Why is Trump’s Administration Obstructing Justice vs. Goldman Sachs & Romney’s Bain Cap?

By Aaron Kesel

This is as alarming as it gets, where fascism 101 is annihilating basic civil rights to protect the 1% from being held accountable; preventing long-awaited justice for the 99% that is way overdue.

We simply cannot allow oligarchs like Mitt Romney to be above the law.

Unfortunately, President Trump doesn’t see it that way. (At least that’s the way it appears by his appointment of auspicious suspicious individuals connected to organized crime.)

Our nation’s laws provide a pathway to address grievances; but a D.C. local federal District Court circumvented the law, in a particular instance, doing a Twilight Zone flip-flop of a case docket that seems like it would only be something that happens in the movies.

In the case of HAAS v. TRUMP (D.C. District Court docket number – 1:17-cv-00861) the Washington D.C. Clerk of Court (unlawfully) refused to docket Laser Haas’s lawsuit.

Laser sued Donald Trump (in his official capacity) seeking, with good reasons, to block the nomination of Jay Clayton, to be head of the Securities and Exchanges Commission (SEC).

Though this reporter has been doing a series on Wall Street organized crimes (hereherehere here), – not even my editors, nor I, ever expected that we would see a Clerk of Federal Court (especially one in Washington D.C.) – daring to openly tamper with a federal case docket (a felony).

Apparently, the powers-that-be realized there was potential that the HAAS v. TRUMP litigation would go viral. So, the Washington, D.C. Clerk of District Federal Court appears to have been ordered to makes excuses to refuse to clock in and file Laser Haas’s request for a Temporary Restraint Order (TRO) against Trump’s nomination of Jay Clayton to be Commissioner of the SEC.

It took nearly 9 weeks (from March 22nd, 2017 reception – until May 24th, 2017) before the case minister finally put Laser’s Complaint into the docket record; after it was clocked in on May 9th, 2017.

The thing is, unbeknownst to the clerk, Haas actually has had much experience with court filings. Laser immediately reached out to the court clerk to get an explanation wondering what was going on.

This is Laser’s email request to the Clerk….

From:        [email protected]
To:        [email protected]
Date:        03/22/2017 04:31 PM
Subject:        [Clerk of the Court] Item not in docket -today
Sent by:        [email protected] Laser Steven Haas ([email protected]) sent a message using the contact form at http://www.dcd.uscourts.gov/contact.

Spent considerable money to send an item overnight – confirmed received, this
morning – by District Court, District of Columbia but I don’t see it in the record. Please explain?

This was the Clerk’s response Good Afternoon:

In order to process your request the Court will need the following information:  Case Caption and case number. Thank you,
Ms. Watson

Laser then went on to explain to the clerk the problem was the clerk’s failure to docket the case; which would have provided the case number in question.

Then the Clerk said she was waiting for the Court to determine if Laser Haas would be entitled to filing under the “poor man’s” protocol (informs pauperis).

Haas then asked the clerk “so you are going to spend thousands of dollars of FBI and IRS Agents time to see if a person has $400? – Isn’t it sufficient the Court form for poor man says is testified to, under penalty of perjury”?

Could anyone imagine a death row inmate filing an appeal to stay an execution on the morrow? But albeit the Clerk of Court stated – “we’ll wait”!

Nine weeks later the clerk finally put the March 22nd received item into the record on May 24th, after the judge signed an Order dismissing the case on May 5th; which wasn’t even clocked in by the clerk until May 9th.

Not only is this what actually took place, the rigging of the case is so brazen, the record details the facts, as you can see from this clocked docket picture. But that’s far from the only thing rigged in Laser’s cases.

Even more bizarre, the time stamping of Laser’s Complaint has an extraordinary notation of “F Deck”. Can you guess what “F Deck” means?

We think it means that, when it comes to the Constitution of the United States and the Trump Administration – we’re all F’d…


Issues at hand include Obstruction

Haas has been in courts, around the country, including State, Bankruptcy Court, Districts and Circuit Courts, battling Wall Street crimes that mainstream media outlets still refuse to address, for over 18 years. That’s why this reporter has consistently referred to him as a “serial whistleblower” on Wall St. financial misconducts.

