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State Department Dismisses Fulani Reign of Jihadist Terror in Nigeria as ‘Driven by Insecurity’

The U.S. State Department released its annual Report on International Religious Freedom on Thursday. The report was tough on some countries, including the Chinese and Burmese genocides against the Uyghur and Rohingya Muslims respectively, but was remarkably dismissive of religious persecution against Christians in Nigeria.

DeSantis Win: Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Challenging Florida’s Law to Dissolve Disney’s Special District

A federal judge dismissed a lawsuit challenging Gov. Ron DeSantis’s (R-FL) law to dissolve Disney’s special governing and tax district.

Israeli Historian Dismisses Confessions By IDF Soldiers Of 1948 Slaughter At Tantura — ‘I don’t believe witnesses’

(Jewish Telegraphic Agency) When it comes to “Holocaust” survivors, we are all expected to believe their “eyewitness” accounts as if they were directly given to us by God, but when it comes to the genocide of Palestinians, many of whom were burned alive by Jewish terrorists with flamethrowers at Tantura, Jewish historians are far less […]

Source dismisses report on ‘2-year deal’ in Vienna talks

TEHRAN – A source close to the Iranian nuclear team has dismissed as “fake” a report claiming that Tehran and the P4+1 group (Russia, China, France, Britain and Germany) have agreed on an interim two-year deal in the Vienna talks intended to lift sanctions on Iran. The source told Tasnim in Vienna that the report […]

Federal Judge Dismisses Case Against Jeffrey Epstein’s Jail Guards

A federal judge dismissed the federal government’s criminal case against two New York City jail guards who admitted to fabricating records on the night well-connected financier Jeffrey Epstein was found dead in his cell during one of their shifts. U.S. District Judge Analisa Torres in Manhattan dismissed charges against Michael Thomas and Tova Noel after prosecutors […]

Judge Dismisses Michael Flynn’s Request to Block Jan. 6 Committee Subpoena on Procedural Grounds

Former Trump adviser and retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn lost a legal challenge against the House select committee investigating Jan. 6 to block their subpoena issued last month for his testimony and documents. District Judge Mary Scriven dismissed without prejudice Flynn’s request for a temporary restraining order (TRO) to block the subpoena, saying Flynn can refile the […]

‘I live in a bubble’ — David Harris dismisses concern about young Jews turning against Israel

I love to quote David Harris of the American Jewish Committee because he is so tone deaf when it comes to young Jews’ criticisms of Israel– and he just can’t help saying so. Like a few years ago when he said, “Where did we go wrong in our homes and our schools?” that young Jews […]

‘Farce’: China dismisses UK, Canada diplomatic boycott of Beijing Winter Games

China on Thursday dismissed the decision by Canada and the United Kingdom to join Washington’s diplomatic boycott of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games as a “farce.” China is also not concerned that the officials’ absence would spark a chain reaction, and numerous heads of state, government leaders and members of royal families have registered […]

EU dismisses request to lift sanctions from Syrian businessman affiliated with Assad

The European Union’s (EU) General Court has dismissed a Syrian businessman’s application to have his sanctions lifted, ruling that he remains a prominent business associate of the Syrian regime of Bashar Al-Assad. In its recent ruling, the court stated that it refused Samer Foz’s application as the “EU had shown that he is an influential […]

Obama Dismisses Loudoun County School Rape As ‘Phony, Trumped-Up Culture War’

Former President Barack Obama downplayed the brutal rape of a young school girl in a transgender bathroom in Virginia as a “phony” news story created by conservatives. Parents across the U.S. are furious over a report of a school covering-up the rape of a young female by a “gender fluid” man in a public school girls’ bathroom […]

Report dismisses Havana Syndrome theories

Report dismisses Havana Syndrome theories Posted on Saturday, 2 October, 2021 Is Havana Syndrome really the result of directed-energy attacks ? Image Credit: US Navy / Tucker M. Yates A declassified report seems to dismiss the idea that Havana Syndrome is caused by microwave weapons.The State Department report, which was written by the US government’s […]

Fauci Dismisses “Freedom” In Call For Vaccine Mandates: “The Time Has Come. Enough Is Enough.”

Drummer Pete Parada, who has been in the band The Offspring for over fourteen years has been unceremoniously fired because he refuses to take COVID vaccines. Parada released a detailed statement explaining that for pre-existing medical reasons he refuses to take the vaccine, yet this has led to him being deemed “unsafe” to be around […]

Wisconsin Supreme Court Dismisses Second Drop Box Case – Is Third Time a Charm?

