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Hippocrates oath, Code of Medical Conduct, Nuremberg Code, Geneva statement for doctors

🛡 Hippocrates oath (-460 // 377): ′′ I will not give anyone poison, if asked, nor take the initiative of such a suggestion. ′′ 🛡 Code of Medical Conduct, Article 36:Article R4127- 36 of the Public Health Code: ′′ The consent of the person examined or treated must be sought in all cases. When the […]

Biden’s New Russia Sanctions Reverse the ‘Geneva Spirit’

While there was a lot of optimism surrounding the Biden-Putin summit in Geneva as a big leap towards re-defining US-Russia ties in an era when the US is primarily engaged with China as its leading competitor, the post summit developments have clearly shown that the rivalry between the US and Russia is too deep to […]

Geneva Summit: Leading from the front while dealing with media

Two leaders of two great nations meet at a neutral venue known for its peaceful locales and absolute neutral position world over. President Joe Biden of the United States and President Vladimir Putin of Russian Federation came to Geneva for their first face to face meet after the United States saw a change in the […]

Modest results of the meeting in Geneva

Presidents Joseph Biden and Vladimir Putin met in Geneva on Wednesday, June 16. Both separately noted that the talks went well. “There’s been no hostility,” Putin said. “On the contrary, our meeting took place in a constructive spirit.” Biden meanwhile declared “the tone of the entire meeting… was good. Positive.” The spirit may have been […]

US President Joe Biden to meet Vladimir Putin in Geneva on Wednesday

Russian leader Vladimir Putin says new US President Joe Biden is radically different from his predecessor Donald Trump. The two leaders will meet in Geneva on Wednesday, fresh off the back of Biden’s participation in the G7 summit in the UK. The meeting will be the pair’s first since Biden was elected last November and […]

Unwise to Expect Too Much From the Biden-Putin Meeting in Geneva

A meeting between Russian president Vladimir Putin and United States president Joe Biden has been scheduled for June in the Swiss city of Geneva. It appears that the impetus for the meeting came from Biden who has displayed more enthusiasm for the meeting than his Russian counterpart. The Russian scepticism is well founded. There is […]

Viral Twitter photo of empty Geneva hospital corridor is ‘misinformation’

A viral photo of empty hospital corridors in Geneva is “misinformation”, Swiss authorities have said. The misleading claims were published on Twitter by a well-known blogger from the city, who claimed that hospital departments were “closed” during the pandemic. The tweet, accompanied by a photo of an empty hospital corridor, received more than 2,400 likes […]

Court Suspends Geneva COVID Religious Gatherings Ban, Church Services Resume

Photo Credit: Debby Hudson/Unsplash (ADF International) — Geneva’s total ban on religious services and events has been suspended by the Swiss Constitutional Chamber of the Canton of Geneva. The court has yet to decide whether the ban is a violation of the right to freedom of religion after a group of concerned citizens filed a […]

Steinmetz to appear at Geneva trial next month to face corruption charges

Israeli billionaire Beny Steinmetz will appear in a Geneva court next month to defend himself against corruption and forgery charges in connection with mining contracts in Guinea, his lawyer told Reuters.Steinmetz was indicted in August 2019 by a Geneva prosecutor who accused him and two aides of paying or having $10 million in bribes paid […]

YCP – King James’ Vendetta Against the Geneva Bible

YCP – King James’ Vendetta Against the Geneva BibleYAHWEH’S COVENANT PEOPLE Share this: 00

Libya’s rival factions sign UN-brokered ‘permanent’ ceasefire in Geneva

The rival sides in Libya’s conflict signed a permanent cease-fire Friday, a deal the United Nations billed as historic after years of fighting that has split the North African country in two. But skepticism over whether the agreement would hold began emerging almost immediately. The breakthrough, which among other things orders foreign mercenaries out of […]

BL – Geneva Bible and the Birth of America

BL – Geneva Bible and the Birth of AmericaBLOODLINES Pastor Eli James explains how the Geneva Bible led to the creation of the American Republic Share this: 00

Hitler, Backed by German Referendum, Exits Geneva

Note: This article is sourced from Richard Tedor’s book, “Hitler’s Revolution”.  Noble has edited & condensed Tedor’s chapter 3, on Geneva (European Diplomacy).  Tedor’s book has 270 pages of text, supplemented by over 1000 footnotes and a bibliography of over 200 authors, mostly German.  This book is still available on Amazon.  Secure a copy now […]

Iranian FM’s special assistant reviews regional developments in Geneva

March 8 –The Iran Project – Hossein Jaberi Ansari, a senior assistant to Iran’s foreign minister in political affairs arrived in Geneva, Switzerland, on Monday (March 5) to discuss the latest developments in Syria Peace Talks. While in Swiss, he held talks with UN Special Envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura as well as the […]

Geneva Talks on Syria end without actual negotiations

nsnbc : At the end of the eights round of Geneva Talks, UN Special Envoy for Syria, Staffan de Mistura, said information on the way […]

British troops breached Geneva conventions in Iraq, high court rules

British troops breached Geneva conventions in Iraq, high court rules   British soldiers guard prisoners in southern Iraq in 2003. The high court awarded four men £84,000 in compensation. Photograph: Reuters Court says soldiers subjected civilians to cruel and inhuman treatment, in cases that may determine handling of further claims Ian Cobain British troops breached […]

