Of The Demonically Possessed Zionist Zombies, Those the gods Wish to Destroy, They First Drive Mad

Book of Enoch
Chapter 27-Verses 8-9:

8- Woe to you who acquire silver and gold in unrighteousness and say: “We have become rich with riches and have possessions; and have acquired everything we have desired.

9- And now let us do what we proposed, for we gathered silver, and many are the servants in our houses and our granaries are full to the brim as if with water.”

10- Yea, and like water your lies shall flow away; for your riches shall not abide but quickly depart (go up) from you, for you have acquired it all in unrighteousness, and you shall be given over to a great curse.

The sheep will always be sheep.
The jackals will always be jackals.

In this world of insanity there is nothing new under the sun.
This world is a school for souls.
There have been many advanced civilizations before this one.
More advanced technologically in fact.

With all the heavy equipment, heavy lift machines, this society could not built most of the stone megaliths scattered around this rock today.
Not only the weight of many of the huge stone prevent this, but the fitting together huge stones in exact patterns so one can not insert a single sheet of paper between them.

The “experts” explain these structures which this society with all it’s knowledge and tools can not replicate by claiming Stone Age man built them by rolling the stones on logs then pulling them up ramps with ropes with many humans pulling the ropes.

And the sheep go Bhhaaaaaaaa.

The Jackals tell the sheep “god” wants them to make war, slaughter each other, bash babies brains out against rocks, rape, plunder, slaughter each other as “god” is on their side.

And the sheep go Bhhaaaa and send their lambs to slaughter other’s lambs and to die so Jackals can grow richer, gain more power to oppress the sheep.

People who should know better sell their souls and asses to the jackals for chump change or to buy a few more days, a few more years of temporary life for their body on this side of the vail.

Mark 8:36:
36 For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?

There is a reason in olden days one would find enlightened men living in caves far away from society.
The more one learns, the more one understands reality, the more understanding leading to wisdom one gains, the less one fits into a world where the sheep time after time sell their souls and asses for chump change and brass trinkets polished to look like gold.

The ignorant gibberish the sheep bleat out becomes like torture to the ears of the enlightened and like tiny bits red hot metal inserted into their brains.

The treasure of this world is the spiritual growth one can obtain from learning from one’s mistakes on this rock.
All the gold and silver stays here when one dies.
Power is fleeting.
Fame is fleeting.
Most of the hot young babes one has in youth turn into bitter wrinkled withered old women.

If one makes power and earthly wealth their god, then one becomes like the Rothschilds.
They steal, kill, rape and plunder to gather vast earthly wealth.
They reincarnate into a pack which holds the earthly wealth in trust for each other so they can come back and enjoy their ill gotten gains life after life.

But in the end, they will loose it all.
In each cycle of this school, the time of destruction comes so a better world can be built.
It is impossible to built a better world where advanced souls can learn at a higher level if the old base primitive world is not razed to the ground so a solid foundation can be laid for the new advance world of enlightenment.

And when this happens, beings like the Rothschilds will lose all their worldly wealth and power.
All the lives when they could have been getting the real treasure of this world, spiritual growth has been pissed off for fleeting perverse earthly pleasures.

Their greed and evil chains them to this primitive world preventing them from advancing to a higher level of conciseness.

Look around you today.
The average sheep has picked sides in the rape and slaughter of each other.
They are all mad.

The problem of looking for evil to gain fleeting wealth or power on this rock is evil will find the soul looking for evil for perverse personal gain.
Then evil takes control of the body and the soul of the body becomes just as a rabid skunk infected with a zombie death virus.

Look at the ecstasy the Zionist Zombie Virus host Khazarians in occupied Palestine take in blowing innocent children to bits.
They dance and sing of doing evil.

Look at the seats of power around the world.
Political prostitutes perpetuate a holocaust of millions of humans with a Killer Jab based on a faked “virus.

These political prostitutes sold their souls for fleeting earthly gain.
Most of them rape little children because the demons which they sold their souls to for perceived power and gain know no bounds to the evil they love.

The sheep “humans” follow blindly giving thanks to the political whores who steal their labor so they can live like kings.
When a few crumbs of the largess stolen from the sheep are returned to the sheep, the sheep bleat in worship to the ones who stole it all from the labor of the sheep to begin with.

The gods make sure when things have gone this far, to completely drive mad the sheep and jackals to destroy them so the demons loose their ability to run to and fro on this earth in a complete celebration of perversion and evil.

This evil you see in the world is reaching a fevered pitch, a crescendo of insanity for evil’s sake so the gods can destroy this vulgar paradigm in order to built the next level of higher learning which can not happen as long as this primitive level exist.

For the few who have found the true path to the Source, stay the course, keep your eyes on the prize of the spiritual growth which can be taken with you when death of this earthly body sets the spirit free.

All this must happen, must be.
It is just the gods driving mad those to be destroyed.

The Ole Dog!


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