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Escobar: Terror On Crimea Bridge Forces Russia To Unleash Shock’n’Awe

Russian President Vladimir Putin neatly summarized it: “This is a terrorist attack aimed at destroying the critical civilian infrastructure of the Russian Federation.” The head of the Russian Investigative Committee, Alexander Bastrykin, confirmed face-to-face with Putin that Terror on the Bridge was carried out by the SBU – Ukrainian special services. Bastrykin told Putin, “we have already […]

Escobar: Nord Stream Sabotage Propels ‘Disaster Capitalism’ To New, Toxic Level

“American elites” in this context encompass the deranged, Straussian neo-con-infested “intel community” and the Big Energy, Big Pharma and Big Finance that pays them and who profits not only from the Deep State’s Forever War approach but also wants to make a killing out of the Davos-concocted Great Reset. Source

Escobar: All The Way To Odessa

Dmitry Medvedev, relishing his unplugged self, has laid down the law on the Special Military Operation (SMO). Bluntly, he affirmed there is a “one and a half” scenario: either to go all the way, or a military coup d’Etat in Ukraine followed by admitting the inevitable. No tertium applies.

Dem Rep. Escobar: If You’re Worried About Inflation, You Should Want Work Permits for Migrants in Spending Bill

During an interview aired on Thursday’s “PBS NewsHour,” Rep. Veronica Escobar (D-TX) argued that people concerned about inflation should want the productivity boost that will come from provisions for work permits for illegal immigrants in the Build Back Better reconciliation bill. Host Judy Woodruff asked, “But very quickly, again, on the right, from Republicans, you […]

Inside US Afghanistan pullout : The Grayzone interviews Pepe Escobar

Posted on August 21, 2021 by martyrashrakat August 19, 2021 [embedded content] Share this: Like this: Like Loading… Related Filed under: Afghanistan, China, Russia, Taliban, War on Afghanistan | Tagged: CIA, CIA’s Opium Trade, cold war, cold war 2, Pepe Escobar | Source

Pepe Escobar: The ‘New Great Game’ In Eurasia Has Just Been Reloaded

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan back with a bang The US ‘loss’ of Afghanistan is a repositioning and the new mission is not a ‘war on terror,’ but Russia and China Wait until the war is overAnd we’re both a little olderThe unknown soldierBreakfast where the news is readTelevision children fedUnborn living, living, deadBullet strikes […]

Dem Rep. Escobar: Unless We Pass Voting Laws, ‘We Are Going to Lose Our Democracy’ When TX Dems Return

On Friday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Rep. Veronica Escobar (D-TX) said that unless federal voting legislation is passed, “we are going to lose our democracy” when the Texas House Democrats who are breaking quorum return to Texas. Escobar said, “In a state like mine, Texas, literally, we are going to lose our democracy through Texas […]

Pepe Escobar and Jeff J Brown

Posted on April 2, 2021 by martyrashrakat April 01, 2021 [embedded content] Pepe Escobar joins Jeff J. Brown for a great conversation about US, EU, China, Russia, Iran and DPRK Share this: Like this: Like Loading… Related Filed under: China, EU, Iran, Russia, USA | Tagged: Iran-China strategic partnership, Pepe Escobar, Russia-China strategic partnership | […]

The Post-American World; Crooke, Escobar, Blumenthal and Marandi lay it all out

Posted on February 18, 2021 by martyrashrakat Via The Saker February 17, 2021 Thirty years ago, the United States dominated the world politically, economically, and scientifically. But today? Watch this in-depth discussion with distinguished guests:Alastair Crooke – Former British Diplomat, the Founder, and Director of the Conflicts FormPepe Escobar – Brazilian Political Analyst and AuthorMax […]

Conundrum over what to do with growing population of Pablo Escobar’s hippos

Pablo Escobar, the drug kingpin who reigned over the cocaine trade in Colombia in the 1980s, has left authorities in the country with a conundrum long after his death: what to do with the rapidly expanding hippopotamus population left over from his private zoo. His sprawling palace in between mountain ranges hosted kangaroos, giraffes, elephants […]

A Hard Look at Rent and Rent Seeking with Michael Hudson & Pepe Escobar

Source December 23, 2020 Michael Hudson and Pepe Escobar discuss rent and rent-seeking, i.e., unproductive economic activity, in the US and China mainly but including the Russian, Iranian and Brazilian economies. In the first 15 minutes, an overview from Michael Hudson explains what happened in the US economy once jobs and manufacturing were offshored to […]


Philip Witcomb. Philip Witcomb, as a Colombian child, was adopted by Patrick Witcomb, a British MI6 agent in Bogotá. Philip Witcomb’s adoptive father Patrick Witcomb regularly took him, as a young boy, to visit Pablo Escobar in Medellin. Philip says – “It suited the American and ­British intelligence services to have the one kingpin in […]

Escobar: Wil The Putin-Xi Era Supersede The Western Liberal (Dis)Order?

Perhaps a Confucian path would be the right direction toward Eurasian integration   The Chinese constitutional amendment allowing Xi Jinping the possibility of further presidential terms – staying in power long enough to bring “national rejuvenation” combined with the Russian election re-confirming Vladimir Putin in the presidency have assured consistency […]

Pepe Escobar Puts ‘Davos Man’ Straight: "It’s Inequality, Stupid!"

