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Pentagon announces Nuclear WW3 as it continues to Bully and Antagonize Russia in the Black Sea

    The US says there is an ‘increased potential’ for nuclear conflict with the country’s main enemies because they are stockpiling nuclear weapons. Russia and China have been modernizing and expanding their respective arsenals over the last decade, according to a recently disclosed 2020 report from the Pentagon on nuclear operations. And North Korea […]

Microsoft Employees Accuse Bill Gates Of Being An Office Bully & Womanizer

Four Microsoft employees have accused founder Bill Gates of being an office ‘bully’ whose catchphrase was “that’s the stupidest fucking idea I’ve ever heard” In an Insider report published Tuesday the employess also claim that Gates pursued sexual affairs with employees and journalists. His reputation as a hot-tempered boss began not long after he launched tech […]

A ‘Climate Lockdown’ is on the Horizon – A Threat Used to Bully the Public into Accepting the ‘Great Reset’

by Kit Knightly If and when the powers-that-be decide to move on from their pandemic narrative, lockdowns won’t be going anywhere. Instead it looks like they’ll be rebranded as “climate lockdowns”, and either enforced or simply held threateningly over the public’s head. At least, according to an article written by an employee of the WHO, […]

Lobby for Foreign Government Continues to Bully State Legislatures

From If Americans Knew The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) has been pushing politicians to block the international boycott against Israel, BDS , over Israel’s massive human rights abuses. Two more states have just passed legislation against BDS – Idaho & West Virginia – even though boycotting has long been considered a right for all […]

K-pop star, 20, suspended for being a bully at school

A South Korean pop star has been suspended from all promotional activities by his management after an allegation of bullying emerged from his time at school. The episode comes amid a broader debate about bullying in South Korea after a string of celebrities faced accusations from former classmates. The management agency representing 20-year-old Hyunjin from […]

US Bully In Last Chance Saloon

Above photo: Darko Bandic/AP. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced this week the reimposition of international sanctions against Iran. Trouble is nobody is listening to Washington’s remonstrations any longer. Not only has the emperor no clothes, he’s lost bullying power too. The Trump administration asserts it has the legal right to invoke “snapback” UN sanctions […]

Blackbird9 – (210) Cry Bully Products Of Obummer Rotten Core

Blackbird9 – (210) Cry Bully Products Of Obummer Rotten CoreBLACKBIRD9 EFR simulcasts Blackbird9’s Breakfast Club Live on Weds 8pm-10pm US est. Welcome to Blackbird9’s Breakfast Club’s Wednesday Podcast, Cry Bully Products Of Obummer Rotten Core. Tonight we examined the aggressive behavior of The Day Care Generation. In the First Hour  we cover the chaotic events […]

LGBT "bully brigade" forces Mike Huckabee off a country music charity board by invoking their usual tactics of hatred and intolerance

(Natural News) Not even one full day after he was appointed to the board of directors of the Country Music Association’s CMA Foundation, former Arkansas Governor and two-time presidential candidate Mike Huckabee resigned from his post, citing a barrage of bullying from the LGBT mafia over his religious and political beliefs. A […]

Trump’s Bully Roy Cohn

  December 11, 2017 Source Article from

Trump’s Bully Roy Cohn

  December 11, 2017 Source Article from

Trump’s Bully Roy Cohn

  December 11, 2017 Source Article from

[WATCH] Bully Cop Trips and Shoves High School Girls After Soccer Game

Many have observed the bullying behavior that comes out when people are given a badge, uniform, and told they have special rights over everyone else. But sometimes we catch that overt bullying on video (scroll down for video). No, we’re not talking about your every day police brutality against “suspects.” What we’re talking about here […]

The warped logic of pro-Israel bully Jonathan Hoffman

David Cronin Lobby Watch 25 August 2017 Should I feel flattered or afraid? Each time I give a talk in London, there is a strong likelihood that the pro-Israel bully Jonathan Hoffman will attend. Hoffman turned up at a recent event held to promote my new book Balfour’s Shadow. Not content with heckling on the […]

Does Wall Street Bully or Bribe Prosecutors? Revolving Doors At The DOJ

By Aaron Kesel The recently published book The Chicken Shit Club by Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist Jesse Eisinger, documents a massive account of corporate greed and impunity. The book alleges that the DOJ has a culture of a revolving door where Wall Street personnel become federal agents, even prosecutors, who then betray the public’s […]

Susan G. Komen for the Cure® Cancer Foundation scam & Trademark Bully

Susan G. Komen for the Cure® Cancer Foundation scam & Trademark Bully Friday, 22 February, 2013 14:49 Written by Law Blogger 0 Comments When does fighting to protect a trademark borderline on trademark bullying?  Trademarks are established to protect an individual’s, a corporation’s, or non-profit organization’s creative work.  What happens when the trademark owner takes […]

Multipolar World Arrives: Russia, China Face Down US Bully

Multipolar World Arrives: Russia, China Face Down US Bully The United States’ hegemonic dominance in the world is heading to the exits. The decline in US unipolar power has been underway for several years, in line with the emergence of a multipolar world. This week, Russia and China showed important resolve to face down American […]

