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Shilajit: The Ancient Remedy Making Modern Health Waves

Authored by Sheramy Tsai via The Epoch Times (emphasis ours), With a history as rich as its mineral content, shilajit offers a glimpse into nature’s pharmacy, offering benefits from enhanced fertility to increased energy. As science begins to unravel the mysteries of this ancient elixir, questions arise about its efficacy and potential as a natural […]

Gravitational Waves & the Music of Spheres

Gravitational Waves & the Music of Spheres Is consciousness connected to the expression of an ‘infinite intelligence?’ Tom BunzelJul 12, 2023 Set Your Pulse: Take a breath. Turn your attention to your body and release any tension. Breathe slowly into the area of your heart for 60 seconds, focusing on feeling a sense of ease. […]

Scalar Waves or Tesla Telaforce

What is scalar energy? What is a scalar field? We get these questions A LOT. These are important questions if you are serious about protecting yourself from EMF. Buying Blushield EMF Protection Many electronically powered devices that we have seen being promoted as “scalar” energy systems still utilize high voltage radio frequency or magnetic fields, […]

Giza Death Star Hypothesis: Time Reversed Waves Detected

Giza Death Star Hypothesis: Time Reversed Waves Detected by Joseph P. Farrell, Giza Death Star March 29, 2023   This very important story was spotted and shared by T.S., and when I saw it I knew I’d be passing it along to everyone, with my profound gratitude to T.S. for doing so.. It’s of particular […]

Mallorca Spain is hit by TWENTY INCHES of snow and 25ft waves

Mallorca Spain is hit by TWENTY INCHES of snow and 25ft waves, with a dozen towns left without power and weather red alert warnings issued as Storm Juliette brings Balearic blizzards Date: February 28, 2023Author: Nwo Report   Mallorca is covered with snow and officials issued a red alert for the second day as a […]

Mandatory Vaccination Will Make It Possible To Control People With ‘Electromagnetic Waves’ (Video)


WEF Proposes Sound Waves For Mind Control In 2018, Then Deletes Their Page

In 2018 they published an article entitled, Mind control using sound waves? We ask a scientist how it works. Of course, it was scrubbed from their site, but thanks to the Wayback Machine we have the evidence of their technocratic depravity.

WEF Proposes Sound Waves For Mind Control In 2018, Then Deletes Their Page

In 2018 they published an article entitled, Mind control using sound waves? We ask a scientist how it works. Of course, it was scrubbed from their site, but thanks to the Wayback Machine we have the evidence of their technocratic depravity. How dystopian could it get? I can see the day coming where a scientist will be […]

Open Borders Lobby Begs Biden to Quickly End Title 42, Unlocking Waves of Illegal Immigration

The open borders lobby is begging President Joe Biden to more quickly end Title 42, a move that would almost certainly unlock waves of illegal immigration at the United States-Mexico border. 

Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Waves of the Terror of God

ALL donations 3X-MATCHED by 12/31 to save our democracy! Every day, the reporters and researchers of Right Wing Watch expose the hateful words and deeds of right-wing leaders and the far-right players who fueled Trump’s rise to power and aim to keep him there. Our work is read daily and used by major media outlets, […]

COVID-19 second, third and fourth waves aren’t caused by SARS-CoV-2 infections they’re caused by COVID-19 vaccines inducing flu-like symptoms

BioNTech SE disclosesd in SEC FORM F-1 REGISTRATION STATEMENT that its vaccine can cause severe side effects and death. “Common adverse events included flu-like symptoms.“ use of our product candidates could be associated with side effects or adverse events which can vary in severity from minor reactions to death and in frequency from infrequent to prevalent (widespread). […]

The GOP waves white flag in the same-sex marriage wars

But outside the building, those 265 characters prompted immediate backlash. Not just from Democrats, who accused her of disingenuousness, but from social conservatives too who furiously dialed up McDaniel with complaints. Tony Perkins, leader of the Family Research Council, lambasted her in a scathing blog post and even encouraged people not to donate to the […]

Heat Waves Prompt Workers To Walk Out

‘We Weren’t Going To Tolerate It.’ A doughnut shop. A Jack In The Box. A Hooters. Workers all over say their workplaces are too hot as the U.S. bakes. Alicia Lara works the drive-thru at a Jack In The Box in Sacramento. The 55-year-old mother of four says the air conditioning unit inside the restaurant […]

Heat Waves and HAARP

Heat Waves and HAARPby Dr. Joseph P. Farrell, Giza Death StarJune 30, 2021 My email inbox was so stuffed this past week that it was very difficult to decide what to blog about. Indeed, I’ve already done one blog this week on two different articles submitted by two different people, because I thought those articles might […]

IDF launches waves of strikes against Gaza amid rare pause in rocket attacks

Israeli aircraft carried out a series of strikes against targets in the Gaza Strip early Tuesday even as Palestinian terrorists in Gaza appeared to temporarily pause the rocket fire toward Israel. Rockets were fired toward Israel just before midnight Monday, with no further attacks until dawn Tuesday, when alarms sounded in communities near Gaza and […]

Finding the Lost City of Heracleion: Encountering Myth Under the Waves

The city of Heracleion, home of the temple where Cleopatra was inaugurated, was swallowed by the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Egypt nearly 1,200 years ago. It was one of the most important trade centers in the Mediterranean before it sank more than a millennium ago. For centuries, the existence of Heracleion was believed to […]

