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Predictably, Rabid RINO Mitt Romney wants NO investigations of Hunter Biden’s crime sprees

RINO Mitt Romney Calls For Investigations Into Hunter Biden to END – But There’s Much More to This Story Source

FNC’s Roberts: Biden’s Recent Rhetoric Isn’t New, He Said Romney Would Put People ‘Back in Chains’

On Tuesday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “America Reports,” co-host John Roberts stated that President Joe Biden’s recent remarks aren’t new because Biden has engaged in similar language in the past, including during the 2012 campaign, when he said

Utah County Censures Mitt Romney for Trump Impeachment Vote

Weber County GOP censured Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) Saturday during its convention for the senator’s vote to impeach former President Donald Trump earlier this year. The resolution to censure Romney was passed 116-97 by the members from the Weber County GOP, according to County Party Secretary Jill Koford. “The Weber County Republican Convention censures Mitt Romney […]

NYT’s Friedman: ‘God Bless’ Liz Cheney, Mitt Romney ‘Standing Up for Our Democracy’

New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman said Monday night on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360” that Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) and Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) are “standing up for our democracy” by opposing the notion former President Donald Trump didn’t lose the 2020 presidential election. Friedman said, “When people ask me how I feel, I give an answer […]

Even Rino Romney Admits ‘Trump Would Win in 2024’

RINO Senator Mitt Romney has admitted that Donald Trump would win the 2024 GOP nomination in a landslide if he decided to run again. The anti-Trump Utah senator also admitted that Trump is likely to dominate the Republican Party in the foreseeable future. “He has by far the largest voice and a big impact in […]

Romney: Disingenuous for Republicans to Criticize Democrats After Big Spending Under Trump

Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) said Tuesday on the “Utah Politics” podcast that it is disingenuous for Republicans to criticize Democrats for spending trillions of dollars on another coronavirus relief package after the GOP did not express deficit concerns under former President Donald Trump. Romney said, “There’s no question that if you begin doing things which break precedent or break […]

RINO Romney: Trump’s Impeachment Will Bring Glorious ‘Unity in Our Country’

Trump-hating Senator Mitt Romney has declared that impeaching Donald Trump will bring unity to America. Speaking to anti-Trump host Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday, Romney was asked his views on the upcoming impeachment trial of the former president. “Senator, do you support holding this impeachment trial, and what do you think the rules should […]

Mitt Romney Slams Josh Hawley over Planned Electoral College Objection

Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT), a longtime critic of President Donald Trump, lashed out at Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) over his plans to object to during the Electoral College certification process on Capitol Hill on January 6. Romney, speaking to CNN, said Hawley’s objection would continue to spread the “false rumor that somehow the election was stolen.” […]

Mitt Romney GUSHES Over Joe Biden: “Congratulations President-Elect”

Mitt Romney was the first GOP politician to gush and congratulate “president elect” Joe Biden over his alleged victory on Saturday. He’s such a traitor. Mitt hates Trump more than Biden does. Ann and I extend our congratulations to President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris. We know both of them as people of […]

Why is Trump’s Administration Obstructing Justice vs. Goldman Sachs & Romney’s Bain Cap?

By Aaron Kesel This is as alarming as it gets, where fascism 101 is annihilating basic civil rights to protect the 1% from being held accountable; preventing long-awaited justice for the 99% that is way overdue. We simply cannot allow oligarchs like Mitt Romney to be above the law. Unfortunately, President Trump doesn’t […]

DOJ Gifts Romney’s Bain Unlimited Get Out Of Jail Free Cards

By Aaron Kesel Recently, the NY Post‘s Josh Kosman reported that “Romney’s Bain Capital has plunged 2 toy retailers into bankruptcy”; he apparently missed a few other Toy company bankruptcies from Bain’s history. The first issue is Mitt Romney & Bain Capital entered into the toy industry by Mattel investors who endured a […]

Trump Officially Announces Comrade Pence as VP

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer July 16, 2016 Here’s the full Trump-Pence announcement event held in New York City at the New York Hilton Midtown. Pence seems like an alright guy. Nothing to get all excited about, but nothing to get rustled about. It’s two strong White men. That’s what’s important. It’s also important that Pence looks […]

Disingenuous, hell-bound, faggoty rabbi Michael Lerner fails miserably to rip God’s choice of Donald J. Trump for US president, at Muhammad Ali’s funeral

Disingenuous, hell-bound, faggoty rabbi Michael Lerner fails miserably to rip God’s choice of Donald J. Trump for US president, at Muhammad Ali’s funeral This is just one more example of the reprobate, Christ killing Jews’ hypocrisy; and only further exposes their incorrigible, rat-like, subversive disposition and leftist, liberal/ commie  propaganda used to undo ordinary White Christian […]

“Three Black Teenagers”: Uproar over Facts

The current controlled media “uproar” over the Google image “three black teenagers” search result seeks to hide the fact that blacks commit—and are prosecuted and imprisoned—at rates far higher than whites. The Google image search “uproar” was started this week when black Twitter user Kabir Alli posted a video showing the difference in results […]

