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The Ural Pictograms: Ancient Rock Art Depicting Modern Chemical Compounds

The Ural Mountains run north to south through western Russia. The range runs from the border of the Arctic Ocean in the north all the way to the Ural River in the south. It is known as the primary physical boundary separating Asia from Europe. The Ural Mountains are a valuable feature in Russia as they […]

Modern democracies are simply war mongering oligarchies engaging in massive subversion campaigns against the global populace | Video

Telegram @FragileDemocracy Source

Gas Prices Are Now Even Higher Than A Modern Classic Apocalypse Movie Predicted

Energy industry heads have hit back at the Biden administration’s efforts to blame them for rising prices, noting that it is a ‘distraction’ from the reality that Executive actions are really to blame for supply chain issues. Following Jen Psaki’s embarrassing attempts to deflect the energy crisis onto Russia and American oil companies who she […]

Neanderthals and Modern Humans Had Similar Posture, New Study Finds

It had long been believed that the now-extinct Neanderthals walked differently and had a different posture than modern humans. This was based on comparative anatomical studies between ancient Neanderthal skeletons and human spines dating to the 19th century and beyond. A new study has now turned these beliefs on their head by adjusting the samples […]

Canada’s Gov’t Is Run By Modern-Day Fascists Creating Corporate Communism – Here Are The Facts

Canada’s government, led by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his deputy Christa Freeland, is run by modern day fascists working in lockstep with Big Tech companies, corporate media, and the global banking industry to create a kind of Corporate Communism. Mainstream media is working with these tyrants to cover there tracks. Here are the indisputable […]

World’s Oldest Trousers Used Methods Still Employed by Modern Fashion

Back in 2014, a pair of pants were discovered in the Tarim Basin in China. Believed to be the oldest pair of trousers in the world, they were made between 3,000 and 3,300 years ago. Dating back to some time between the 13th and 10th centuries BC, these ancient trousers overshot the date of previously […]

Has New York Times Become a Modern-Day Book Burner?

When The New York Times wrongly omits a book from its Best Sellers List or artificially pushes it down the list, the newspaper prevents inconvenient perspectives, arguments and information from reaching the book’s rightful audience. By  Tony Lyons 02/22/22 Miss a day, miss a lot. Subscribe to The Defender’s Top News of the Day. It’s free. On […]

Time Travel: From Ancient Mythology to Modern Science

Time travel and time machines have been a topic of science fiction and countless movies for many decades. In fact, it appears that the possibility to travel in time, either into the future or into the past, has appealed to the imagination of mankind for centuries. While many may think it is absurd to believe […]

Protocols of Zion: Protocol V – Despotism and Modern Progress

PROTOCOLS OF THE MEETINGS OF THE LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION  Protocol No. 5 – Despotism and Modern Progress 1. What form of administrative rule can be given to communities in which corruption has penetrated everywhere, communities where riches are attained only by the clever surprise tactics of semi-swindling tricks; where looseness reigns: where morality is […]

Elon Musk Says Wokeness is “One of the Biggest Threats to Modern Civilization”

By all accounts, the new Matrix movie ‘Resurrections’ seems like one to steer clear of. With poor initial reviews, and now the revelations that woke writers have become bothered by ‘right wingers’ using the phrase ‘red pilled’ and have attempted to reclaim it by injecting their own political ideologies into the new script. RT reports […]

Tibetan Plateau Denisovans Gave Modern Tibetans Altitude Superpowers

Little is known about our extinct archaic hominin cousins, the Denisovans, who populated Asia during the Lower and Middle Paleolithic, due to limited DNA fragments and evidence. This makes reconstructing their history is a major challenge and progress takes time as more evidence of their existence emerges. Now, a new study has found that our […]

Zombies and Voodoo: The Living Dead Religion of Modern Haiti

On the list of the most well-known monsters from Hollywood movies, zombies clearly occupy one of the top positions. In their cinematographic version, they consume human flesh and brains with the explanation that this fact diminishes their pain of being dead, while humans bitten or hurt by zombies end up becoming zombies as well. In […]

Istanbul Modern carries out joint project with UAE’s Sharjah Art Foundation

Istanbul Modern, Turkey’s first museum of modern and contemporary art, has signed a multi-year partnership with the Sharjah Art Foundation in the United Arab Emirates, Anadolu News Agency reports. The first part of this collaboration, “Her Journey,” designed by Istanbul Modern Cinema, will be screened at Sharjah Film Platform 4 from 19 to 27 November. […]

Time To Combine Traditional And Modern Medicines

The corona crisis has shown us a stark reality that was otherwise ignored for a long time. Our health systems and healthcare facilities are inadequate, overly expensive, and largely out of reach. When someone in our families falls sick then we get bothered about familial health. Running between doctors, pharmacies and pathologies our budgets get […]

The Chosen One: 10 Little-Known Facts About Modern-Day Legend Kyle Rittenhouse

Brought to you by: Since time immemorial, legend has whispered of a hero prepared by the ancients to defend liberty and shoot commie pedophiles in the name of butt-kicking freedom. Our generation has been blessed to witness this hero in action. His name is Kyle Rittenhouse. Here are a few absolute truths about the based […]

Shen Yun Bridges Ancient With Modern: Consultant

ESCONDIDO, Calif.—Shen Yun Performing Arts once again opened successfully at the California Centre for the Arts, Escondido, on Oct. 23, with many audience members pleased to narrate their joyful experiences. “I thought, aside from the artistic beauty, it was amazing,” said program manager Preeti Carollo, who attended New York-based Shen Yun with her family. “It […]

War and Peace in Pre-Modern Europe: Have We Really Bypassed Brutality?

