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Pfizer CEO: Those Spreading “Vaccine Misinformation” are Criminals – Wife Died after COVID Vaccine?

» CMA Shipping 2022: Disarray Around ‘Decarbonization’Yesterday at 11:33 am by PurpleSkyz » German and Austrian Mayors Under 60 Dropping DeadYesterday at 11:29 am by PurpleSkyz » Food inflation has now reached 12.6% PER MONTH, corporate media blames Putin, not money printingYesterday at 11:24 am by PurpleSkyz » Pfizer CEO: Those Spreading “Vaccine Misinformation” are Criminals – Wife Died after COVID Vaccine?Yesterday […]

What to do with those fallen leaves (Wally Richards)

A reader from Southland emailed me this week and asked if I could write an article about what to do with autumn leaves. For some home owners, autumn leaf fall is a curse, just another chore to rake them up and clear the gutters. For gardeners, leaf fall is a blessing and they gladly collect […]

THE TRUTH IS HATE SPEACH TO THOSE WHO HATE THE TRUTH-ROTHSCHILD’S BITCH & Defender Of Pedophililia & Perversions TWITTER LITTER Now Suspends Babylon Bee Editor Following ‘Joke’ About Satire Site Being Suspended

Baby Raping Promoting and Baby raper protecting Twitter Litter censors account that Exposed another CNN pedophilia scandal Hmmmmmmmm!!!!! I see a pattern here. Twitter Litter. Pedophilia and perversion GOOD!!!! Exposing perverts, baby rapers and Twitter Litter’s promotion of the above and bias against truth tellers, Bad!!!! I might add my Twitter Litter account stays locked […]

Dr Vernon Coleman: Time is Running Out for Those Who Care About Freedom

The manager of a favourite café told me yesterday that their electricity bill, currently £900 a month, will rise to £2,800 from next month. That won’t be unusual. Energy bills everywhere [literally, all over the world] are going to triple. A litre of petrol or diesel will soon cost over £2. Charging an electric car […]

Seeing All Those Millions of Dollars In Bribes USA/DC Was Paying To Force Child Abuse Via Forced Use-less Masking On Children Ending, Fairfax School Board Child Abusing Chairwoman Starts Boo-Hooing Over The End of Mask Mandate

Now it is time to give her a fair Nuremberg Common Law Tribunal Trial and a Fair Hanging! The Ole Dog! [embedded content] Share this: Source

Those Who Violated The Geneva Conventions At Guantánamo Are Free

Above Photo: Ahmed Rabbani (Pakistan), Untitled (Grape Arbor), 2016. Rabbani endured 545 days of torture at the hands of the CIA before he was transferred to Guantánamo in 2004. He has been in the prison without charge since then. While the Man who Helped Expose Their Crimes Languishes in Prison. Twenty years ago, on 11 […]

In memory of all those who “died suddenly,” February 15-21

In memory of all those who “died suddenly,” February 15-21Published on February 23, 2022Written by Mark Crispin Miller This surge continues to confirm the awful truth that “our free press” keeps struggling to obscure This past week, as grimly documented here, still more people of all ages, all around the world, have suddenly dropped dead, […]

Lebedev: Those involved in violent unrest were foreign-backed

January 9 2022 Net Source: Agencies By Al Mayadeen Sergei Lebedev, the chairman of the Executive Committee of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), said that those involved in the violent unrest in Kazakhstan had prepared for the riots in advance and had foreign backing. Sergei Lebedev, the chairman of the Executive Committee of the […]

“Covid Ethnic Cleansing”: The Vaccinated vs. the Unvaccinated: Those Who Refuse the Vaccine and the “Official” Covid-19 Narrative are Categorized as “Psychopaths”

“Covid Ethnic Cleansing”: The Vaccinated vs. the Unvaccinated: Those Who Refuse the Vaccine and the “Official” Covid-19 Narrative are Categorized as “Psychopaths” Global Research / Prof Michel Chossudovsky Note: All Global Research articles are now accessible in 51 languages by activating the Translate Website Drop Down Menu on the top banner of our home page. […]

Nation Observes 0 Seconds Of Silence To Read The Names Of Those Killed By Trump Supporters On January 6th

WASHINGTON, D.C.–Following President Biden’s speech yesterday, the nation observed a moment of silence lasting exactly 0 seconds long as they read the names of those who suffered death at the hands of supporters of former President Donald J. Trump. Vice President Kamala Harris thanked Biden for his bold speech and took to the podium to […]

Poll Shows Most Canadians (Even Those Who Got the Shot) Don’t Support Vaccine Passports

Poll Shows Most Canadians (Even Those Who Got the Shot) Don’t Support Vaccine Passports Europe Reloaded / TLB Staff Poll shows most Canadians (even those who got the shot) don’t support vaccine passports ANTHONY MURDOCH for LIFESITE NEWS Source

Draghi and Berlusconi among those touted as Italy’s next president

Italian lawmakers will elect the country’s next president on January 24 with current prime minister Mario Draghi among the contenders. Even if their functions are in theory essentially honorary, the president of the Italian Republic has a key role in the event of a government crisis. It was in this context that the outgoing president, […]

Life Insurance CEO Says Deaths Up 40% Among Those [KILLER JABBED] Aged 18-64



» Activating the Power of LifeYesterday at 12:08 pm by PurpleSkyz » Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada: “Regardless of the Fact That We Are Attacking Your Fundamental Rights…We’re Still Going To Go Ahead and Do It.”Yesterday at 12:05 pm by PurpleSkyz »  Pfizer Vaccine Under a Microscope – Strange Structures & Their MovementsYesterday at 12:01 pm by PurpleSkyz » FDA […]