Ripple Effect: Waves

One of my daughters learned how to surf during the Covid 19 quarantine. It created a new amazing routine where we get up early, put the surfboard in my car, and go to the beach. I sit and watch in awe. I sit and watch the waves and the dance she dances with them. Catching […]

ACH (1392) Mark Dankof – The Dankof Report #1 – If All Men Are Brethren Why Are The Winds And The Waves So Restless…

ACH (1392) Mark Dankof – The Dankof Report #1 – If All Men Are Brethren Why Are The Winds And The Waves So Restless…THE ACH SHOW In today’s show originally broadcast on November 24 2020, Andy presents “The Dankof Report” with his co-host Mark Dankof for a show entitled, “If All Men Are Brethren Why […]

WATCH: Biden Waves To Nearby Firefighters As He Arrives In Tampa, Florida

Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden arrived in Tampa, Florida yesterday and paused to wave at a group of nearby firefighters as he descended down the stairs of his jet on the tarmac. Joe Biden has arrived in Tampa, Florida for his first visit to the state as the Democratic nominee. He is hosting a roundtable […]

2 arrested after man waves gun, apparently a toy, at anti-Netanyahu protesters

Two men have been arrested after one of them allegedly brandished what appeared to be a gun at demonstrators protesting against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Herzliya, police said Sunday. Protesters said a man waved what appeared to be a pistol as he drove by them at a junction in the central city on Saturday […]

Canada today slipped beneath the waves, like the Titanic, but into deep dictatorship.

August 18, 2020 By Marcel Woland for The Saker Blog Today, the Minister of Finance, Morneau, was forced by Trudeau to resign, after he and Trudeau were caught (*see below) diverting one billion dollars to personal, non-governmental, associates. George Soros, through an Ukrainian agent/mole, is now the de facto head of Canada. George Soros’s designated ‘biographer’ (hagiographer) Ukrainian-Canadian Fascist, […]

China Begins Monitoring Brain Waves in the Workplace and Military

April 30, 2018 By Nicholas West Like the proverbial canary in the coal mine, China is offering a grim vision of the future as it implements a full-scale technocracy that is still debated as conspiracy theory by many people in the West. I have been writing for years about the various […]

Nissan’s Car of the Future Will Read Your Brain Waves

The world’s biggest carmakers and technology companies are spending billions of dollars to perfect your ability to drive without thinking. Nissan Motor Co. is taking a different direction — trying to “decode” your thinking so hands-on driving is more fun. The Japanese company will unveil and test its “brain-to-vehicle” technology at next week’s Consumer Electronics […]

Brain Waves Reflect Different Types of Learning

These distinct neural signatures could guide scientists as they study the underlying neurobiology of how we both learn motor skills and work through complex cognitive tasks, says Earl K. Miller, the Picower Professor of Neuroscience at the Picower Institute for Learning and Memory and the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, and senior author of […]

Rescue Dog Throws Himself From Helicopter Into Giant Waves To Save Lives

Finding yourself trapped in the water without a way to save yourself can be a life threatening situation and when these situations come about, it can be to find a large and furry animal to hold onto until help is finally able to arrive. Did you know that there are special dogs who are specifically […]

Global warming alarmists terrorize the public over "heat waves" but never mention how many people die from the COLD

(Natural News) Whether they’re debating a co-worker in the break room or making a movie with a bunch of oversized powerpoint slides, one thing radical environmentalists always seem to do is conveniently leave out any facts that go against their “global-warming-is-going-to-kill-us-all” argument. For example, they have no problem arguing that sea ice is going […]

Heat Waves Artificially Created By Carbon Black Dust, Not CO2, & Documents Prove It

This Is Carbon Black Dust Anyone believing in the mainstream Global Warming/Climate Change Hysteria, at this point, with how obvious what is taking place in the sky, are Dangerous Fools. Sources and Documents to support the videographer’s findings: Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025 Weather Modification by Carbon Dust Absorption of Solar Energy Black […]

Man Snaps Photo Of Bizarre Square Shaped Waves, Quickly Realizes They’re Dangerous

There is no shortage of special effects on our digital screens these days; but believe it or not, there are equally peculiar phenomenons in nature that seem like work of technology rather than Mother Nature. Isle of Rhe in France is one such destination which is known for being romantic, as well as bizarre. A tiny island measuring […]

Massive 10m waves crash off South Island coast, New Zealand

     Towering waves 10m high are crashing off the South Island’s east coast. Niwa says the huge swells have been recorded off Banks Peninsula and are due to hit the North Island later today. Ferry sailings have been cancelled and coastal roads around the capital are expected to experience surges as the towering seas coincide […]

Mysterious Energy Waves Out Of Antarctica Suggests ‘Mega-Earthquake’

Scientists have detected mysterious microwave waveforms coming out of Antarctica that they say could be a precursor to a mega-earthquake. For the third time in a row, microwave energy has been detected by MIMIC (Morphed Integrated Microwave Imagery at CIMSS) originating from the Antarctica region. UFO Sightings reports: The first wave anomaly was detected on April 2, 2017, The second […]

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