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The place to be for politicians and protesters

With help from Shawn Ness. New from New York Happening now: Columbia University is now a gathering place for protesters and political leaders. A new push for wage parity between upstate and New York City. The sanitation union is calling for better health care for their workers.  A new leader for the Alliance for Clean […]

Zelensky Says US Politicians ‘Don’t Care About Ukraine’

President Volodymyr Zelensky has accused US politicians of playing political games around the issue of aid for his country and claims that they don’t care how many people in Ukraine are dying. Zelensky made his comments as US lawmakers prepared to vote on a controversial aid package for Ukraine that has been stalled in Congress […]

Tucker Carlson Asks: How Are Politicians So Rich?

TUCKER CARLSON: “I have no clue at all how Nancy Pelosi is just so rich or how her stock picks are like way better than Warren Buffett’s. How does that happen? Does anyone ever talk about that internally, like on the Hill?” TULSI GABBARD: “No, because most of them benefit from it … No member […]

The Ole Dog!’s Opinion on Pedophiles, Politicians, yankee carpetbaggers, Southern Scalawags & Red Russian Turkmen Mongolian Khazarian Babylonian Talmud Pedophile’s end Of Times Death Cult Members

The Ole Dog! Source

Then they came for the politicians

A Big Thank You A big thank you to those of you who attended the AV13 Conference in Milton Keynes. It was fantastic to finally get back together and welcome old friends and newcomers to a very enjoyable and memorable event. We are already already working on the next AV events. If you didn’t make […]

Ruled by the Capricious Whims of Politicians

They got him. Two failed impeachments and a very messy criminal case that is probably falling apart in Georgia couldn’t do it, but a civil case in New York did. The verdict? A $355 million fine and a ban on conducting business in New York for three years. A ban on conducting business? Maybe they’ll […]

US and its politicians defend Israel’s occupation and civilian casualties in Gaza at International Court

As the international community awaits the ICJ’s verdict, the U.S. position underscores the complex diplomatic landscape surrounding the Israeli occupation and the search for a sustainable peace solution. Source

Breathfaking – Fake politicians, fake doctors, fake pandemic

  “I don’t usually like talking numbers (when you didn’t pass your Maths GCSE until the age of 31, you generally don’t…), and I realise mentioning salaries is terribly uncouth and un-English (maybe the Russian lessons are having more impact than I thought?), but I’ve discovered some particularly salient facts – or rather, figures – that I’d […]

Ukrainian politicians stealing Western aid – ex-Polish general

READ HERE:   Source

Politicians issue farewells for coaches Saban and Belichick

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie had just dropped out of the Republican presidential primary hours earlier, but on Wednesday night there was only one story on former Alabama Sen. Doug Jones’ mind. “Lots of news today, as usual, but for me there is only one story: Nick Saban retiring as head football coach at […]

FBI: Horrific Child Sex Tapes of ‘Top Politicians’ Hidden In Epstein Case

The Biden Justice Department and Federal Bureau of Investigations is hiding hard drives, videos and photographic material belonging to Jeffrey Epstein and intelligence agencies documenting their abuse of children, according to an FBI source. The […] The post FBI: Horrific Child Sex Tapes of ‘Top Politicians’ Hidden In Epstein Case appeared first on The People's […]

WEF Calls For Elimination of ‘Useless Class’ of Humans-Rothschilds?, All Politicians, Pedophile Fake “royals”?, Most Media Talking Heads?

The World Economic Forum (WEF) is “urgently” looking for solutions to the “problem” of the world being overpopulated with individuals deemed “redundant” and “useless” as the global “elite” prepare for the dominance of AI. Klaus Schwab’s right-hand-man and senior WEF advisor Yuval Noah Harari has issued a stark warning to fellow globalists, describing the emergence […]

In Israel, politicians like Yair Golan gain popularity when they call for genocide

Yair Golan revitalized his floundering political career when he started making genocidal statements and telling the people of Gaza, “you can die from starvation, it’s totally legitimate.” Source

Politicians Worldwide Can No Longer Claim Ignorance of the WHO Power Grab

ByWorld Council for Health November 22, 2023 As December 1st Deadline Looms, Politicians Can Still Choose To Serve  Politicians worldwide can no longer claim ignorance of the attempted power grab by the supranational entities vested in the World Health Organization (WHO) but it is not too late to choose to serve those whom they are privileged […]

Feds Say They Uncovered Prostitution Ring Serving Politicians, Military Officers, And Tech Execs

“Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard This One Before” —The Smiths Via: Epoch Times: The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Massachusetts has announced the arrests of two men and one woman suspected of operating a multi-state prostitution ring whose alleged client list includes elected officials, military officers, and executives at technology and pharmaceutical […]

Politicians and Tech CEOs Are Calling for Regulation of Artificial Intelligence: Can the Public Trust Them?

