Ever Have One Of Those Bright Rays Of Illumination Strike You?

Being a connoisseur of history that story of Alexander the Great spending his life at war “because he wanted to rule the whole world” never made sense.

But it was not until recently that blinding ray of illumination hit me of why he did so.

The evil of Judaism had infected many of the kingdoms, empires and the people were suffering under the evil of the Zionist Zombie Virus.

The Greeks resisted the attempt of Judaism to rape the Greek city states until the little Jew bitch the King of Persia was banging convinced him to make war against the Greeks who were resisting the evil of Judaism.

When Alexander came to power, he saw the only way of freeing humanity from the virus of Judaism as taking out the places they were controlling and instituting new Jew Free governments.

That’s what he spent his life doing.
That’s why the chicken shit f##kers poisoned him.

The Ole Dog!


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