When pondering themes of war and peace, there is a general perception among modern people of the Western world that the time we live in is decidedly more civilized and peaceful than any other era of human history. Most believe that modernity is characterized by the continued decline of violence in all its forms, with […]

The Roots Of Modern Science In Ancient Kemetic Egypt

In the modern Western world, science and religion have changed places in terms of which is regarded as ‘reality’ and what is most likely ‘just a fantasy’. In Medieval times religion was considered the true fundamental reality and science was theoretical, the fantasy world of eccentrics, philosophers, and dreamers. Yet there was a time when […]

A Centenary Of Modern Naval History 1616 to 1716

History is composed not only of facts, but also of dates and if one needs to pinpoint a chronological beginning to what is considered modern naval history, historians and naval experts all agree on 1616. It was precisely in 1616 that the Portuguese João Baptista Lavanha published the Livro Primeiro de Architectura Naval, a text […]

Facebook Aided In Recruitment Of Modern Day Slaves, Cartel Hitmen Internal Documents Show

The documents leaked to WSJ show that while Facebook removes some pages, many continue to operate openly. While some might sympathize with Facebook’s inability to whack every mole (after all, they’re fighting a never-ending torrent of misconduct). But the sad truth is that Facebook could do more to stop its platform from being abused by […]

The Genesis Of Modern Religions In Ancient Egypt

It is an irony of history that the three great religions of Europe and the Middle East, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, did not originate there but rather had their genesis, like the human species itself, under more southern skies. Indeed, the oldest of these, Judaism, which gave rise to Christianity, and the later Islam were […]

Diaspora Rushes to Help Greece During Worst Fires in Modern History

People from the village of Pefki aboard a ferry which evacuated them from the area on Sunday. Organizations and individuals from the Greek diaspora are now organizing fundraisers to help in the Greece fire recovery. Credit: Greek Reporter The Greek diaspora, always ready to help the motherland in an emergency, is now rushing to help […]

Video: The 2021 Worldwide Corona Crisis. “The Worst Crisis in Modern History”

Global Research, July 31, 2021 By Prof Michel Chossudovsky and Ariel Noyola Rodriguez First released on February 22, 2021 We bring to the attention of our readers this Global Research Video documentary produced by Ariel Noyola Rodriguez, featuring Prof. Michel Chossudovsky. We are at the crossroads of one of the most serious crises in World history. We are living history, yet […]

Modern Science Steps In To Revive Ancient Ceremonial Stone Landscapes

On the winter solstice of December 20, 2019, Chief Vincent Mann of the Ramapough Lunaape Munsee Nation Turtle Clan, accompanied by some members of the Turtle Clan, ‘keepers of the pass’, and members of the Overlook Mountain Center, trudged through the deep snow, across a frozen landscape in search of a stone altar, to witness […]

Ancient Origins Of The Modern Zodiac Constellation

Circa 10,835 BC the cataclysmic Younger-Dryas impact event appears to have contributed to the demise of human cultures and many megafaunal species across several continents, although more research is needed to confirm these effects. However, the global evidence of the Younger Dryas impact event, is overwhelming and mainly in the form of geochemical debris, such […]

Modern irrigation system implemented in 4,500 hectares of Ardebil farmlands

Modern irrigation system implemented in 4,500 hectares of Ardebil farmlands – Tehran%20Times TEHRAN- Modern irrigation system is implemented in 4,500 hectares of farmlands in Ardebil province, in the northwest of Iran, a provincial official announced. While visiting some modern irrigation projects of Ardebil, Akbar Behnamjou, the governor-general of the province, said the area under this […]

New Study Decodes ExxonMobil’s ‘Modern’ Climate Misinformation

Above photo: ExxonMobil operation near Chicago, IL, summer of 2014. Richard Hurd. Where it’s no longer credible to deny climate change, the fossil fuel giant puts the focus on ‘risk’ and blame on consumers, in echo of tobacco industry PR, researchers find. What’s the single word that fossil fuel giant ExxonMobil’s flagship environmental reports to […]

So what if the Ottomans shaped the modern world?

May 15, 2021 Erdogan is mesmerized by Calilph Selim but, unlike Machiavelli, he doesn’t fear him; he wants to emulate him By Pepe Escobar posted with permission and first posted at the Asia Times Once upon a time in Anatolia, in the late 13th century a Turkic principality – one of many shaped in the wake of […]

New Evidence Places King Solomon’s Mines In Tarshish — Modern Spain

Archaeologists have struggled in vain to find conclusive proof that King Solomon actually existed — and with no inscriptions or remnants of the magnificent palace and temple he is supposed to have built in Jerusalem 3,000 years ago, the Israelite king has sunk into the realm of myth: Now British marine archaeologist Dr Sean Kingsley […]

Papua New Guinea Witchcraft: Ancient Spirits and Deadly Modern Witch Hunts Live On

Papua New Guinea is one of the few places in the world where literal witch hunts still take place on a regular basis. Witch hunts continue to be practiced, even though engaging in a witch hunt was declared a capital offense by the government in 2013. This leads to the question of why these witch […]

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