Authored by Pepe Escobar via The Asia Times, This is what ‘the great and the good’ in the business world were not discussing during the annual talk-fest at the Swiss luxury resort… For billions of people, the Groucho Marx rule applies when talking about Davos. This is the exclusive club, which […]

Pepe Escobar: China’s strategy in the Middle East – Make trade not war

     China’s “Go West” strategy was brought into sharp focus at a forum in Shanghai last weekend. Billed as the Belt and Road Initiative: Towards Greater Cooperation between China and the Middle East, it highlighted key aspects of Beijing’s wider plan. The New Silk Roads, or the Belt and Road Initiative, involve six key economic […]

Pepe Escobar: The future of the EU at stake in Catalonia

     A new paradigm has been coined right inside the lofty European Union: ‘In the name of democracy, refrain from voting, or else’. Fascist Franco may have been dead for more than four decades, but Spain is still encumbered with his dictatorial corpse. A new paradigm has been coined right inside the lofty European Union, […]

Pepe Escobar: Trump and the art of unraveling the Iran deal

     Contrary to a barrage of spin, the P5+1 meeting on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly to assess implementation of the Iran nuclear deal did not go especially well, as diplomats confirmed to Asia Times. US secretary of state Rex Tillerson was forced to concede Tehran is abiding by the deal. But once […]

Pepe Escobar: Unmasking his new Doctrine, Trump vows carnage for "wicked" N. Korea, Iran and Venezuela

     This was no “deeply philosophical address”. And hardly a show of “principled realism” – as spun by the White House. President Trump at the UN was “American carnage,” to borrow a phrase previously deployed by his nativist speechwriter Stephen Miller. One should allow the enormity of what just happened to sink in, slowly. The […]

Escobar’s brother urges Netflix to hire hitmen, says Colombia not safe for filming

A former accountant for the cut-throat Medellin drug cartel, Roberto de Jesus Escobar Gaviria is in dispute with Netflix about the portrayal of his brother’s life in the series ‘Narcos.’ ‘Narcos’ location scout found riddled with bullets in Mexico On July 1, 2016, the brother of notorious drug kingpin reportedly sent a letter to the […]

Escobar Exposes Real BRICS Bombshell: Putin’s "Fair Multipolar World" Where Oil Trade Bypasses The Dollar

Authored by Pepe Escobar via The Asia Times, Putin reveals ‘fair multipolar world’ concept in which oil contracts could bypass the US dollar and be traded with oil, yuan and gold… The annual BRICS summit in Xiamen – where President Xi Jinping was once mayor – could not intervene in […]

Pepe Escobar: Why Jihadism Won’t Be Allowed To Die

Source: Pepe Escobar via SputnikNews A serious working hypothesis is being discussed for a while now among independent geopolitical analysts. Here it is, in a nutshell. Daesh may be dying – but the world is still encumbered with its walking corpse. Plan B of Daesh’s masters may have been to indoctrinate repeated waves of misguided […]

Pepe Escobar On North Korea: Fire, Fury, Fear, & False Flags

Alarm bells ringing as rampant speculation breaks out over Pyongyang’s ‘possible’ miniaturized nuclear warheads.     Beware the dogs of war. The same intel “folks” who brought to you babies pulled from incubators by “evil” Iraqis as well as non-existent WMDs are now peddling the notion that North Korea […]

Pepe Escobar: Daesh and the West’s solid stench of death

     Whenever Daesh adds to its tragic litany of “lone wolf” and/or “network” attacks – in Manchester, Paris, London, Nice, Berlin – the West rages against those “evil losers” (copyright Donald Trump). Whenever the West’s formidable military machine adds to its tragic litany of “collateral damage” – in Libya, Yemen, Somalia, the tribal areas in […]

Pablo Escobar’s Son: Legalizing Drugs Would Kill Violent Drug Cartels

WASHINGTON, DC — Pablo Escobar’s son recently grabbed headlines when he revealed that his father worked with the CIA to distribute cocaine. Juan Sebastián Marroquín’s revelation worked to clear up how his father, Escobar, always seemed to mysteriously be protected with advanced warnings and superior firepower. Now he’s back […]

CrossTalk: Le Pen vs. Macron (ft. Pepe Escobar)

April 26, 2017 Advertisements Filed under: Capitalism, Europe, France, Globalization, Hollande, Nationalism, Pepe Escobar | Tagged: Macron, Marine Le Pen | Source Article from

Alleged rape suspect takes four hostages in Baltimore Burger King

     An armed man suspected in a recent rape took four people hostage — including a 7-year-old girl — inside a Baltimore Burger King after evading police Sunday, authorities said. Officers tried to stop the suspect, whom police did not name, to serve him an arrest warrant on the northwest side of the city about […]

Pack your water bottle: The water on Mars may not be drinkable

     It was exciting news when scientists confirmed the presence of liquid water on the surface of Mars last year. Most of the focus of Mars water is on what it means for potential life. But another important reason to find liquid water on Mars is for human consumption. If drinkable liquid water is present […]

Second Yangtze river warning issued on flooding peak in China; 10,000 homes destroyed with at least 186 killed and over 6 million affected

     Authorities warned on Sunday of a second flood peak for the Yangtze River and its tributaries, with new rainstorms forecast after floods left scores of people dead and eight missing in central and eastern areas. Flooding resulting from rainstorms that began on Thursday left 14 people dead and eight missing in Anhui, Hubei, Zhejiang, […]

Netanyahu’s bloody incitement to the world

     Let’s agree on the facts. One Palestinian male got into a West Bank settlement and killed a 13-year-old Israeli girl in her room with a knife. Nothing more, nothing less. Before her body was cold, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rushed the same day to make a video for the English speaking world. What […]

The militarization of the US – Are they arming themselves against terrorists or you?

     Nonmilitary federal agencies have spent almost US$1.5 billion on guns, ammunition, and military-style equipment. A new report by a taxpayer watchdog group reveals that the growing militarization in the United States goes beyond police departments by showing how nonmilitary federal agencies are arming themselves like military units. The report “The Militarization of America” examines […]

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