White NYPD Sergeant Refuses To Bully Black Officer Then Internally Targeted

A white NYPD sergeant says he wouldn’t go along with the harassment of a black officer — and now he claims that he’s being subjected to harsh treatment for his refusals. Sgt. Valentin Khazin’s Brooklyn federal lawsuit argues that he was targeted with unjustified payback because he wouldn’t help […]

UNREAL: Universities now paying students to bully classmates guilty of ‘thought crimes’

(Natural News) Taxpayers in California will soon be forced to sponsor so-called “Social Justice Activists” (SJAs) who will be tasked with patrolling college campuses and “educating” their fellow students about the systematic oppression supposedly being instigated upon them by white, straight males. The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) has agreed to start paying between […]

When Reality Comes to Visit You: Blacks Bully One Antifa, Kill Another

Eric StrikerDaily Stormer April 21, 2017 Fetishizing and infantilizing colored people as eternal damsels in distress in need of a smelly-but-fashion-conscious white trust fund savior isn’t only batshit fucking insane (and condescending on a level that is virtually incomprehensible, if one were in the mood to consider the colored person’s persepctive) – […]

Tracking police murders: 2016 slated to be deadlier than last year

     As controversy continues to swirl around the issue of police violence in the United States, the media continues to be our main source of data about the scope of the problem. The Washington Post, which tracks fatal shootings by police as part of its Fatal Force project, reports that there have already been 20 […]

Malaysian PM: ASEAN serious about free-trade deal with Russian-led EAEU

     Malaysia’s PM, Najib Razak, told RT that the “historic” Sochi summit showed willingness to create a free trade deal between ASEAN and the Eurasian Economic Union, seen by some as a counterweight to TPP, while calling anti-Russian sanctions “ineffective.” Speaking to RT’s Daniel Bushell on the sidelines of the third Russia-ASEAN summit held in […]

Iran’s population predicted to reach 84 million by 2021

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Spokesman for the Iranian administration Mohammad Baqer Nobakht said the country’s population is set to reach 84 million at the end of the 6th quinquennial development plan (2016-2021). In a meeting with members of the incoming parliament, Nobakht said a proportional plan for economic growth has been considered to gain the population […]

CDC likely fabricating link between Zika virus and microcephaly cases; admits people self-immunize against Zika and that ‘no single piece of evidence provides conclusive proof’

(NaturalNews) The CDC is now warning that gay sex partners can transmit Zika virus and infect each other. According to CBS News in Dallas, “…it’s the first report of infection between a gay couple, and worry that Zika will spread even faster through sex — as well as through mosquito bites.” That same […]

Germany grants Turkish request to allow for possible prosecution of comedian who joked about Erdogan

Ankara has demanded to have comedian Jan Boehmermann prosecuted for insulting a foreign head of state.  Under a section of Germany’s criminal code, the government has to authorize prosecutors to pursue a case against the comedian. The code, known as Paragraph 103, concerns insults against organs or representatives of foreign states. However, it is so […]

Say goodbye to server centers; data storage in DNA molecules

     Our genes can come in handy when trying to store digital information. This isn’t genetic memory, but actually turning DNA molecules into data storage units. A group of researchers from the University of Washington (UW) teamed up with Microsoft experts to address space containment issues for digital data, because in just four years the […]

Sergeant Arrested For Punching, Kicking, Strangling Handcuffed Man

A Colorado Springs, Colorado police sergeant was arrested on Wednesday for assaulting a handcuffed man while threatening to kill him after two fellow officers crossed the blue line of silence and reported his misconduct to their superiors. Sgt. Steven Biscaro responded to reports of a traffic crash involving 43-year-old Michael Ferguson in northeast Colorado Springs along Enchanted […]

GMO front group has ties to radical left-wing Marxism group called ‘Living Marxism’

(NaturalNews) When one begins to attempt to peek behind the curtain of pro-GMO groups’ agendas and methods, the facts revealed are almost as freakish and bizarre as the artificially-mutated products of the industry itself. Take, for instance, the pro-GM front group known as Sense About Science. On its website, the organization describes itself […]

Jesse Ventura Is Thanked By Putin For His Work While Visiting Moscow

Jesse Ventura as Blain in ‘Predator’ (1987) Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura was personally thanked by President Vladimir Putin on a visit to Moscow. Ventura is a former Navy SEAL and played the part of Sergeant Blain Cooper in John McTiernan’s 1987 film ‘Predator’ alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger. Jesse Ventura contacted Alex Jones on Friday with some […]

Muslim countries forced by Saudi regime to join its military coalition

Alwaght- The recently announced Saudi-led so called ‘coalition against terrorism’ is facing collapse after being announced by the Riyadh regime with major Islamic nations such as Pakistan, Indonesia and Malaysia saying they were not consulted. It has emerged that many countries were included in an alliance while they had never agreed to take part in […]

Questions Neera Tanden should ask Netanyahu at the Center for American Progress

November 9, 2015 Neera TandenPresidentCenter for American Progress1333 H Street, NW, 10th FloorWashington, D.C., 20005 Dear Neera, As an admirer of yours and the Center for American Progress (CAP), I am wishing you all the best in moderating tomorrow’s speech by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at CAP. Amnesty International spends a great deal of […]

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