For some reason unrelenting, it appears to take 20 years to bring down fraudsters like Tom Petters or Bernie Madoff.

Laser has extensively documented, to this reporter, the facts that Goldman Sachs was a partner with Bain Capital, in organized crimes which often had Paul Traub (a partner and control of Tom Petters Ponzi) and the law firm of Morris Nichols Arsht & Tunnell (MNAT) involved in massive racketeering conspiracies.

20 years ago Goldman Sachs partnered up with Bain Capital in “The Learning Company” saga, which defrauded Mattel of $4 billion. (See the details in my story – here.)

Around the same time, Goldman Sachs scammed their client (eToys) for hundreds of millions of dollars.

In 2013, The New York Times reported that the documents on eToys, “clearly show that Goldman knew exactly what it was doing when it underpriced the eToys I.P.O. — and many others as well.”

Prior to that time, Mitt Romney was allowed to keep hundreds of millions of dollars from Michael Milken junk bonds fraud for Stage Stores’ dealings. It appears the funds may have remained (unusually so) in place, because the judge presiding on Milken’s case had his wife as a key executive of the Stage Stores deals (see Matt Taibbi’s Rolling Stone story “Greed and Debt”).

Inexplicably and intolerably, every state and federal court, and many federal agents and agencies, are willfully blind to observable RICO crimes by the aforementioned parties by refusing to act.

That’s just plain crooked…

Mitt owned Bain Capital, which owns Clear Channel Communications (renamed iHeart) that has 800 stations; this allows for control of the narrative.

That’s not all. On top of all that, Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital own another $100 billion dollars worth of entities, including outright control or major investment in – Fingerhut, Color Labs, DocuSign, HCA, Edgar Online, LinkedIn, PGA Media, RealNexus, as well as Goldman Sachs itself separately involved with NYT DealBook.

Oddly enough, you don’t see any of the troubled or bankrupt companies listed at Bain Capital Ventures’ website (such as Clear Channel/ iHeart or Toys R Us).

The fact of the matter is, Laser Haas alleges (substantially to this reporter) that Goldman Sachs’ partnership with Bain Capital includes unjust enrichment of billions of dollars in frauds at least during both firms early years via their lawyers’ illegitimate dealings by MNAT, Paul Traub, and Sullivan and Cromwell.

It is also publicly known that Jay Clayton’s wife Gretchen was a partner at Goldman Sachs, whilst Jay was a partner of Sullivan and Cromwell (that represents Goldman Sachs).

If that’s not enough, Clayton was invested in Bain Capital himself.

Haas has previously documented the fact that his eToys (then a public company) sued Goldman Sachs in New York Supreme Court case 601805/2002.

Laser also documented the facts that eToys, Mattel, KB and Fingerhut were defrauded by Goldman Sachs partnership with Bain Capital including publicly documented deceit by their lawyers of MNAT, Paul Traub, and Sullivan and Cromwell.

However, the FBI, DOJ, OIG, Public Integrity Section and SEC don’t seem to care about these flagrant crimes, which are now documented by Laser to be in excess of at least 100 instances.

Others responsible for enforcing law have harassed the serial whistleblower with threats of imprisonment for telling his tale, despite multiple homicides connected to the eToys case. But still, Laser keeps fighting, hoping there is someone who will listen to his plight and read all the documented facts against Wall St. (see – here)

This is why HAAS sued TRUMP, the DOJ, FBI and SEC naming Jay Clayton, and seeking a TRO until the Senate could be informed about these nationally significant and important dynamics.

But the Clerk of the Washington, D.C. District Court flatly refused to docket the case until a massive 3-weeks after Jay Clayton was confirmed by a Cloture vote.

That meant the HAAS v. TRUMP case was kaput…

Being that these crimes remain unaddressed with corruption of the federal prosecutor observable, that means these cases of SEC, Bankruptcy and RICO crimes still remain open issues that have no statute of limitations for investigation.

