in conversation. I will not reveal a name or even a gender. Times are too rough for that. Before I reveal a current conversation, here’s a bit about me. I consider myself fortunate in some ways. […]

Jews Frustrated They Can’t Silence Their Critics The Way They Used To When They Monopolized All Media

“Newsworthy? Not when Israel is the attacking nation. Not when Israel is the “ally” to whose interests American needs are said to be subverted. This extraordinarily high-ranking commission was reporting on the 1967 Israeli attack on the USS Liberty. A search of hundreds of the largest news media in this country indexed by Lexis-Nexis does […]

‘Gaza is almost dead’: Palestinians frustrated with their leaders

On Monday, the Palestinian National Council is due to meet in Ramallah, but many groups such as Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine will not be attending. Palestinians living in Gaza tell Al Jazeera they are increasingly angry and frustrated not only by the Israeli and Egyptian blockade, but with their leaders and […]

Frustrated israel believes it has a divine right to illegally attack Syria. Can’t help feeling it will all end in tears

On Tuesday morning, a series of missile strikes once again targeted Syrian military infrastructure. The Pentagon, which led the coordinated April 14 assault against Syrian targets with its British and French allies, denied its involvement in attacking a new set of targets. Israel, which struck Syria’s Tiyas (T-4) airfield in Homs province on April 9, […]

Are you paying attention “Christian Zionists”? Holy Land Christians frustrated as vandalism continues unchecked

A shattered statue of Mary and the Christ Child is pictured Sept. 26 inside St. Stephen Church in the Beit Jamal Salesian monastery near Jerusalem. (Credit: Debbie Hill/CNS.) Judith Sudilovsky, Catholic News Service There have been some 80 incidents of vandalism against churches and Christian sites in the Holy Land over the last decade. In […]

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