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Angela Merkel’s Husband Slams The ‘Lazy’ Unjabbed For ‘Ignoring Science’

The husband of outgoing German chancellor Angela Merkel, has slammed unvaccinated citizens, saying they are ignoring science and being “lazy.” Professor Joachim Sauer told Italian newspaper La Repubblica “It is astonishing that a third of the population does not follow scientific evidence. Partly this is down to certain laziness and complacency of Germans“ RT reports: […]

Johns Hopkins Prof Announces New Covid Study That Will Force the CDC & NIH to Stop Ignoring Natural Immunity

Johns Hopkins Prof Announces New Covid Study That Will Force the CDC & NIH to Stop Ignoring Natural Immunity Date: October 29, 2021Author: Nwo Report Source:  Kyle BeckerA Johns Hopkins professor got tired of watching the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as well as the National Institutes of Health, proceed with their Covid response […]

Iran accuses IAEA of ‘double standards’, ‘ignoring’ Israel

Iran has strongly criticised the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)’s position on Friday, which it accused of “dualism” in its dealings with Iran on the one hand, and Israel on the other. Iran’s ambassador to the IAEA, Kazem Gharibabadi, posted a tweet on Thursday evening stating: “The silence and indifference towards Israel’s nuclear programme sends […]

Greek PM says climate crisis is with us and cost of ignoring it ‘unimaginable’

Mediterranean nations must lead the way in addressing climate change, the Greek prime minister said, warning that the cost of doing nothing was unimaginable, with mankind possibly struggling to survive beyond the turn of the next century, reports Reuters. Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, and Spain were ravaged by wildfires and record high temperatures this summer, with […]

‘NY Times’ fearmongers about the Iran nuclear deal, while ignoring Israel’s efforts to sabotage it

One U.S. publication just covered the stalled negotiations over the Iran nuclear deal fairly and honestly. Another ran a distorted, alarmist report that could have been written by Israel’s Hasbara Central propaganda department. The valuable report was in Responsible Statecraft, a new outlet that is gaining respect and influence but is still small. The biased […]

CNN’s Cuomo Opens Show by Ignoring Brother, Criticizing FL and TX and Saying Vaxed Have Had Rights ‘Infringed Upon’ by Unvaxed

On Tuesday’s broadcast of CNN’s “Cuomo Primetime,” host Chris Cuomo opened the show by ignoring the report on the sexual misconduct of his brother, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) while criticizing Florida and Texas and stating that vaccinated people have had “their rights to work and live as they want infringed upon, in significant […]

How “Fact-Checkers” Are Ignoring A ‘Specific & Significant’ Risk Of Antibody-Dependent Enhancement

Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Email | RSS Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (6/11/21). As always, take the information discussed in the video below and […]

Why Are Media Ignoring Data Showing Massive COVID-19 Vaccine Death Spike?

Why Are Media Ignoring Data Showing Massive COVID-19 Vaccine Death Spike?Date: May 18, 2021Author: Nwo Report  Source: John CleerIf these were any other vaccines, they would already be off the market.In fact, they would have been pulled a long time ago.  Usually, a new drug is withdrawn after 50 deaths, which isn’t typical because the FDA has […]

AJC to Trevor Noah: “You’re Ignoring the True Nature of Hamas”

American Jewish Committee (AJC) CEO David Harris criticized The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah over his recent monologue comparing the Israel-Hamas conflict to when his younger brothers would fight him as a teenager. Noah said during a May 11 segment, “If you are in a fight where the other person cannot beat you, how hard should […]

Israel slams UN envoy for ‘ignoring’ 1,000 rockets fired by Hamas and Islamic Jihad

Browse > Home / News / Israel slams UN envoy for ‘ignoring’ 1,000 rockets fired by Hamas and Islamic Jihad May 13, 2021 by Aryeh Savir – TPS Read on for article Israel’s Foreign Ministry had harsh words for Tor Wennesland, the United Nations Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process, and accused him […]

Why politicians and doctors keep ignoring the medical research on Vitamin D and Covid

It is probably not a good idea to write while in the grip of anger. But I am struggling to suppress my emotions about a wasted year, during which politicians and many doctors have ignored a growing body of evidence suggesting that Vitamin D can play a critically important role in the prevention and treatment […]

Israeli envoy warns on eve of International Holocaust Day that ‘the world is ignoring regime following in footsteps of the Nazis’

Browse > Home / News / Israeli envoy warns on eve of International Holocaust Day that ‘the world is ignoring regime following in footsteps of the Nazis’ January 27, 2021 by Aryeh Savir – TPS Read on for article It is time for “an institution charged with safeguarding peace and security to begin addressing the […]

Antwerp mayor: Haredi ignoring COVID measures triggered antisemitism

The mayor of Antwerp, a city in Belgium where about 15,000 haredi Orthodox Jews live, warned that their failure to comply with COVID-19 measures has triggered antisemitism — and it could turn into a wave. “In the Jewish community, not everyone realizes this, they have their own logic, but the backlash of public opinion that […]

Eric Trump: Republicans Will ‘Lose Political Careers’ for Ignoring Election Fraud

President Trump’s son, Eric Trump, warned Republican leaders that their failure to reject the fraudulent presidential results will result in them losing their political careers. During an interview on “Hannity,” Trump gave a stark warning to RINOs who failed to support President Trump. “Tomorrow’s gonna tell you a lot about the country.” WATCH: “I can […]

Swedish chief quits after ignoring his own agency’s COVID holiday advice

A senior Swedish official resigned after he was widely criticised for holidaying in the Canary Islands over Christmas during the COVID-19 pandemic. Dan Eliasson, head of the Swedish Civil Protection Agency (MSB) since March 2018, had travelled to the Spanish islands to visit his daughter despite government recommendations against foreign visits. In a statement to […]

