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The Historian of Decline: Ludwig von Mises’s Relevance Today

[This piece was commissioned by Hillsdale College and presented on campus October 27, 2023]  It’s an impossible task to explain the full relevance of Ludwig von Mises, who wrote 25 major works over 70 years of research and teaching. We shall attempt a reduction based on his major literary output. With such huge figures such […]

Ludwig Wittgenstein – How Cabalism Destroyed Modern Philosophy

The West is Satanically possessed by Jewish Cabalism (Satanism) which seeks to replace God with a Rothschild.  The Rothschilds (i.e. the WEF) invert reality according to Satanist dogma.  Evil is good; false is true; ugly is beautiful; unjust is just; unnatural is natural; sick is healthy; hate is love. They corrupt in order to control. […]

Ludwig van Beethoven – “Symphony No. 9 in D Minor Op. 125”

Although it is one of the most widely known symphonies, it is for a good reason. Beethoven’s last is one of the most powerful pieces that lifts the spirit. Conductor: Herbert Von Karajan Performance: Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra Allegro ma non troppo  [00:13] Scherzo: Molto vivace  [15:16] Adagio molto cantabile [25:48] Presto [41:28] Finale: Presto. Allegro […]

Emil Ludwig Löhr’s Landscapes

Emil Ludwig-Lohr (1809-1876) was a German 19th Century painter who painted Bad Gastein from a number of different views. He does not appear to have been a very acclaimed artist, and there is very little available about him online, but I found some of his paintings and thought they were worth sharing.

Franz Ludwig Catel’s Landscapes

From Web Gallery of Art: German painter. As a child, Catel helped carve small wooden figures in the toyshop owned by his father. With the encouragement of the printmaker Daniel Chodowiecki, Catel enrolled at the Berlin Kunstakademie, becoming a full member in 1806. In 1807, after already making a name for himself as a watercolourist […]

King Ludwig II of Bavaria

It is nothing less than remarkable that a monarch described as ‘the only true king of the century’ was pivotal in shaping the century that followed his death. King Ludwig II made his mortal debut on August 25, 1845 and he died on June 13, 1886. The circumstances of his death and immediate discovery of […]

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