Syrian Arab Republic delegation arrives in Geneva to participate in 8th round of intra-Syrian dialogue

SANA– Syrian Arab Republic delegation, headed by Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari, arrived on Wednesday in Geneva to participate in the 8th round of the intra-Syrian dialogue. Last Monday, UN Special Envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura reiterated that the intra-Syrian talks in Geneva should be held without preconditions. The Swiss city of Geneva hosted 7 rounds […]

UK secretly training Saudi troops for war on Yemen, ‘against Geneva conventions’

     The British Army is secretly training Saudi Arabian soldiers to fight in Yemen, where more than 12,000 people have been killed since the onset of the Saudi war in March 2015, according to a report. The training, codenamed Operation Crossways, was disclosed after the UK Army mistakenly released photos and a mission summary on […]

New Syria talks to begin November 28 in Geneva: UN

Press TV- United Nations Special Envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura has announced that a new round of talks aimed at ending the Syrian crisis will open in a month’s time. De Mistura said Thursday that the talks, to be attended by representatives of the Syrian government and the opposition, would begin on November 28 […]

Syrian Kurdish PYD won’t attent Geneva talks: Salih Muslim

nsnbc : The Syrian Kurds will not be able to attend the next round of Geneva talks on Syria due to Turkey’s anti-Kurdish sentiment […]

Iran to sue Saudi Arabia over Mina tragedy: Justice minister

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Iran’s Justice Minister Mostafa Pourmohammadi on Thursday said the country is intent on filing a lawsuit at international courts against Saudi Arabia for the deaths of hundreds of Iranian pilgrims in a deadly crush in Mina, near Mecca, last year. Pourmohammadi told IRIB that Iran is pursuing the matter and considering various […]

Economy Min. leaves Tehran for Vienna

TEHRAN, Jun. 02 (MNA) – Iranian Economy Minister, Ali Tayyebnia, left Tehran for Vienna on Wednesday, to attend the 37th session of the Ministerial Council of the OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID) to be opened on Thursday. Heading a senior delegation, Iranian Economy Minister, Ali Tayebnia, left Tehran on Wednesday to sit the 37th […]

Hidden Mysteries Radio: The Unbearable Idiocy of the West in Current Year

Ghost & AzzmadorHidden Mysteries Radio May 20, 2016 On this episode of Hidden Mysteries Radio, Ghost and Azzmador discuss infighting, tranny bathroom issues, the latest slanderous attack on Dear Leader by the New York Times, the #RenegadeJew Bill Kristol’s “Renegade Party” nonsense, and much more! Source Article from 00

Amazing interview with Professor Kevin MacDonald

Dr. Slattery interviewed Professor Kevin MacDonald on his Saturday night show “The Alternative Media” on the Republic Broadcasting Network. Following the two hour interview, Dr. Slattery, Attorney Don Advo, and Professor Richard Sloan discussed it and other topics. This is a fascinating listen. Hour One Hour Two Hour Three The Alternative Media airs from 10 […]

Former House Speaker Gets 15 Months In Prison For Sex Abuse Cover Up

Former Republican House speaker Dennis Hastert was sentenced to 15 months behind bars on Wednesday for illegally structuring bank transactions in an effort to cover up his sexual abuse of young members of a wrestling team he coached decades ago. The federal judge called Hastert a “serial child molester,” and fined him $250,000 as well […]

Crude prices jump 3 percent on weak dollar, firmer oil product markets

Oil markets rose about 3 percent on Tuesday as a tumbling dollar boosted commodities denominated in the greenback after bets the Federal Reserve will hold U.S. interest rates where they are. Crude oil futures also rose on the back of a 3-percent hike in U.S. gasoline and ultra-low sulfur diesel, or heating oil, prices. U.S. […]

Why Obama Prioritizes Ousting Assad Over Defeating Syria’s Jihadists

ERIC ZUESSE | 16.04.2016 Part 1 Dr Christina Lin, a leading young scholar on jihadist groups, opens her April 8th commentary at Asia Times: «In a blunder reeking of the fallout caused by supplying Stinger anti-aircraft missiles to 1980s mujahideen in Afghanistan, civilian airline passengers are now under threat from Syrian jihadists armed with portable surface-to-air missiles (MANPADS). Reports say […]

Jordan’s Failing Security and Xenophobia Muffles Syrian Abuse and Neglect

Siraj Davis (nsnbc) : Below is an interview with an elderly Syrian wife and mother, whose handicapped husband was forcefully kidnapped from their peaceful home, humiliatingly tied to a tree in broad daylight, and publicly whipped without interruption with several strokes of a belt. Their adolescent daughter witnessed this shameful unjustifiable tragedy. Insult to injury, […]

Embargo on Iran’s condensed gas exports lifted

Describing the latest status of exporting Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), Mahdavi said “with the implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), restrictions on Iran’s LNG industry have been fully lifted.” “All the LNG produced at Iranian petrochemical complexes is dispatched to world markets after supplying the domestic demand,” highlighted the official asserting “accordingly, […]

Su-34 jets strike huge ice-jam in northwest Russia to prevent flooding (VIDEO)

READ MORE: Russia’s cutting edge Su-35 fighters to be on 24-hour alert at Latakia base Over 4,500 people living along the Sukhona River in the Vologda region are currently in danger, as thick ice has created a natural dam that is preventing the river from traveling downstream, causing it to overflow its banks. Two Su-34 […]

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