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New UK PM Enters Whilst the Rest of the World Gangs Up Against the Schoolyard Bully, America

The ongoing debacle in Ukraine demonstrates that the US and the “allies of the willing” are no longer the main power block in the world. There are new camps forming, alliances, and these are often connecxted to old colonial wounds and shared pain. Collectively they are ganging up against the schoolyard bully, the US, and […]

’24 hours of hell’: Israeli settler gangs terrorize Palestinian town under army protection

Israeli settlers continued their attack on the Palestinian town of Huwwara in the northern occupied West Bank for the second day in a row on Friday, vandalizing several storefronts, vehicles, and homes, while Israeli forces fired live ammunition at Palestinians in the town.  At around 1 p.m., as Friday prayers were ongoing in the town, […]

Ghislaine Maxwell Gangs Up with Notorious Double Murderer Narcy Novack in Florida Prison

Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell has ganged up with notorious double murderer Narcy Novack in a Florida prison, according to reports.

LAPD: 17 Gangs Target L.A.’s Richest Residents in ‘Follow-Home’ Attacks

Seventeen gangs are targeting the city’s wealthiest residents, often following them out of stores and restaurants before robbing them, according to a new task force of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD).

Patriot Front Leaks: Rape Gangs Are Good if They Only Target White Girls & All Females Should be Property Under White Sharia

I just recently published an article about how Patriot Front was shouting for White sharia at Charlottesville back when they went by Vanguard America. Maybe some people would assume that they have changed their ways and ideology, but this would be completely incorrect. Patriot Front pretends to have great OpSec, which is why no one […]

White Genocide in Berlin – North African Gangs Terrorize Remaining Germans with Rape, Drugs, Murder, Robberies

jews used their “allies” to destroy Germany in WWII and have been using invaders to destroy the Germans who survived ever since. link Share now! Source

Johnson proposes hi-vis chain gangs as part of crime plan

July 27, 2021 Punishment for antisocial behaviour included in proposals that will also extend powers of stop and search Boris Johnson (centre) with the home secretary, Priti Patel, in Surrey as the government released new proposals to tackle crime. Photograph: Yui Mok/AFP/Getty Images Jessica Elgot Senior political [email protected] Offenders guilty of anti-social behaviour should be in “fluorescent-jacketed […]

Violent Gangs Target Jews, the New York Times Insists They Are ‘Overwhelmingly Peaceful’

A taxi passes by in front of The New York Times head office, Feb. 7, 2013. Photo: Reuters / Carlo Allegri / File. Reporting on a firebombing in New York’s diamond district and other anti-Jewish violence, a New York Times news article insists, “The protests remained overwhelmingly peaceful and organizers said they believed some were […]

Bloody Battle Between African, Balkan Gangs in Small Swiss City

    An ongoing conflict between gangs of Africans and Kosovars has led to a shooting in Delémont, a minor Swiss city near the French border. Members of both groups engaged in battle on Sunday night, according to 20 Minutes. Armed with bats, knifes, and other weapons, the rival factions squared off in the cantonal […]

German police target far-right crime gangs in early morning op, one day after raiding major Islamist group

German authorities have raided a far-right crime network, in their second major operation in two days. More than 500 officers, including special units, targeted 27 homes and business premises. Ten arrests have been made. The detained were aged between 24 and 55, and were members of a far-right network allegedly involved in drug and weapons […]


Gary Webb linked the CIA to the drugs trade in Los Angeles. Is MI5 linked to the violent drugs gangs in London? Was a major drug smuggler, the multi-millionaire Ayhan Kurt, an agent of MI5? BBC NEWS | UK | Was drug dealer an MI5 agent? Reporter Gary Webb wrote that the CIA helped finance its covert […]

Chicago Crime Gangs Form Pact: They will ‘Shoot On-Site’ any officer who draws a gun on a suspect

‘Shoot On-Site’: Chicago Gangs Form Pact To Execute Cops Who Draw Weapons On Suspects, Says FBI The FBI has warned Chicago-area law enforcement that nearly three-dozen street gangs “have formed a pact to ‘shoot on-site any cop that has a weapon drawn on any subject in public’,” reports ABC7. According to an August 26 ‘situation information report’ […]

‘Shoot On-Site’: Chicago Gangs Form Pact To Execute Cops Who Draw Weapons On Suspects, Says FBI

The FBI has warned Chicago-area law enforcement that nearly three-dozen street gangs “have formed a pact to ‘shoot on-site any cop that has a weapon drawn on any subject in public’,” reports ABC7. According to an August 26 ‘situation information report’ from Chicago-based FBI officials, “members of these gang factions have been actively searching for, and filming, […]

‘Youth Gangs’ Terrorizing Families in Belgium Neighborhood

Gangs of ‘young people’ armed with dangerous weapons are wreaking havoc on residents and families in the Ledeberg district of Ghent, Belgium, according to reports. So-called ‘youth gangs’ have been getting “out of hand” while battling each other with bats, stakes, and sharp objects, frequently damaging property in areas normally used for light commerce and […]

From Mexico to Africa, israel’s dark history of training war criminals, gangs and oppression

