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Experts claim 2024 Atlantic hurricane season could be one of the most active ever (but they always say that)

(NaturalNews) Phil Klotzbach, a senior research scientist at Colorado State University (CSU), said a very warm Atlantic favors an above-average hurricane season,… Source

ALREADY RIGGED: The Atlantic tells Democrats to NOT certify Trump’s expected 2024 election win

(NaturalNews) In the event the Supreme Court allows Donald Trump to remain on the ballot for the 2024 election and he actually wins, The Atlantic is urging… Source

Fast-Moving Clipper System To Blast Mid-Atlantic With Snow

A fast-moving clipper system will dump snow across the Upper Midwest, North Central Appalachia, Mid-Atlantic, and parts of the Northeast on Friday into Presidents’ Day weekend.  The National Weather Service issued winter weather alerts from Northwest Missouri to Baltimore, Maryland, Philadelphia, northeast New Jersey, and southeast New York. “Here comes the next storm. Snow is […]

The Atlantic Tells Readers Child Sex Trafficking Is ‘Fake News’

According to far-left outlet The Atlantic, child sex trafficking is ‘fake news’ that must be censored and hidden from public view. Journalist Kaitlyn Tiffany writes that the “moral panic” taking place with regard to children […] The post The Atlantic Tells Readers Child Sex Trafficking Is ‘Fake News’ appeared first on The People's Voice. Source

The Atlantic says child sex trafficking is FAKE and not really happening

(NaturalNews) Too many people are talking about child trafficking these days, which has prompted The Atlantic to publish an article claiming that child sex… Source

Thousands Without Power And 1 Dead After Atlantic Storm Lee Pummels New England And Maritime Canada

States of emergency were declared for Massachusetts and Maine, the nation’s most heavily forested state. Source

Hurricane Lee Barrels Through Atlantic Waters As Season’s First Category 5 Storm

The hurricane is not expected to make landfall, but meteorologists warned it would generate dangerous waves of up to 15 feet across the northern coast of Puerto Rico. Source

Biden Mobilizes 3,000 Reservists To Europe To Augment ‘Operation Atlantic Resolve’

(ZH) President Joe Biden today issued an executive order approving the mobilization of select reserve forces with up to 3,000 personnel, augmenting the armed forces in support of Operation Atlantic Resolve. By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, including sections 121 and 12304 of […]

France Pretends NATO is About the North Atlantic

That NATO would seek to extend its reach beyond its supposed North Atlantic regional remit is hardly surprising. In fact, as anyone following the rise of the Evil Empire will know all too well, NATO has been involved in a process of truly global expansion for decades now. But still, France’s objection to this brazen […]

The Atlantic Magazine Declares the World Would Be ‘Sterile and Boring’ Without Pedophiles

The Atlantic magazine has declared that the world would be a “boring and sterile” place without the art created by pedophiles, and we should appreciate and support pedophiles who produce good art by buying their books and tickets to see their films. The article by Judith Shulevitz asserts that it is “Okay to Like Good […]

Ex-editor of The Atlantic says Twitter Files are “a much bigger deal than many realize”

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) In a series of tweets, Benjamin Carlson, former editor of The Atlantic, outlined seven key takeaways from the Twitter Files revelations that show just how important they are to our understanding of the world in 2023.For one, the Twitter Files have changed history. What many thought were established facts about covid, for […]

US to invest in new cooperation over Atlantic Ocean

The United States plans to invest an additional €100 million in support of initiatives for a new community of Atlantic nations to partner in shared priorities for the environment and maritime security. During the UN General Assembly in New York, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken joined counterparts from countries such as Brazil and Portugal in order […]

The German Chief Dunderhead doesn’t approve of the SCO, but the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization is A-okay!?!?!?


The German Chief Dunderhead doesn’t approve of the SCO, but the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization is A-okay!?!?!?


The German Chief Dunderhead doesn’t approve of the SCO, but the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization is A-okay!?!?!?


Tropical Storm Danielle Forms in the Atlantic, Expected to Become Hurricane on Friday

Tropical Storm Danielle formed Thursday in the Atlantic and is expected to become the first hurricane of an unusually quiet storm season. The storm is forecast to become the season’s first hurricane on Friday, the National Hurricane Center (NHC) said in its latest advisory. The storm, which is located about 925 miles west of the […]

Atlantic Council cuts ties to Koch-funded foreign policy initiative

The Atlantic Council is parting ways with a Charles Koch-funded foreign policy strategy initiative after staff at the Washington think tank raised concerns about the arrangement and the initiative’s position on U.S. policy toward Russia. Koch, who is a major funder of conservative, libertarian and philanthropic initiatives, provided the Council with a $4.5 million grant […]

A mysterious red glow over the Atlantic Ocean leaves a pilot baffled

A mysterious red glow over the Atlantic Ocean leaves a pilot baffled Date: July 23, 2022Author: Nwo Report    Posted BY: INTERESTING ENGINEERING We all see mesmerizing views when flying, but some are more exceptional than others. A pilot flying over the Atlantic noticed one of these, according to a post shared on Reddit. The […]

