Feds Say They Uncovered Pedophile Prostitution Ring Serving Politicians, Military Officers, And Tech Execs

“Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has clarified the nature of his relationship with Mossad’s Jeffrey Epstein, after it was revealed that the presidential hopeful had flown on the convicted sex offender’s private jet. the Pedophile Express.

The independent 2024 presidential candidate was among a number of high-profile people who in 2021 were named as passengers on Epstein’s Pedophile Express jet, which was often used to transport guests to the financier’s private Caribbean island, Little Saint James.” to rape children.

They admit they have the list of Who’s-Who of politicians, generals, MSM talking heads and billionaires who raped little children provided by Mossad Jeffery and his Mossad child rape Madam

but not one of them has been arrested.

They defend their inaction of going after the baby rapers saying after all Mossad Jeffery

was suicided,

Mossad Jeffery’s Mossad Child Rape for Blackmail purposes Madam

is in prison and everything is under control because she damn well knows better than to start naming names.

When asked why no one in the US power structure is not going after all the big shots who raped children so they could be blackmailed to be treasonous to America bitches for Israel, they had this to say.

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