Google Offices Firebombed

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer May 21, 2016 Who could be responsible? Moslems? Anti-captialists? Apple fans? Daily Mail: Two incendiary devices thought to be Molotov cocktails started a fire at the Google headquarters in California, causing minor damage to a street view car and the exterior of one building, police said. Firefighters were called at around […]

Liberals PRAISE ‘Precious’ Muslim Cop, Then Fellow Officers Saw THIS On His Phone

Dean James III% AMERICA’S FREEDOM FIGHTERS – Here’s one for the bleeding heart liberals that claim that most Muslims are just like us. The libs cite the fact that they are respectable citizens, teachers, shop owners and even police officers while calling those of us that disagree with their Islamic utopia “ISLAMAPHOBICS.” While our counterparts on […]

Bill O’Reilly Says Trump Isn’t the New Hitler

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Wacko Romney Goes on Jimmy Kimmel to Further Assail Glorious Leader

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer March 10, 2016 The smug loser Mitt Romney went on Jimmy Kimmel Live earlier this week and read out mean Tweets. What a total loser. Jimmy was like “this is the first time we’ve ever had someone one because they are trying to stop something from happening.” Donald responded on Fox and […]

FOX News Issues BLISTERING Statement on TRUMP Presidency That Has MILLIONS Ticked

Dean James III% AMERICA’S FREEDOM FIGHTERS – Mitt Romney came out of the woodwork the other day to blast Donald Trump in an attempt to get other Republicans to do whatever it takes to stop Trump from winning. What a foolish thing to do. Where was Romney when we NEEDED him? He choked against Obama. He […]

Cultural Marxist RT Commentator Sukant Chandan Calls for Genocide of White Europe

From: Youtube description: RT commentator Sukant Chandan calls for Europe to be flooded by Black, Brown and Asian people by the “hundreds of millions” until the continent is turned “Black.” Source: Source Article from

Labeling GMO: Dems put forward new bill as ‘Dark Act’ pushed on the hill

From: US Senate Democrats have offered an alternative GMO labeling bill that would require manufacturers to disclose the presence of GMOs to consumers, while still allowing them to choose how to comply with the law. Rather than blocking consumers access to information they want, the US Senate should move forward […]

Call It What It Is: America Is A Police State

Over the years in my own articles, I have used the terms “creeping fascism,” “growing police state,” and “descent into totalitarianism” among others to describe the domestic situation in which we find ourselves. I have often written that, if Americans do not stand up to the myriad of laws being passed by Federal, State, and […]

College Student Ashamed Her Father Is A Republican, Until He Said THIS…

Dean James III% AMERICA’S FREEDOM FIGHTERS – Every now and then America’s Freedom Fighters likes to take a break from the every day problems we all deal with when it comes to the troubles our country and world are facing and like they say, ‘Laughter is THE BEST MEDICINE!’ We hope you enjoy! THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN […]

Using Republicans as Shield, Clinton Dodges Again on Wall Street Speeches

Just what exactly did Hillary Clinton tell Wall Street bankers when she thought only they were listening? “I am very happy to release all of my paid speeches to Wall Street. Here it is… There ain’t none.” —Bernie SandersWhen she was first asked the question last month by a journalist during a campaign […]

Romney Picks Notorious Neocon as Lead Foreign Policy Adviser

  Kurt Nimmo October 8, 2011 GOP front-runner Mitt Romney – who has promised us another century of mass murder and crimes against humanity – has picked a neocon as his new foreign policy adviser. Walid Phares is a Lebanese terrorism “expert” who often makes the rounds to denounce enemies of the empire (usually […]

Romney: God Wants U.S. to Lead, Not Follow

  Associated Press September 7, 2011 Mitt Romney, the leading Republican presidential candidate, is calling for a century of American dominance in his first major foreign policy address, outlining plans to strengthen the U.S. military while rejecting multilateral institutions like the United Nations when necessary. The former Massachusetts governor also condemns the isolationist policies supported […]

Nightmare neocons join Team Romney

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney announced today a star-studded roster of conservative shot-callers that he has acquired to advise him on national security and foreign policy issues. For opponents of the George W Bush administration, however, you might want to stop reading right now. Among those that grace the list released by Romney’s camp today […]

Romney: Wall Street Protests ‘Class Warfare’

Sarah B. BoxerNational Journal October 5, 2011 THE VILLAGES, Fla. – Republican presidential frontrunner Mitt Romney on Tuesday compared the current anti-Wall Street protests to “class warfare.” “I think it’s dangerous, this class warfare,” Romney said to an audience of about 50 people in response to a question about the protests over such issues as […]

Hypocrite Romney Is Just As Elitist As Obama

  Attempt to appear as “man of the people” falls flat Steve Sept 27, 2011 The corporate media’s declared GOP front runner Mitt Romney has been attempting to win over voters recently by painting himself up as a “man of the people”, arguing that Obama’s Ivy League education and elitism serves as a distinct […]

Why Are Rick Perry And Mitt Romney Getting About Twice As Much Talking Time?

  The American Dream Sept 26, 2011 Considering the fact that no real votes will be cast until next year and considering the fact that the polls are constantly changing, shouldn’t all of the candidates participating in the Republican debates be given roughly the same amount of time to talk?  After all, what kind of […]

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