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EU to Bypass Hungary’s Veto and Send Massive €50 Billion Aid to Ukraine

    The European Union (EU) is prepared to provide Ukraine with €50 billion ($53.4 billion) in aid, even if Hungary continues to veto it, as per sources within the EU, reported by Reuters on Friday. The European Commission has put forth a proposal to offer Ukraine additional grants and loans to assist in its […]

Israel Wants Conflict In Syria’s Suwayda To Re-Kindle Devastating War

On August 20, protests erupted in the Druze-majority Syrian city of Suwayda over a decision from the Damascus government to cut subsidies for basic items such as fuel. As strike action continues, along with popular non-violent protests, fears again emerge that the situation could quickly turn violent and that the Syrian war could once again […]

Iran and the USA are in Private Negotiations

As you are aware, current US-Iranian relations have been separated into two phases: collaboration from 1947 to February 1979, before Iran’s Islamic Revolution, and conflict from February 1979 to the present. Following the Islamic Revolution, the overthrow of Reza Shah Pahlavi’s rule and capturing the US Embassy officers in Tehran in 1980, the United States […]

China Passes Law to Enhance ‘Extraterritorial Application’ of Communist Law

China’s rubber-stamp legislature on Wednesday passed a “Foreign Relations Law” intended to enhance “extraterritorial application” of Communist law – in other words, force people in other countries to obey it, or at least fear it – and protect the regime in Beijing from foreign sanctions. Source

Biden Wants Sanctions for Uganda Because Its Government Passed Anti-LGBT Laws

    In an excellent display of how US foreign policy can be used as a means of pandering to domestic interest groups, the Biden administration has threatened to impose sanctions on Uganda as punishment for that regime’s adoption of new laws criminalizing some types of homosexual behavior. While it is abundantly clear that this […]


The United States and United Kingdom imposed sanctions Wednesday on three Turkish targets as part of the West’s continued effort to “cut off more of the international assets and finance channels still connecting Moscow’s economy to global trade and finance.” On April 12, the U.S. Treasury sanctioned two Turkish companies and two associated targets. The… […]

Putin unleashes direct nuclear warning to NATO saying Russians will ‘suffer’

Vladimir Putin has accused the West of trying to undermine and destroy his country in an attempt to justify Russia’s choice to leave a nuclear arms treaty. Putin warned that he was considering the United Kingdom’s nuclear capabilities as part of his response to the West’s alleged aggression. In his interview, Putin condemned the West’s […]

Sanders calls for cutting U.S. ‘billions’ to Israel over ‘racist’ moves

The Israeli government’s moves to hamstring the judiciary and to steal more Palestinian land for Jewish settlements are causing further breakup in the pro-Israel consensus in the United States. Source

Androulakis: Turkey must be sanctioned and embargoes from weapon purchases

PASOK-Movement for Change leader Nikos Androulakis said on Wednesday, when addressing the European parliament plenary, that the imposition of an arms embargo on Turkey is an immediate necessity. The party leader underlined that “Turkey is once again bombing the Kurds in northern Syria who, with their own struggle, intercepted the Islamic state” and that “we… […]

G-7 Considers More Air Defense for Ukraine as Fighting Rages

KYIV—Russian missiles, artillery, and drones hammered targets in eastern and southern Ukraine, the Ukrainian General Staff said, as global economic powers pledged to beef up Kyiv’s military capabilities with a focus on air defense. The Group of Seven (G-7) promised to “meet Ukraine’s urgent requirements” after President Volodymyr Zelenskyy appealed for modern tanks, artillery, and […]

US State Department: Crete’s S-300 defence system do not fall under sanctions regime

There is no risk of sanctions for the S-300 anti-missile system located in Crete, the State Department clarified. Responding to a related question from the Hellas Journal website, a representative of the US Department of State explained that the presence of the system in Greece does not fall under the sanctions provided for by the […]

UK Energy Bills to Soar by Record 80% This Winter

    Energy prices in Britain are set to triple for the average household this winter as because of Putin’s war of aggression and green energy scams begin to take their toll. Millions of households will see their energy bills rocket as the price cap is hiked to £3,549 ($4,170) a year, plunging many into […]

Ukraine condemns Hungary for ‘spreading Russian propaganda’

Kiev slams Viktor Orban for saying anti-Russia sanctions and arms supplies to Kiev have brought no results Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s remarks about the ineffectiveness of anti-Russia sanctions are “a classic example of Russian propaganda,” Ukrainian Foreign Ministry spokesman Oleg Nikolenko claimed on Sunday. Orban said on Saturday that the decision to impose sanctions […]

Venezuela’s Economy Will Grow 20% In 2022, Despite Illegal US Sanctions

Above Photo: A protest against US sanctions in Caracas, Venezuela in August 2019. Benjamin Norton. Major Switzerland-based bank Credit Suisse forecasts Venezuela’s real GDP growth to be 20% in 2022 and 8% in 2023. This is despite an illegal US blockade, which starved the government of 99% of its revenue, according to the top UN […]

French Corporations Remain Reluctant to Suspend Operations In Russia

PARIS (AP) – French automaker Renault plans to pause production at its Moscow plant in an apparent move to fend off mounting criticism, breaking ranks with other major French companies that have defied pressure to keep operating in Russia after it invaded Ukraine. Source

Europeans ‘Don’t Know What Rubles Look Like’ – EU Resists Order to Buy Gas In Russian Currency