After all, Mitt Romey can’t “retroactively” retire from everything! (Sorry Mittens your hands were in Mike Milken’s cookie jars and cookies passed to Michael Glazer, Barry Gold, and The New York Bagman and Control Of Tom Petters Ponzi himself who ties the picture altogether to the bankruptcy ring, Paul Roy Traub!)

Laser argues Trump is protecting Bain Capital to protect Goldman Sachs

Back when Trump was running for President, Mitt Romney was super critical of The Donald, calling him a “phony” and a “fraud.”

Everybody knows that Trump has no mercy for his critics.

However, if you will remember, Donald Trump went out of his way to have a very public dinner with Mitt Romney (which Laser believes was a snow job).

Trump met with Romney allegedly to discuss a potential seat in his administration. Subsequently, after that auspicious event, Romney came out stating suddenly that Trump is the right man for President adding he is “the very man who can lead us,” according to Reuters.

Later, Mitt criticized Trump about the Charlottesville White Supremacist attack that killed Heather Heyer.

Time Magazine detailed a layout of the Tweets exchanged between Mitt and Donald.

Although various outlets touted that the President was considering Romney for Secretary of State, there were no official press releases to that effect; just a VP Pence comment (but Pence wasn’t at the dinner).

Haas argues, with much sound reasoning, that the public dinner was a way that Trump could meet and discuss things with Mitt, where nobody else could sit in on the conversation.

During his campaign, Trump promised to “drain the swamp” of everything Goldman Sachs; but Donald has done quite the opposite and filled the swamp with everyone you can imagine from war hawks like Mike Pompeo and John Bolton to Goldman Sachs alumni.

Once in power, Trump pulled a role reversal just like every president before him and he immediately appointed multiple Goldman Sachs-associated parties to key Cabinet positions (including Jay Clayton to the SEC).

Meanwhile, a psyop Qanon has brewed on the Internet stating “trust the plan,” as Trump has presently appointed bankers and war hawks alike to help run his government doing anything but what he promised to do, “drain the swamp.”

Now President Trump has also nominated another associate of Romney and Goldman Sachs to a key government position. This is quite alarming.

Specifically, Trump nominated a former federal prosecutor (Colm Connolly) who switched sides as a “revolved door” at Goldman Sachs/Bain Capital law firm partner at MNAT. (Résumé from DOJ website.)

This particular selection is very alarming. So much so, that this reporter did a detailed résumé story (here) about the facts of Colm Connolly being a federal prosecutor who protected Goldman Sachs & Bain Capital from federal investigation.

Those facts of cronyism, cover-up and corruption most certainly disqualify Connolly from being chosen to prevent worse harms as a federal judge.

Laser has pointed out that Trump having any knowledge of these issues, of Romney, Paul Traub, Bain Capital, or Goldman Sachs crimes, when Trump’s Administration ignores Laser’s case filings, clearly shows the bad faith nominations are being allowed to go forward, and this could be Obstruction of Justice.

Corroborating Laser Haas’s contentions are the facts that, despite the D.C. Clerk of Court belated docketing of the HAAS v. TRUMP lawsuit seeking a TRO – the fact is – Trump’s Administration got the memo.

On March 22, 2017, the FBI, SEC, DOJ & Administration received Laser Haas’ Complaint; which contains details on how the Jay Clayton nomination for SEC is the same thing as the bad faith of having Colm Connolly as a federal prosecutor over Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital federal cases.

Not only has a year passed since the confirmation of Jay Clayton as head of the SEC (Jay was confirmed on May 2nd, 2017), the nomination of Colm Connolly is so perverse that Trump also nominated a former partner of Connolly’s (Maryellen Noreika) who is still an associate at Goldman Sachs/Bain Capital law firm – of MNAT.

It seems that the Administration believes it is above the law in many ways; and that Trump can protect Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital associates from being investigated or prosecuted to protect Trump’s swamp of Goldman Sachs pals by deregulating Wall St.

Trump’s Administration is blatantly using Executive privilege to Obstruct Justice and protect the “too big to fail bankers.”

And that’s the furthest thing from being right…

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