Despite its apartheid policies toward Palestinians and other minorities, Israel is often cited as the Middle East’s only democracy and a preserver of human rights within the region. Not only does this public image sharply contrast with the reality of Israel’s brutal treatment of Occupied Palestine and the country’s institutional racism, but its government also […]

African Gangs: the Plague Upon Melbourne, Australia

By Thomas Müller Australia is suffering from the same type of Saul Alinskyite neo-Marxist infestation as Sweden. Fifth columnists infiltrated the judiciary, media, police and government. This is NOT organic, and it has manifested itself in the form of rampaging mobs dominated by black African youth. Presented below is a sampling of videos illustrating this issue. Keep in mind […]

Untold Tales: La Raza and the Gangs

Sencha from Untold Tales discusses many aspects of the “vibrancy” and “enrichment” the US has been receiving from South of the border. Download Source Article from

Disgraced New Jersey Cop to Spend 10 Years in Prison for Tipping Off Gangs

New Jersey – A former Asbury Park police officer was sentenced Tuesday to 10 years in state prison for his role in a criminal organization that prosecutors say terrorized the city. A jury in September found Keith German, 49, guilty of three counts of official misconduct, including hindering the apprehension of gang members, conspiracy to […]

Violent brawl caught on camera as rival gangs exchange fire at Istanbul courthouse

Police can also be seen rushing to the center of the incident, which took place between the rival groups, which were on opposite sides of a murder trial taking place at the complex. READ MORE: Gun battle at Istanbul courthouse, at least 1 injured – local media Source Article from

Girls who have been sexually abused by Muslim rape gangs now told to "shut their mouths" for the "sake of diversity"

(Natural News) There will come a day when political correctness destroys us all. It may not happen tomorrow, and it may not happen within the next few years, but it will happen – it is only a matter of time. In the latest example of political correctness gone awry, a member of Britain’s Labor Party […]

UK: Two Black Gangs “Barred” from Birmingham City Center

August 23, 2017 0 Source Article from

BREAKING: White Women in Britain ‘no longer safe’ as Asian Sex Gangs Run Amok

Edited and adapted by Lasha Darkmoon from a number of  newspaper reports “White women are no longer safe in our Western homelands. They are living in the shadow of terror. Our countries are being invaded…” ASIAN SEX GANG convicted of rape, inciting prostitution, and supplying drugsto underage white girls in Newcastle, England “All white women are […]

I Like Everyone

When I’m out ‘n about in society, I think to myself “God, is this what it’s come to!?” Looking around me at all the irritating, nauseating specimens of mankind. People such as: elephantine fatties politically correct good-doers those who like to play mind games for their kicks officialdom goons in their pathetic uniforms who contribute […]

The Dawn of the Homosexual Police State

broken up their order.”  Protocols of the Elders of Zion (16)  Sent to a Marxist style re-education course,  Mark told his employer to go sodomize himself. Makow comment– The subtext of relentless gay promotion and gay massacre psy ops is that straights must accept sodomy as healthy and natural and engage in it. Toleration of gays […]

Bernie Sanders: Democratic National Convention To Be Contested

Bernie Sanders has announced plans to contest the upcoming Democratic National Convention saying that he has his sights firmly set on Hillary Clinton’s superdelegates.  If Sanders is able to convince some of Clinton’s superdelegates to support him, the Democratic nomination will be his. reports: Pledged delegates emerge from primaries and caucuses, while superdelegates are […]

Palestine’s forgotten children

Adel Hana/AP/Press Association. All rights reserved. Next year will mark the centenary of the Balfour Declaration as well as the 50th anniversary of Israel’s occupation of the West Bank. With no sign of an active peace process between the parties, here in Britain we have a historic responsibility to seriously challenge the Israeli government’s conduct […]

An Unseen Force is Creating a New World

“The old world is ending – the new world is just beginning.” – Bob Marley by Wes Annac A hidden spiritual power permeates the land around us, and those of us who are willing to open up to it can access and feel it. I’ve just started to tap into it, and I feel it […]

Iranian official says prominent Saudi jihadist ‘man in control’ in Syria

Iranian official says prominent Saudi jihadist ‘man in control’ in Syria On April 24, 2013, Saudi national Omar al-Muhaysini  was killed in Deir ez-Zor in eastern Syria, alongside his fellow countryman Abdul Aziz al-Othman, aka Abu Omar al-Jazrawi, who is said to be the first Saudi national to join al-Qaeda-affiliated Jabhat al-Nusra. Muhaysini, the younger […]

Senior Hezbollah Leader Mustafa Badreddine Martyred

Local Editor Hezbollah announced on Friday the martyrdom of senior commander, Hajj Mustafa Badreddine in Syria. In a statement early on Friday, Hezbollah said that a huge blast hit one of the resistance centers near Damascus airport. An investigation will take place in order to verify whether the blast was a result of an airstrike […]

The Most Eco-Friendly Nation on the Planet is Now Carbon Negative

13th May 2016 By Carolanne Wright Contributing writer for Wake Up World “If the Government cannot create happiness for its people, there is no purpose for the Government to exist.” ~Legal code of Bhutan, 1729 Lodged between two of the most populated countries on earth — India and China — Bhutan may be small at 700,000 souls, […]

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