Japan Rejects Mandatory Jabs and Discrimination Against Those Who Refuse

Shutterstock Japan’s ministry of health states: “Although we encourage all citizens to receive the COVID-19 vaccination, it is not compulsory or mandatory. Vaccination will be given only with the consent of the person to be vaccinated after the information provided.” Furthermore, they state: “Please get vaccinated of your own decision, understanding both the effectiveness in […]

Hillary Clinton: Those Chanting ‘Lock Her Up’ Had No Idea What They Were Talking About

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the 2016 Democratic Party nominee for president, said Sunday on NBC’s “Today” that during the 2016 presidential campaign that the people chanting lock her up “had no idea what they were talking about.” Anchor Willie Geist said, “You talked about after the 2016 election going to the woods for […]

By charging Israel with ‘apartheid,’ former Israeli AG joins list of those Greenblatt and Deutch deem antisemitic

As the apartheid charge against Israel proliferates, Israel’s advocates have fought back by saying that it’s antisemitic to make the charge. Here is Jonathan Greenblatt saying so in November to the organization he heads, the Anti-Defamation League, in a speech on antisemitism: Now don’t get me wrong, there certainly are things that the Israeli government […]

STAND FIRM | A Message To Those That Can See

December 5th, 2021 8 min video: _______________________________ If you are looking for solutions (lawyer, form, gathering, action, antidote, maybe this could help you:HERE If you like our work please consider to donate : Share this: Like this: Like Loading… Source

China Strengthens its Ties with Africa, which Irritates Those Opposing It

The Eighth Ministerial Conference of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC), which took place on November 29-30 in Senegal, Dakar, is quite a remarkable event at the present stage of the Great World Game, as it affects almost the central point of the said game due to the escalating struggle between the world’s leading actors […]

Top Archbishop: Those Who Fight the ‘New World Order’ Are ‘Protected by God’

Archbishop Vigano has promised that God will protect people who rise up and fight the ‘New World Order’. In a stunning new interview with the Gateway Pundit, Vigano said: “I, you and your twin brother Jim are in my prayers.” “The fact that you are being attacked by the system is proof that you are […]

Thai Protesters Call For An End To Mandatory Vaccination And Remember Those Killed By The COVID-19 Vaccine

Home » Asia, Protests » Thai Protesters Call For An End To Mandatory Vaccination And Remember Those Killed By The COVID-19 Vaccine     A group calling itself ‘The Resistance THA Coalition Against Forced Vaccination’, staged a protest yesterday to commemorate those who have died as a result of the COVID-19 vaccines. This type of […]

Italy Holds ‘March of the Vaccine Dead’ in Memory of Those Killed By COVID mRNA Injections

Ticker November 2021: Official CDC Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System, COVID “vaccine” possibly linked deaths: 18,000+. Hospitalizations: 88,000+. Permanent disabilities: 28,000+ Via The COVID World November 30th, 2021 Last weekend, a group numbering in the hundreds staged a mourning march in Parma, Italy to commemorate those who have died as a result of the COVID-19 vaccine. The marchers […]

Identifying those hazardous food additives (EWG)

A new EWG guide brings attention to food additives, commonly found in many processed foods, that can increase the risk of cancer, harm the nervous system, change the body’s hormonal balance and affect the immune system. We’re publishing the guide because the Food and Drug Administration’s regulatory approach to food additives does not consider the […]

Those plant gifts that keep on giving (Wally Richards)

Christmas is getting very near with only about 6 weeks till Xmas week. Many of you will have already started putting a lot of thought into what gifts they would like to give and some will have completed most of their Christmas shopping already. Others like myself are still thinking what to give to someone […]

Austria Makes COVID Vaccine Mandatory, Vows “Penalties” For Those Who Resist

The Spectator has published an article citing official data from Public Health England, which states that for the over 30’s, “the rates of Covid infection per 100,000 are now higher among the vaxxed than the unvaxxed.” Well, this is awkward. The article, written by Lionel Shriver, is titled ‘The absurd theatre of vaccine passports’. It […]

Defending Australian Values From Those Who Want to Tear It Down

Commentary There’s a joke that, unlike a tub of yogurt, Australia hasn’t developed any culture after 200 years in the sun. The truth is that Australia has a distinct culture. Those who make such jokes just don’t like it. It’s part of our national character as Australians to not take ourselves too seriously, but this […]


Kellaiann Rodriguez Interview – Those Injured By COVID Injections Are Being Suppressed & Attacked

Joining me today Kellaiann Rodriguez, here to share her story about what happened to her body following the administration of the COVID-19 injection, as well as the subsequent attacks she received for daring to suggest that what she was experiencing was in fact being caused by the injection itself. ( [embedded content] Video Source Links […]

Poland opens COVID-19 vaccination centres near cemeteries for those visiting loved ones

Poland’s health ministry extended its COVID-19 vaccination campaign to cemeteries across the country, as people head to the graveyards for All Saints’ Day. Polish cemeteries reopened after authorities decided to close them a year ago due to coronavirus restrictions, much to the dismay of the faithful and florists. “Last year it was a huge disaster. […]

Queen Elizabeth Criticizes Those Who ‘Talk, But Don’t Do’ Regarding Climate Change

Queen Elizabeth experienced a hot mic of sorts at the opening of Welsh parliament in Cardiff on Thursday. The queen was seen and heard conversing with Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, and Welsh politician Elin Jones about the upcoming United Nations climate change conference (COP26) in Glasgow, Scotland, where world leaders will gather to talk about […]

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