Wisconsin Supreme Court Dismisses Second Drop Box Case – Is Third Time a Charm?Date: June 30, 2021Author: Nwo Report Source: Joe Hoft Wisconsin’s courts refuse to address the election drop boxes which allegedly are illegal.  Just the News reported yesterday (emphasis added):“Wisconsin voters deserve certainty that elections are conducted fairly and in accordance with state law. […]

In blow to NRA, federal judge dismisses group’s bankruptcy case

Image Credit: Advocates for gun violence prevention rejoiced Tuesday when a federal judge dismissed the National Rifle Association’s bankruptcy case, ruling that the powerful gun lobby declared bankruptcy in an attempt to avoid facing a New York state lawsuit that accuses the organization of fraud and seeks to disband it. “The court finds, based […]

Biden Dismisses China’s Uyghur Genocide as Difference in “Cultural Norms”

Joe Biden refused to denounce China’s Uyghur genocide during his CNN appearance last night, asserting that the Communist country’s systematic oppression of minorities was just a different cultural norm. Yes, really. Despite the Trump administration and his own characterizing Beijing’s treatment of Uyghur Muslims as a genocide, Biden furiously backpedaled after he was asked about […]

WHO Dismisses Theory That Virus Escaped From Lab As ‘Extremely Unlikely’

A group of World Health Organization researchers called the theory that the coronavirus pandemic is the result of a Chinese lab accident “extremely unlikely” following two weeks of fieldwork looking into the pandemic’s origins. That determination was made after “long, frank, open discussions with researchers and management” at the Wuhan Institute of Virology ― the lab […]

Trump on trial for ‘grievous’ crimes, as defense dismisses ‘political theater’

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Senate launches Donald Trump’s historic second impeachment trial on Tuesday, with lawyers for the former president insisting he is not guilty of inciting mob violence at the Capitol to overturn the election while prosecutors say he must be convicted of the “most grievous constitutional crime” even though he’s gone from the […]

Iran accuses Israel of ‘psychological warfare’ as it dismisses military threats

Iranian officials have dismissed recent military threats made by Israel’s armed forces as nothing more than “psychological warfare” from a government that has “virtually no plan” to follow through on its rhetoric. In a speech to Israel’s INSS think tank’s annual conference, Aviv Kochavi, the chief of staff of the Israeli armed forces, warned that […]

Supreme Court Dismisses Texas 2020 Election Challenge; Alito and Thomas Disagree

The Supreme Court dismissed a prominent legal challenge Friday to the 2020 election results filed Monday by the State of Texas. “The State of Texas’s motion for leave to file a bill of complaint is denied for lack of standing under Article III of the Constitution,” the statement from the Supreme Court read. “Texas has […]

Federal court dismisses Trump campaign’s Pennsylvania lawsuit

Donald Trump’s legal team suffered yet another defeat in court on Friday as a federal appeals court in Philadelphia roundly rejected their latest effort to challenge the state’s presidential election results. The US president’s lawyers vowed to appeal to the Supreme Court despite the judges’ assessment that the `”campaign’s claims have no merit.” “Free, fair […]

Iran dismisses prospect of war

TEHRAN – Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Major General Hossein Salami said on Wednesday that the enemy no longer thinks of military confrontation with Iran, underlining that the enemy has focused on undermining the Islamic establishment’s morale instead. “Military war has been excluded from the enemy’s options,” Salami told reporters on Wednesday, […]

Obama Judge Dismisses Trump Lawsuit Seeking to Block Pennsylvania From Certifying Election Results

An Obama-appointed Judge has tossed out the Trump campaign lawsuit seeking to block Pennsylvania from certifying its election result. US District Judge of the United States District Court for Pennsylvania, Matthew Brann, predictably dismissed Trump’s lawsuit and claimed it would “disenfranchise almost 7 million voters.” The Trump campaign argued the equal protection clause in their […]

Trump’s EPA dismisses dangers of chlorpyrifos on children’s brain downplaying agency’s own findings

Earlier this week, the Trump administration’s EPA released a risk assessment for the pesticide chlorpyrifos and downplayed previous findings by EPA scientists that the toxic chemical is harmful to children’s brains.  Several studies have found that babies exposed to chlorpyrifos in the womb can suffer from lower birth weights, attention deficit disorder, autism spectrum disorder, […]

Russia dismisses US threats of sanctions on Iran

MOSCOW, Russia — Russia on Thursday dismissed the threat of US sanctions and attempts to isolate Iran, saying it intended to trade with Tehran once a UN arms embargo expires next month. The embargo on conventional arms shipments to Iran is set to expire on October 18 after the United States failed to win support […]

Cruz Dismisses Possible SCOTUS Appointment — ‘I Want to Stay Fighting Right Where I Am in the U.S. Senate’

During an appearance on this week’s broadcast of Fox News Channel’s “Sunday Morning Futures,” Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) downplayed being on President Donald Trump’s shortlist of potential future Supreme Court nominees. Cruz called it “deeply honoring” and “humbling” but said it was not the job for him. “You know, I don’t,” Cruz replied when asked […]

UN Security Council president dismisses U.S. sanctions move on Iran

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Iran dismisses demands beyond nuke deal as IAEA head visits

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Iran dismisses demands beyond nuke deal as IAEA head visits

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Oliver Stone Dismisses Bill Maher’s Russia Hoax Questions, Says ‘Our Intel Agencies Aren’t Reliable’

Director Oliver Stone dismissed a recent report about Russian meddling in the 2016 election during an exchange with HBO host Bill Maher. When questioned by Maher about the Russia hoax during a Friday appearance on his show “Real Time”, Stone quickly waved off the Senate Intelligence Committee’s recent report concluding Russia interfered in the 2016 […]

Like ‘Nazis who died in WWII’: Israeli minister dismisses victims of Gaza protests

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