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$2.7 Trillion Buys “Spectacular” GDP

Fresh GDP numbers came in and it was a blowout. The kind of blowout that only a $2.7 trillion government deficit can buy while the private economy crumbles around it. Another couple blowout GDP reports like this and Americans will be living under an overpass. Biden’s GDP Miracle First the numbers. The Bureau of Economic […]

Quinn: The Crash Will Be Spectacular

Authored by Jim Quinn via The Burning Platform blog, “Interest on the federal debt is now so immense that it’s consuming 40% of all personal income taxes… If federal finances continue on their current path, we are only a few years from the entirety of income taxes being needed to finance the debt…” The government […]

Spectacular, Massive Rallies in Yemen Mark Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) Birthday (Video+Photos)

September 27, 2023 On Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) Birthday, huge crowds of Yemenis flocked into the main avenues, squares and parks in the various provinces to the mark the dear occasion. The participants celebrated the occasion and reiterated commitment to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and Holy Quran. Head of the Supreme Political Council Mahdi Al-Mashat led the […]

Two Spectacular Solar Eclipses will Cross the United States in 2023 and 2024

» U.S. Govt. Made Duplicate Payments to Wuhan Lab in China, Potentially Losing Tens of Millions of DollarsYesterday at 12:08 pm by PurpleSkyz » Two Spectacular Solar Eclipses will Cross the United States in 2023 and 2024Yesterday at 12:05 pm by PurpleSkyz » Bad-clown Rising – ASTRAL REALMYesterday at 12:00 pm by PurpleSkyz » Why Are More Children Identifying As Transgender & […]

EPA Is Knowingly Ignoring Dioxins (Never Tested) & The Spectacular “Failure” Of COVID Jabs

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (3/2/23). As always, take the information discussed in the video below and research it for yourself, and come to your own conclusions. Anyone telling you what the truth […]

Spectacular Venus-Saturn and Moon-Jupiter Conjunctions Just After Sunset – Eyes On the Skies

Skywatchers, you have the opportunity to see not just one, but two conjunctions during the month of January 2023. A conjunction is a celestial event in which two planets, a planet and the Moon, or a planet and a star appear close together in Earth’s night sky. Spectacular Venus-Saturn Conjunction Just After Sunset On January […]

Film Review: ‘Jack Strong’: the Most Spectacular Polish Spy of the Cold War

NR | 2h 8min | Suspense Thriller | 2014 Given his life-long dedication to American national security, it must have been a bitter irony for the late CIA officer David Forden that the Sept. 11 terror attacks occurred on his birthday. At least he could take comfort knowing he helped manage and protect one of […]

The Mysteries and Spectacular Architecture of Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat is a fascinating temple complex in northwestern Cambodia, located in what was once the capital of the ancient Khmer Empire which presided over a vast kingdom in Southeast Asia.  Read more Section:  News Ancient Places Asia Read Later  Source

Massive Medieval Tannery Identified at Spectacular Fountains Abbey

The original purpose of a mysterious patch of land beside England’s Fountains Abbey has finally been deciphered. Experts have concluded that it’s the largest and best-preserved tannery ever discovered at a medieval abbey in Britain. Unearthing the Source of Income at Fountains Abbey Founded in 1132 AD, Fountains Abbey was built near the River Skell […]

Spectacular Bronze Age Karasuk Culture Jewelry Found in Siberian Grave

A Bronze Age burial in southern Siberia has produced one of the most diverse and dazzling collections of high-quality jewelry ever discovered in an ancient individual’s grave. Inside the grave of a woman who was buried sometime between the eighth and 10th centuries BC, archaeologists from Siberia’s Novosibirsk Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography found an […]

Spectacular 2000-Year-Old Pompeii Food Stall Reopens for Business!

A place that sold street food, buried beneath volcanic debris in Pompeii for almost 2000 years, is reopening. The Pompeii food stall is an amazing discovery for so many reasons. For decades, archaeologists excavating at the sophisticated Roman city of Pompeii, in southern Italy’s Campania region, have found countless ancient cultural treasures frozen in time […]

Perseids meteor shower: How to watch the spectacular phenomenon in the US and when is it?

It is considered the best meteor shower of the year, and it’s set to reach its peak later this week. The Perseids are known for being fast and bright meteors and often leave long “wakes” of light and color as they flash across the night sky, says NASA. The shower, which is renowned for it […]

Mount Etna in Sicily has roared back into spectacular volcanic action

Europe’s largest active volcano sent an eruptive cloud that reached a height of 11 kilometres (6.83 miles) above sea level. According to the Catania Institute for Geophysics and Volcanology, it also caused ash and debris to fall on some villages located on the slopes of the volcano. There was no impact on the operations of […]

Spectacular Caerlaverock Castle Is Under The Climate Microscope

Climatology experts are working with archaeologists in examining the impact of medieval climate change on one of Scotland’s oldest stone castles. Caerlaverock Castle lies less than 3 miles (4.8 km) from the sea in a well-known wetland preservation zone. If you like your 13th century castles with a degree of  spectacular, then Caerlaverock Castle is for […]

Right Wing Round-Up: A Spectacular Failure

ALL donations 3X-MATCHED by 12/31 to save our democracy! Every day, the reporters and researchers of Right Wing Watch expose the hateful words and deeds of right-wing leaders and the far-right players who fueled Trump’s rise to power and aim to keep him there. Our work is read daily and used by major media outlets, […]

