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Opulent Roman Winery With Fountains of Grape Juice Uncovered

Emlyn Dodd/The Conversation Recent excavations at the Villa of the Quintilii uncovered the remains of a unique winery just outside Rome. The mid-third-century AD building located along the Via Appia Antica portrays a sense of opulence and performance almost never found at an ancient production site. This exciting complex illustrates how elite  Romans fused utilitarian function with luxurious decoration and […]

Massive Medieval Tannery Identified at Spectacular Fountains Abbey

The original purpose of a mysterious patch of land beside England’s Fountains Abbey has finally been deciphered. Experts have concluded that it’s the largest and best-preserved tannery ever discovered at a medieval abbey in Britain. Unearthing the Source of Income at Fountains Abbey Founded in 1132 AD, Fountains Abbey was built near the River Skell […]

Mayon volcano in Philippines spews lava fountains & ash plumes as thousands more flee (VIDEO)

The sporadic eruption of Mayon in Albay province on the island of Luzon started on January 13. Since then, it has affected at least 54 villages in the area with a combined population of over 70,000 people. The “alert level 4” status remains for the local residents following five more “episodes of intense but sporadic […]

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