The first week of November 2023 was a big one for artificial intelligence. On Monday, October 30, US President Joe Biden issued a broad executive order (EO) aimed at promoting new standards for AI, which the White House claims will protect Americans’ privacy and provide safety from AI-related threats. On Wednesday, the US announced the […]

Feds Say They Uncovered Pedophile Prostitution Ring Serving Politicians, Military Officers, And Tech Execs

“Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has clarified the nature of his relationship with Mossad’s Jeffrey Epstein, after it was revealed that the presidential hopeful had flown on the convicted sex offender’s private jet. the Pedophile Express. The independent 2024 presidential candidate was among a number of high-profile people who in 2021 were named as passengers on […]

The Truth About Our CABAL OWNED PUPPET POLITICIANS (and Media Heads) Everyone needs to see this and think about U.S. politicians supporting and funding this. No American is safe from leaders who endorse this evil behavior and that includes Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis and Joe Biden, and thousands others of America’s “most important” people. Source

The Creation of Politicians

‘The Creation of Politicians’ The day came when the Sons of God- Said today you scheduled creating politicians, shall we get some sod? God said no for a politician we need a different mix- Several special things from places like dung heaps and out houses to fix- The material to pore into the political prostitute […]


OCTOBER 20TH, 2023 Source Mnar Adley Finish them! Level the place – These are calls for genocide rarely heard so openly in the West. Israel is pounding Gaza – a densely-populated open-air prison where mostly refugees live in a veritable concentration camp. It’s an area populated with 2.3 million people, 50% of whom are children, […]

PENCE IS OUTED BY GAY LOVER (Almost ALL Our Politicians Are Gay; Most Sexually Abuse Monarch Sex Slaves)

The Recount @therecount “Mike Pence, are you going to tell them? … You promised today was our Coming Out Day … Mike Pence and I are gay … I’ll admit your John Deere is bigger than mine.” — Mike Pence is heckled before he officially registers for the New Hampshire GOP presidential primary ballot […]

Why your elected politicians aren’t able to keep their election promises

“Why don’t the elected politicians that we elect to parliament or congress keep their election promises? – ANSWER: they can’t!” ” Our decisions on monetary matters, social welfare matters, energy matters, food matters, internal matters, external matters, all are being dictated to us”. Barry Smith, Postscript, 1992, pp 36, 38 The late Barry Smith, a […]

WATCH: Ben Shapiro rages at Tucker Carlson for questioning why our politicians care more about Israelis dying than Americans

(NaturalNews) Ben Shapiro flew into a rage at Tucker Carlson on Wednesday for questioning why our politicians seem to be more concerned with Israelis dying halfway… Source

For better or worse, older politicians are here to stay

We claim to have a representative democracy, yet half the nation is under the age of 40, and only 5 percent of Congress is.  Source

‘Domestic Terrorist’ Matt Shea Claims Condemning Politicians For Appearing With Him Is ‘Persecution of Christians’

Last month, Christian nationalist worship leader and right-wing political activist Sean Feucht held an event in Spokane, Washington, where he and Christian nationalist pastor and former Washington state legislator Matt Shea jointly prayed over the city’s mayor, Nadine Woodward, Shea, as Right Wing Watch reported at the time, was stripped of his committee assignments during […]

“Migration Economy”: South American Businessmen, Politicians Making ‘Tens Of Millions’ On Human Trafficking Empire

“Migration Economy”: South American Businessmen, Politicians Making ‘Tens Of Millions’ On Human Trafficking Empire As migrants from Central America surge north in hopes of reaching the porous US border, businessmen and elected officials have turned the journey into a well-oiled, and profitable, machine – making “tens of millions” of dollars per year (or more, see […]

Family Research Council Conference Preview: Republican Politicians, Christian Nationalism, & School Board Takeovers

Pray Vote Stand, the Family Research Council’s annual conference for religious-right activists, convenes in Washington, D.C. this week. Formerly known as the Values Voter Summit, this year’s gathering features Christian nationalist speakers and Republican politicians and offers attendees an opportunity to get trained to run for their local school board, a major focus of right-wing […]


‘DC PENIS CONTROL ACT-SAVE A CHILD, WHACK A DC POLITICIANS “GUN” OFF’ The Franklin Coverup Scandal The Child sex ring that reached Bush/Reagan Whitehouse Source

Politicians Too Stupid to Survive

Democrat Who Wanted Cops Abolished Beat Up By Blacks Comment:  All Politicians are prostitutes for money as are ALL HW stars, media heads, medical researchers, university scumbags, etc. By infostormer  – September 8, 2023 1 A Democrat politician in Minnesota is whining after she got carjacked and beat up by blacks. The funny part about […]

Politicians Are The Lowest Lifeforms On The Face Of The Earth

Saw an article this morning where the political whore guvnor of Iowa who mandated Communist Penal Code Non medical “lockdowns” for a Not proved to exist virus, ordered police to enforce her communist lockdowns, is now trying to claim she “rejected” all the hysteria and human harming pig shit of the scamdemic. ‘Iowa Governor Kim […]

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