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Albanians vote in election after a bitter political fight

Albanians are voting in parliamentary elections on Sunday amid the virus pandemic and a bitter rivalry between the two largest political parties. Some 3.6 million eligible voters, including Albanians overseas, will elect 140 lawmakers among some 1,800 candidates from 12 political parties or coalitions and those running independently. No early or postal voting is allowed. […]

VOCI – The Bitter-Enders, Part 2

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Drive to unionize at Amazon warehouse in US voted down after bitter campaign

A contentious unionization drive at an Amazon warehouse in the southern US state of Alabama failed Friday as a vote count showed a wide majority of workers rejected the move. In a tally streamed live online, National Labor Relations Board officials recorded a “no” vote majority of 1,798 to 738, a stinging defeat in the […]

BL – The Bitter-Enders, Part 1

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A Bitter Brotherly Feud: Henry I And His Turbulent Rise To The Throne

After his dazzlingly fast conquest of England, William the Conqueror became one of the most powerful rulers in Europe. Just, decisive, and unyielding, he certainly left a big task for all his followers. And, as we all know too well, when a powerful king such as him is gone, the succession to the throne can […]

In the bitter fight for the truth over aspects of Holocaust, authorities in Poland have lost their bearings

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Is ‘Jewish’ a nationality or religion? Inside Israel’s fierce, bitter debate about identity

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Revealed: How Covid Has Made The UK’s Bitter Housing Crisis Even Worse

Covid has made Britain’s desperate housing crisis worse, with the pandemic fuelling a sharp rise in the number of homeless people living in temporary accommodation, HuffPost UK can reveal. Our investigation has identified the shocking rate at which homelessness increased in the early months of the virus outbreak – and looks set to spiral further […]

B-List Jewish ‘Actor’ Josh Malina Bitter That ‘Antisemite’ Mel Gibson Still A Bigger Star Than Him

Jews change the meanings of words in OUR English language. Not that the English haven’t been total pricks. Like the word gay never mean homosexual. Racism is a word to decribe….wait for it…..Racism! Holy crap! Can you believe it? But if you criticize the self-proclaimed chosen (seminal, first, semitc, demon fallen angel semen) jews, it’s […]

Behind budget chief’s angry resignation: A bitter coronavirus spending fight

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The Bitter Battle of Bubat: Divorcing the Javanese and the Sundanese

The modern-day Java Island of Indonesia now boasts diverse ethnic and religious communities, but the island was once divided by the bitter Battle of Bubat, when a royal wedding turned into a blood bath. The island is traditionally dominated by two of the nation’s largest ethnic groups, the Javanese and the Sundanese, who represent 41 […]

Bitter pill to swallow: Why iodine tablets won’t save you from nuclear fallout

Iodine tablets, widely considered to offer the antidote to nuclear apocalypse, are reportedly the subject of a surge of interest in the wake of the world leaders’ recent saber-rattling. North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un just stated that the “Nuclear Button is on his desk at all times.” Will someone from his depleted and food […]

Bitter Hillary fantasizes about leaving Earth to be president on another planet (fingers crossed Hill!)

     Hillary Clinton really wants to be president – even if that means blasting off from Earth to do so. The failed Democratic candidate recently talked with Now This, a liberal online news outlet, where she pined for a presidency. While discussing a variety of topics, Clinton envisioned leaving Earth and venturing Earth 2, where […]

Saudi Arabia v Iran: What’s behind bitter feud between Middle Eastern powers?

On Monday, Riyadh said that an attack targeting Saudi territory that was launched by Yemeni Houthi rebels on Saturday was in fact orchestrated by Tehran, and denounced it as a “clear act of aggression.” It also used the incident to accuse Iran of “aggression that targets neighboring countries, and threatens peace and security in the […]

Bitter Harvest: A Brilliant Film on the Ukrainian Holodomor

By Bryan Christopher SawyerThe Occidental Observer, 24 Oct 2017 With an endnote by LD “This particular film was extremely important to me, and it felt almost like a mission. I wanted to bring knowledge about the famine genocide, the Holodomor, to the Western world, and that’s why I did it.”        Ian Ihnatowycz, Bitter Harvest Producer […]

Could This Be the Bitter Truth?

