WEF Calls For Elimination of ‘Useless Class’ of Humans-Rothschilds?, All Politicians, Pedophile Fake “royals”?, Most Media Talking Heads?

The World Economic Forum (WEF) is “urgently” looking for solutions to the “problem” of the world being overpopulated with individuals deemed “redundant” and “useless” as the global “elite” prepare for the dominance of AI.
Klaus Schwab’s right-hand-man and senior WEF advisor Yuval Noah Harari has issued a stark warning to fellow globalists, describing the emergence of a growing “class of useless people.”

According to Anal Swab’s right hand man, the advent of the AI revolution is setting in motion the creation of what he terms “the useless class” among humanity, a phenomenon that he argues must be addressed and, in essence, eliminated.

What always amazes me is not only the most useless class of “humans”, but the most evil and destructive bunch of individuals in the world are always saying there are too many humans, a bunch of them need to be killed off.

These evil scum sucking degenerates claim they are leaders.
Well, leaders lead by example.

So each and everyone of these useless f##ks caterwauling for decreasing the number of humans on this rock should take their revolver, load one round in it

and eat the damn thing!

Note to useless “leaders”.
When you stick the muzzle into your pie hole, tilt the end of it in an upward angle so as when you squeeze the trigger the slug will go through the center of your brain.

See how easy it is for all the “elites” to solve this “overpopulation” problem which seems to consume them.

They all eat their pistol, there will be less useless people on this rock, and as they will be in hell, they will have other things to worry about other than raping little children, starting wars, stealing from the poor and mass murdering humanity.

This is a very simple solution to a problem the “elites” are trying to make complicated.
Insert muzzle, squeeze trigger, no more worries about “overpopulation” on this earth.

And don’t worry about overpopulating hell.
I hear hell is not even half full!

The Ole Dog!


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