BRUSSELS (AP) – President Vladimir Putin’s threat to have “unfriendly” countries pay for Russian natural gas exports only in rubles from now on got the not-so-friendly treatment from European Union nations Thursday. Source


I love my anger. It motivates my activism. I am angry at violence, at racism, at injustice, at hypocrisy, at bigotry. My anger has served me well, as it is frequently the impetus for my writing. I am a firm believer that if you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention. And if you’re not paying […]

Sanctions: A Sanctimonious Word for Economic Warfare and Outright Theft

Above Photo: Protest against US assets theft in Kabul, Afghanistan December 21, 2021. Agence France Presse. The U.S. claims the right to sanction, to steal from other nations, with one-third of humanity suffering from these crimes. Sanctions are war by other means and cause great suffering around the world. The word “sanctions” emerged in the […]

The west doesn’t care about the people it kills

The west doesn’t care about the people it kills. Part of the evidence for this has been on the front pages of every newspaper and on every news show since Russia launched the Ukrainian invasion. The rest of the evidence is what has been missing on the front pages of the newspapers and TV shows. […]

Dem Rep. Auchincloss: We Should Impose ‘Secondary Sanctions Against China’ and Cut Off Russian Oil

On Saturday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Alex Witt Reports,” Rep. Jake Auchincloss (D-MA) called for the U.S. to cut off imports of Russian oil in order to deprive them of “by far the most important source of hard currency” for them and also called for the U.S. to impose secondary sanctions against China and applying diplomatic pressure […]

Moscow Threatens to Nationalize Foreign Assets in Russia as Retaliation to Sanctions

    The former Russian president, Dmitry Medvedev, hasn’t ruled out nationalizing the Russian-based assets of foreigners registered in “hostile jurisdictions.” The harsh step may be taken in response to the seizure of funds of Russian citizens abroad, the ex-leader, who is currently deputy chairman of the Security Council of Russia, posted on Facebook. “They […]

Hundreds Of Reconstruction Projects Carried Out In Syria In 2021

NOTE: This article outlines the reconstruction in Syria after ten years of “terror war” perpetrated by the United States. It describes the amount of damage done and what it will cost to rebuild. These are the realities of war we need to understand. The United States continues to wage an economic war on Syria using […]

Eighth Round Of JCPOA Revival Talks Begin

Above Photo: Vahid Salemi / AP Photo. Iran Insists Petrol Export Sanctions Be Removed. The eighth round of talks in Vienna aimed at reviving the 2015 nuclear deal began on Monday, just days after the seventh round ended. Earlier this month, US posturing that Tehran’s sincerity was dubious nearly torpedoed the talks, which could defuse […]

USA Threatens to Ban the Sale of iPhones to Russia if Russia invades Ukraine

    The US is considering the possibility of banning exports of consumer and industrial technologies to Russia, such as components for smartphones and planes, if Moscow launches an invasion of Ukraine, news agency Reuters has claimed. Citing an unnamed source in the White House, the agency reported that a handful of American industries could […]

Iran Threatens Sanctions Against US Over Treatment Of Black Americans

Above Photo: A Man Looks At A George Floyd Statue At The Unveiling Of The SEENINJUSTICE Exhibit, Featuring Sculptures By Artist Chris Carnabucci At Union Square Park In New York, On Sept. 30, 2021. Bryan R. Smith / AFP Via Getty Images. An Iranian judicial official said the Islamic Republic is concerned about police brutality […]

Middle East Studies Association to vote on BDS resolution next year

On December 2 the Middle East Studies Association (MESA) overwhelmingly voted to advance a Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) resolution at the beginning of 2022. “Since Palestinian civil society first called on the international community to engage in boycotts, divestment, and sanctions in order to pressure Israel to end its military occupation and other rights […]

EU Correctly asks to Sanction Belarus for Allowing Arab Army to Invade Poland but why not ask to Sanction Turkey also?

    European Union officials are backing Poland’s accusations that Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko is conducting a form of “hybrid warfare” in unleashing armies of Arabs on the Polish border into the EU and yes these EU officials are right to blame Belarus for this but why aren’t these officials demanding the same thing for […]

Sanctions as a weapon targeting development

Illustration by Nathaniel St. Clair The United Nations is currently sanctioning groups in Somalia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Sudan, Libya, Guinea-Bissau, the Central African Republic, South Sudan, Mali. Sanctions in Non-African countries include Iraq, Yemen, the Islamic State and al-Qaeda, the Taliban, Lebanon, and North Korea. The Security Council states that “since 1966, the […]

EU Parliament sues European Commission over not Sanctioning Poland Enough for not Legalizing Gay Marriage and Adoptions

    The European Parliament has sued the executive branch of the EU government, the European Commission, on Friday, for its failure to use the sanctions mechanism against rule-breaking member states like Poland. The mechanism in question was introduced in late 2020 and allows the EU to withhold funding of member states that Brussels sees […]

Canada Breaks Sanctions Imposed on Iran: Recommends Administration of Iranian Vaccine

Posted on October 8, 2021 by uprootedpalestinians  October 8, 2021  By Staff In a guidance document titled: “COVID-19 Guidance for Individuals Vaccinated Outside of Ontario/Canada”, Canada’s Ministry of Health [MOH] officially authorizes Iran’s Barekat COVID-19 vaccine – an indirect recognition of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s efforts in the medical field as well as in […]

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