America’s Wars

The American Revolution against Britain was justified as Americans had the right to try to run their own show.
They have not done a very good job at it, but they had the right to try.

The war of 1812 was an attempt by the Empire Builders to take Canada from the British Empire and add it to the American Empire the Empire Builders were trying to build.

The so called Civil war which was not a civil war

but an illegal invasion of a foreign Nation, a confederacy of countries called states which had legally seceded from the American Revolutionaries Volunteer Union because the were tired of the yankee states raping them with unjust taxes financially for the benefit of the yankee states, and because a communist yankee, Lincoln was elected as president

and the Southern people did not want to live under communism.

As a side note, no the yankee lie of they illegally invaded foreign countries which had legally seceded

because they did not want to live under yankee control freak communism

was not fought to free African slaves

which the “witch “burning yankees despised.

The Spanish American war was all about taking Spain’s Pacific and American based colonies from Spain for the American Empire.
Spain did not blow up the USS MAINE in Havana Harbor.
Either the US blew up their own ship or it blew up from a faulty design.

Which one will probably never be proved but the explosion was inside the ship and not from explosives placed on the outer hull by Spaniards as claimed to start the war.

US took over the Polynesian Kingdom of Hawaii by military force.

World War One, a pre-planned Rothschild’s war was none of America’s business but Rothschilds controlled politicians and media in America helped set up 200 plus Americans dying on the HMS Lusitania Winston Churchill made sure was torpedoed off the coast of Ireland to drag America into the war

to save Britain which instigated the war for the Rothschilds from defeat at the hands of Germany which did not want the war.

World War 2 was preplanned by the Rothschilds and again instigated by Britain for the Rothschilds.
FDR a Rothschilds minion tried to get Germany to sink an American ship by illegally suppling war materials to Britain and using US Navy ships to guard British ships loaded with illegal war materials from German submarines while US hypocritically claimed Neutrality in the war.

When the German refused to sink a US Naval Ship, FDR backed Japan into a corner using economic sanctions so they attacked the US Military, not America, but in the Occupied illegally by the US, Polynesian Kingdom of Hawaii

where FDR moved the Pacific fleet from California where it was out of reach of the Japanese to Hawaii where they could kill almost 3,000 Americans so America would allow him to drag America into a war which again was none of America’s business.

General George S. Patton figured out the treason against America being done by US/DC in the war, tried to stop Red Russian Communism gobbling up all of Eastern Europe and setting the stage for the COLD WAR which led to Americans dying in the Pre-Planned Korean War, Pre-planned Viet Nam War.

To stop Patton from telling Americans of the treason of US/DC against them, and to stop him from stopping the Cold War, US/DC murdered him.

US set up Desert Shield/Storm by telling Saddam, the CIA’s boy in Iraq he could invade Kuwait, then screaming like a gang raped vestal virgin when he did so.

All the wars from 2001 to present are based on Israel and US/DC doing 9-11, blaming it on “Arabs”

The greatest enemy of and the largest threat to America & Americas is in the District of Columbia, US/DC.

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