Atlantic plankton pretty much GONE due to chemical pollution, researchers find

Food chain COLLAPSE: Atlantic plankton pretty much GONE due to chemical pollution, researchers find Wednesday, July 20, 2022 by: Ethan Huff This article may contain statements that reflect the opinion of the author (Natural News) Researchers out of Scotland claim that Atlantic Ocean plankton, microscopic organisms that sustain ocean life, are basically now extinct due […]

Border Agency Closes Two Atlantic Offices Due to COVID-19 Infections, Close Contacts

OTTAWA—Canada’s border agency said it is temporarily closing two ports of entry in the Atlantic region due to COVID−19. The Canada Border Services Agency said the affected offices are in Bathurst, N.B., and Charlottetown, P.E.I. CBSA spokeswoman Judith Gadbois−St−Cyr said service at the offices is being suspended because of COVID−19 infections and close contacts among […]

As Historical Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Unfolds, The Atlantic Publishes Article Calling Child Sex Trafficking ‘FAKE’

After four victims and multiple other witnesses laid out the case against alleged child sex trafficking mogul Ghislaine Maxwell, the prosecution rested its case. During the testimony, details of convicted pedophile Jeffery Epstein’s “little black book” began to surface which is alleged to contain hundreds of names of clients and victims. While the details of […]


Secret ‘CIA-funded’ group, Le Cercle, linked to UK ministers Le Cercle means- Kissinger, Rumsfeld, Colby, Casey etc…   Linked to Le Cercle are many top UK politicians – Business secretary Kwasi Kwarteng and his deputy minister Greg Hands, Former justice ministers David Lidington, Crispin Blunt, and Rory Stewart who was previously chair of Le Cercle, Former foreign secretaries William Hague and Margaret Beckett, […]

Yair Rosenberg moves to ‘Atlantic’ to be the Israel expert who ignores all the news from Israel

In my writing I have shown that those who speaks for the Jews on antisemitism have had a big influence on political culture here and in Israel. That’s why it’s news that Yair Rosenberg’s newsletter, “Deep Shtetl,” was just picked up by Jeffrey Goldberg’s Atlantic. This is a significant cultural event. Yair Rosenberg formerly of […]

Lava From Spanish Volcano Eruption Reaches Atlantic Ocean

LOS LLANOS DE ARIDANE, Canary Islands (AP) — A bright red river of lava from the volcano on Spain’s La Palma island finally tumbled over a cliff and into the Atlantic Ocean, setting off huge plumes of steam and possibly toxic gases that required local residents outside the evacuation zone to remain indoors on Wednesday. […]

The Atlantic Says Expecting Vaccines to Give You Immunity is ‘Asking The Impossible’

The Atlantic now says that expecting vaccines to give you immunity from covid is “asking the impossible.” From The Atlantic (Archive): We’re Asking the Impossible of Vaccines Complete protection against infection has long been hailed as the holy grail of vaccination. It might simply be unachievable. By Katherine J. WuSEPTEMBER 9, 2021 […] Some people hoped the […]

The Atlantic: How to Persuade Americans to Give Up Their Guns

The way to reduce gun violence is by convincing ordinary, “responsible” handgun owners that their weapons make them, their families, and those around them less safe. … This fall, the Supreme Court will hear a case, New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Corlett, that could expand gun rights even further. Thirteen years ago, in District […]

Climate Change Due To Atlantic Warming Reset

Courtesy – NASA – From Mexican Gulf the South Atlantic stream moves to North Atlantic upwards in loops and circles On Aug 5 this month a news alert emerged from London that all is perilously unwell with North Atlantic waters. Two science writers lost no time to put out reports, Sarah Kaplan from Washington Post […]

The NED’s New CEO: Atlantic Council Warmonger Damon Wilson

The US government’s regime change funding organization – the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) – headed since its inception in 1983 by Carl Gershman – now has a new president and CEO – Damon Wilson.  The NED’s own announcement regarding the handover provides some background for Wilson, claiming: Mr. Wilson currently serves as Executive Vice […]

US, UK Sign New Atlantic Charter Setting Focus on Red China

The United State’s president Joe Biden and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson signed a new Atlantic Charter on the eve of the G7 summit in the United Kingdom. The agreement and the related joint statement by the two heads of state set focus on communist China. On June 10, Biden and Johnson signed the agreement that […]

Atlantic Ocean Current At Weakest State In ‘Over A Millennium’

Above photo: Clear evidence: Atlantic currents carry the Gulf Stream. Getty Images/iStockphoto. New research paints a ‘consistent picture’ of change to the Atlantic’s ‘conveyer belt’, which plays a major role in world’s weather. The Atlantic Ocean current that plays a major role in the world’s weather is at its weakest state in “over a millennium”, researchers have […]

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