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ALREADY RIGGED: The Atlantic tells Democrats to NOT certify Trump’s expected 2024 election win

(NaturalNews) In the event the Supreme Court allows Donald Trump to remain on the ballot for the 2024 election and he actually wins, The Atlantic is urging… Source

States appeal dismissal of suit against U.S. archivist for refusing to certify ERA ratification

Nevada and Illinois are appealing a U.S. District Court’s dismissal of their suit against the U.S. archivist, who the states are suing for refusing to publish and certify their ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment. The states are seeking to have the ERA published as part of the Constitution, but their call comes decades past […]

Two Key Michigan Officials Retracted Their Votes to Certify 2020 Election, Say They Certified Under Threats and Duress

Wayne County is Detroit, the most populous county, which would have reversed the results of MI. Detroit News: “Two Republican Wayne County canvassers have signed affidavits saying they regret their votes Tuesday to certify the Nov. 3 election, arguing that “intense bullying and coercion” plus bad legal advice forced them to agree to certify the […]

American Board of Internal Medicine seeking to de-certify Dr. Peter McCullough

American Board of Internal Medicine seeking to de-certify Dr. Peter McCullough Published on June 27, 2022 Written by Steve Kirsch According to the ABIM, there is no need for a public forum between experts to determine what constitutes misinformation. That determination is made by the ABIM and its hand-selected doctors. ABIM contacted Dr. Peter McCullough […]

Nolte: Fake Media Wait Until States Certify Election to Cover Biden Family Corruption

Now that the states have certified the election results, fake journalists like CNNLOL’s Jake Tapper have suddenly discovered the two-month-old story about the Biden family’s breathtaking corruption. How about that? And it was just six weeks ago that Tapper was pressuring the news outlet that actually did report the story, the New York Post, to […]

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp Says He Will Certify Election Results

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (R) announced Friday that he will certify the Peach State’s election results, cementing former Vice President Joe Biden as the winner in the state. Kemp stated during a press conference that the law requires him to “formalize the certification, which paves the way for the Trump campaign to pursue other legal […]

Michigan Officials Demand To Rescind Votes To Certify Election, Claim Families Were Threatened

The two Republican members of the board of canvassers in Wayne County, Michigan are now demanding to ‘rescind’ their votes certifying the results of the November 3 election.  Monica Palmer and William Hartmann of the Wayne County Board of Canvassers, who initially refused to certify the presidential election results, performed a dramatic back-flip after they were roundly attacked […]

Iran downplays US MPs’ letter, stresses IAEA role to certify compliance with N. Deal

A Look at Iranian Newspaper Front Pages on December 25 Iran Front Page- IFP has taken a look at the front pages of Iranian newspapers on Monday, December 25, and picked headlines… Source Article from

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