Ignoring Racial Progress Hurts Future Progress

The best intentions can have unintended consequences. Eliminating racism and uplifting Black communities are the most noble of intentions. But we are falling into a negative and demoralizing approach that will set back racial progress rather than move it forward. One example is a United States Commission on Truth, Racial Healing, and Transformation recently proposed by […]

Neo-Nazi website founder accused of ignoring $14M award to Jewish plaintiff

AP — A Montana real estate agent who secured a $14 million judgment against a neo-Nazi website publisher for orchestrating an anti-Semitic harassment campaign against her Jewish family is seeking a court order compelling the man to disclose information about his assets and finances. Tanya Gersh’s attorneys said in a court filing Friday that Andrew […]

Conservatives Blast Media For Ignoring Hunter Biden Corruption Story Prior To Election

Conservatives have blasted the hypocrisy of the media for ignoring the Hunter Biden corruption story. Where was the media before the election? Despite that fact that Hunter Biden has been investigated since 2018, and emails released in October seemed to implicate him and his family in foreign graft schemes, the media chose to wait until […]

US offers $5m. reward for info on China ignoring sanctions on N.Korea

The US State Department on Tuesday accused China of “flagrant violation” of its obligation to enforce international sanctions on North Korea and said Washington would offer rewards of up to $5 million for information about sanctions evasions.Speaking to Washington’s Center for Strategic and International Studies think tank, Deputy Assistant Secretary for North Korea State Alex […]

Israel ignoring or mishandling 99.7 percent of asylum requests, NGO says

Download App© Haaretz Daily Newspaper Ltd. All Rights Reserved News and Partnerships Life and Culture Columnists and Opinion Haaretz Heb and TheMarker, the online edition of Haaretz Newspaper in Israel, and analysis from Israel and the Middle East © Haaretz Daily Newspaper Ltd. All Rights Reserved

Why is the media still ignoring the Samantha Power ‘unmasking’ bombshell?

     One of the challenges of Spygate is that it’s such a sprawling, complicated tale, filled with competing narratives and motives open to interpretation. We understand that this is a serious situation – possibly the biggest scandal in U.S. history. But how can one get the message across to the average American without his eyes […]

Two Huge Vaccine Scandals That The Press Is Completely Ignoring

Next Story Editorial by World Mercury Project Guest Contributor Jon Rappoport  Some lies are so big, many people can’t accept the fact that they’re lies. Their minds are boggled. “No,” they say, “that couldn’t be.” But yes, that could be, and is. Two giant vaccine scandals are in progress at the moment. The mainstream press is mentioning them, […]

Amazon’s Alexa now emitting ‘bone chilling’ laughter & ignoring user commands

     There are plenty of stories of artificial intelligence gone wrong. But recent reports from owners of Amazon Alexa devices are being called ‘bone chillingly creepy.’ Some users say their Alexa-enabled gadgets start laughing totally unprompted. One user reportedly tried to turn the lights off in their home but Alexa repeatedly turned the lights back […]

Antedote Radio: The Consequences of Ignoring the Real “Russiagate” Scandal

Greg McCarron and Jeremy Rothe Kushel discuss an article by Australian blogger Caitlin Johnstone in which she tries to prove that “Russiagate” is a media and government created myth. While Caitlin speaks important truths about why no one should believe the US government based on its long history of lies and deceptions, Caitlin appears to […]

Five Major Revelations The Mainstream Media Is Ignoring About The Florida Shooting

One of the deadliest school shootings in American history took place this week in Parkland, Florida and the suspected gunman has since confessed to this most heinous act. As details unfold, however, the mainstream media is failing to ask the hard questions which need to be answered. While the media frantically attempts to use Nikolas […]

Media Ignoring Puerto Rico’s ‘Shock Doctrine’ Makeover

Media Ignoring Puerto Rico’s ‘Shock Doctrine’ Makeover Above Photo: From Nearly five months after Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico, more than a hundred thousand US citizens there still lack clean drinking water, and almost one-third of the island has no reliable electric power. As initial life-sustaining recovery efforts still grind toward completion, Puerto Rico’s Gov. […]

Why Is The West Praising Malala, but ignoring Ahed Tamimi?

Ahed Tamimi, a 16-year-old Palestinian girl, was recently arrested in a night-time raid on her home. The Israeli authorities accuse her of “assaulting” an Israeli soldier and an officer. A day earlier she had confronted Israeli soldiers who had entered her family’s backyard. The incident happened shortly after a soldier shot her 14-year-old cousin in the head with a rubber bullet, […]

Ignoring Law, Morality: Recognizing Jerusalem as israel’s Capital

Ignoring Law, Morality: Recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital Donald Trump. (Photo: Michael Vadon, Wikimedia Commons) By Richard Falk With the deftness of a bull in a china shop, Donald Trump has ignored the advice of several close advisers, disregarded the fervent pleas of several of Israel’s closest Arab neighbors, ignored warnings of America’s traditional allies […]

FBI: McCain Ignoring Questions About His Role In Trump Dossier

Sen. John McCain is refusing to answer questions about his role in funding and propagating the debunked 35-page dossier on President Donald Trump.  According to FBI officials, McCain has still not responded to questions raised in light of the recent disclosure that Hillary Clinton and the DNC funded the research into the discredited memo. […]

Kansas Prison Medical Staff Sued After Ignoring Pleas for Help from Inmate who Died of Brain-Eating Fungus

A lawsuit was filed Monday against three doctors and 11 nurses who work at a prison in Kansas as well as the company contracted to provide medical services for inmates throughout the state’s prison system after medical staff ignored an inmate who told them, “it feels like something is eating my brain.” Even after Marques […]

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