Besides the grinding, debilitating repetition, the reason I cant bear to watch comedians do their Donald Trump shtick is that the material is so obviously based on the premise that this guy is somehow unworthy of being our president. That his being elected was a monumental goof, a mistake, that we dont deserve him. In […]

Breaking the Spell of Our Cultural Imprisonment

21st April 2016 By Christina Lavers Contributing Writer for Wake Up World What would the world look like if instead of living our lives according to how we are told we ‘should’ be, we were all free to follow the deep callings of our hearts? Diehard capitalists would recoil at the thought and insist that civilization […]

Carrots over cough medicine! Discover why this veggie is a natural solution

(NaturalNews) Carrots were first cultivated thousands of years ago in the region we now call Afghanistan. Cultivated by Dutch growers during the 16th and 17th centuries, the orange carrot we love today quickly saw an outstanding boost in popularity, often being referred to as one of the ultimate health foods. As it turns […]

Nice earner for Turkey, EU pays them to tackle migration crisis which they have played major part in creating. Jordan gets no help

EU States Divide Cost of Paying Turkey to Handle Refugee Crisis The countries of the European Union have agreed to provide two-thirds of the money which has been offered to tackle the migration crisis in Turkey, media reports said. The member states of the EU will inject two-thirds of the aid package the union has promised to help […]

Record breakers: 100 drones perform orchestral maneuvers in the dark

Reminiscent of the Steven Spielberg movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind, 100 UAVs ‘performed’ an orchestral light and flight show set to Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony.  via GIPHY The record-breaking feat was filmed in Tornesch, Germany, and shows multi-colored drones floating perfectly in sync to music performed by a live orchestra on the ground.  via […]

How the US’ homeless population is changing: it’s older and sicker

Margot Kushel (TC) : On any given night in the United States, according to the Department of Housing and Urban Development, over half a million people are without a home. That number may have decreased nationwide in the past few years, but California remains on the forefront of the problem, accounting for 20 percent of the […]

Toxic Firefighting Foam Has Contaminated U.S. Drinking Water

LORI CERVERA HAD ALWAYS been an active person. She liked camping, playing outdoors with her kids, and practically lived in her running shoes. She didn’t have much patience for illness. So when she developed a dull ache on her right side in May 2014, Cervera took a few Tylenol and did her best to ignore […]


above – From left, Rabbi Levi Shemtov, White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough and Rabbi Abraham Shemtov Right in front of the Rainbow House. While nativity scenes are banned across the country because they offend Jews and other subhuman filth, the Jews themselves are blessed by the government in being allowed to light a […]

Russia About To Confront NATO As Military Drills Heat Up

NATO’s Trident Juncture military drills have entered a more confrontational phase with Russia, as both Russian forces and NATO show their military might in large-scale military drills in close proximity to each other. reports: There are 36,000 troops taking part in the NATO drills in the Mediterranean region. The active phase of the NATO […]

Prawns reveal the secrets of innovation

Even in a calm, unchanging environment, cells are not static. Among other actions, cells activate and then deactivate some types of transcription factors—proteins that control the expression of genes—in a series of unpredictable … Source Article from 00

Britain Considers Pulling out of European Convention on Human Rights when Armed Forces Sent into Combat

Michaela Whitton (AM) : Senior Whitehall figures are drawing up controversial plans to ensure that Britain’s armed forces will no longer be subject to legal claims by their enemies over human rights violations. Whitehall, Downing Street. Photo courtesy of Bob Jenkin. Guaranteed to have Brits in Middle England choking on their morning croissants, Saturday’s claims […]

Fear and Loathing In Libya: Bitter Fruit Of Revolution

  RT September 13, 2011 Amnesty International has called on Libya’s new authorities to prevent human rights abuses. There are allegations of violations committed by both rebels and Colonel Gaddafi’s troops. Most of the country is now under rebel control, with only a few pockets of Gaddafi loyalists still fighting. But some people in the […]

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