Sail to Freedom Event Pays Spectacular Tribute to Greek Bicentennial

Sail To Freedom in New York Harbor, June 7, 2021. Credit: The Sail to Freedom event, held on Sunday, June 7, was a gala celebration of the Greek bicentennial, the diaspora and the contributions Americans made to the Greek cause. New York City’s salute to Greece, two hundred years after its War of Independence […]

WATCH: Iceland’s Fagradalsfjall Volcano continues spectacular eruption after being dormant for 6,000 years

Iceland’s Fagradalsfjall volcano has been putting on a spectacular display of new eruptions, over a month since it first erupted, as onlookers continue to gather to watch fiery fountains and rivers of lava. The lava flows erupting from Fagradalsfjall volcano near Geldingadalir on the Reykjanes Peninsula were captured in day and nighttime footage from RT’s […]

ACH (1470) Frosty Wooldridge – The 12 Concepts And Practices For Living Your Spectacular Life

EURO FOLK RADIO ACH (1470) Frosty Wooldridge – The 12 Concepts And Practices For Living Your Spectacular Life Play Episode Pause Episode Mute/Unmute Episode Rewind 10 Seconds 1x Fast Forward 30 seconds Subscribe Share

NASA’s Perseverance rover beams back spectacular new images from Mars descent

NASA on Friday released stunning new photographs from Perseverance, including one of the rover being gently lowered to the surface of Mars by a set of cables, the first time such a view has been captured. The photo was released less than 24 hours after the Perseverance rover successfully touched down near an ancient river […]

Charles Hurt: The Greatest Political Show on Earth Winds to a Spectacular Close

As this epic adventure of Donald J. Trump’s presidency winds to a spectacular close, I am reminded as I have been so many times over the past five years just how inadequate we sad scribes in the political press have been at capturing it all — this, the Greatest Political Show Earth has ever seen. […]

Spectacular ‘rose’ of star-forming regions snapped encircling distant supermassive black hole

In a galaxy far, far away, astronomers have discovered an incredibly beautiful phenomenon which sees a star-bursting ring surrounding a supermassive black hole, like the petals of a rose. The European Southern Observatory captured the stunning stellar light show thanks to the MUSE instrument on its Very Large Telescope (VLT).  The magnificent image captures the […]

A Spectacular 2000-year-old Pompeii Food Stall To “Reopen” In 2021 AD!

A place that sold street food, buried beneath volcanic debris for almost 2000 years, is to reopen in Pompeii, Italy next Easter. The Pompeii food stall is an amazing discovery for so many reasons.  For decades, archaeologists excavating at the sophisticated Roman city of Pompeii, in southern Italy ’s Campania region, have found countless ancient […]

Star of Bethlehem Spectacular Alignment on December 21, 2020

December 6, 2020 written by Michelle WhitedoveDec 2, 2020 and posted on Patreon Dec 4th I want to share this again – Change is in the air. There’s Grand Cosmic Event shifting into place right now! Yes, as I’ve been saying for years we are coming into a time of great change for the Earth […]

Vendel Helmets: Spectacular Scandinavian Relics from the Vendel Period

Vendel and Valsgärde are two archaeological sites located in Sweden. Both of these sites were once used as burial grounds, and it is from the former that a period in Swedish prehistory, the Vendel period, derived its name. At these burial sites a number of helmets have been found. Considered to be some of the […]

Serbian tyrant caught in a pincer, the stage is set for his spectacular fall

Source by Saker’s Johnny-on-the-spot for The Saker Blog We spoke too soon, it turns out, about the Dr. Vladimir Mentus, the young Serbian sociologist, being released from prison and charges against him being dropped. At one point several days ago the appellate chamber did vacate the of the misdemeanour court judge’s decision sentencing Dr Mentus to thirty days […]

Spectacular polar stratospheric clouds captured over Peru (PHOTOS)

     Stunning polar stratospheric clouds were captured by David Alvarado over Lamas, in the region of San Martín, Peru on January 18, 2018. Polar stratospheric clouds, also known as nacreous clouds (or mother of pearl, due to its iridescence), are clouds in the winter polar stratosphere at altitudes of 15,000-25,000 meters (49,000-82,000 ft). Usually the […]

Leader’s representative decries Muslim killings in Kashmir

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Leader of the Islamic Revolution’s representative in Southeast Asia denounced India’s crackdown on Kashmir Muslims as a major catastrophe, urging the Iranian administration to take a strong stance against the Indian government over the cruel measures. In an interview with the Tasnim News Agency, Ayatollah Seyed Mohammad Naqi Shahrokhi took a swipe […]

World’s potentially biggest telescope discovers 13,000 new galaxies at 25% capacity

“Based on the results being shown today, we are confident that after all 64 dishes are in place, MeerKAT will be the world’s leading telescope of its kind,” said Professor Justin Jonas, Chief Technologist at the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) project, which manages MeerKAT. SKA is an international effort to build the world’s largest and […]

How Inflammation Could Be Preventing You From Losing Weight & Foods To Help You Combat It

Many people believe that inflammation causes a variety of ailments and diseases, and this is true, at least to some degree. But inflammation is also a natural, healthy response to cellular damage, and the response of a healthy immune system to a perceived threat. Chronic Inflammation, however, is a symptom of something negative happening in the body, and it forces us […]

Baltimore man in critical condition after gas cylinders explode in vehicle

     A Maryland Transit Administration employee suffered severe injuries to his head, hands and chest Monday morning when cylinders of compressed gas exploded at a maintenance facility in Pikesville, the state fire marshal’s office said. David Kotofski, 64, was flown to the University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center. He remained in critical condition Monday evening, […]

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