Texas State Rep. Matt Schaefer Says Those Seeking Office Must ‘Really Understand What the Bible Says’

Last week, the Christian nationalist organization Christians Engaged broadcast a panel from its 2022 conference featuring several elected officials discussing how their Christian faith shapes their work in office.

The panel was moderated by Texas state Rep. Matt Schaefer, who revealed that when he speaks to young people who are interested in politics, he advises them that studying the Bible is the most important thing to do in preparation for serving in office.

“I think you need to really understand what the Bible says. I really think that you need to be well grounded in your theology,” Schaefer said. “And the reason I tell that to a young person is that if you’re developing your worldview with respect to politics by what you absorb through social media, or CNN, or Fox News, or a political science course you take at the university, you’re starting in the wrong place.”

“There is so much practical wisdom that’s found in the Bible for justice, for stewardship, for work, for the family, stewardship of the Earth, paying taxes, all these things,” he continued. “There are solid biblical principles that are founded in our theology as Christians, and so if you’re thinking about getting involved in politics, make sure that you understand what the Bible says on the issues before you try to speak into the public space.”

Studying the Bible is imperative for serving in office, Schaefer insisted, because “the word of God … speaks into politics and every aspect of life.”

It is this type of Christian nationalist rhetoric that is used by far-right politicians and political operatives to push for harmful public policies that weakens the separation of church and state, undermines women’s rights, denies legal equality to LGBTQ Americans, and seeks to fundamentally reshape the Constitution.

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