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Biden Mulls Tapping US Army’s Own Funds In Scramble To Arm Ukraine

The Biden White House is so desperate to provide further immediate funding to Ukraine, with the House still firmly blocking the sought after $60+ billion, that it is considering a move to try and tap $200 million from US Army funding. While $200 million is a drop in the bucket compared to the total Ukraine aid […]

Schiff riding high amidst a fierce scramble for 2nd place in CA Senate race

LOS ANGELES — Rep. Adam Schiff holds a clear lead in the race to represent California in the U.S. Senate, according to a new POLITICO | Morning Consult poll, leaving him well-positioned to advance after the upcoming March primary. The fiercer fight is for the number two spot in the general election, with Republican Steve […]

Palestinians Scramble For Safety As Israel Pounds Sealed-Off Gaza Strip To Punish Hamas

Aid organizations pleaded for the creation of humanitarian corridors to get aid into Gaza, warning that hospitals overwhelmed with wounded were running out of supplies. Source

Romney retirement sets off Utah GOP scramble

Sen. Mitt Romney’s (R-Utah) decision to not seek reelection is setting off a scramble among Utah Republicans to fill his seat in 2024.  A moderate Republican and an outspoken critic of former President Trump, Romney announced on Wednesday that he’ll retire when his first term in the upper chamber ends in 2025, calling for a “new generation… […]

Democrats Scramble To Find Replacement For Retiring Mitt Romney

READ HERE:   Source

Europe’s energy crisis: European nations scramble to help households with soaring bills

Europe is facing a sharp rise in power bills driven by skyrocketing gas prices. Source

More Countries Scramble To Curb Omicron

THE HAGUE, Netherlands (AP) — With each passing hour, new restrictions were being slapped on travel from countries in southern Africa as the world scurried Saturday to contain a new variant of the coronavirus that has the potential to be more resistant to the protection offered by vaccines. A host of countries, including Australia, Brazil, […]

Democrats Scramble as Rumors Cast Doubt on Biden’s 2024 Run

As Vice President Kamala Harris continues to flounder in the polls, Democrats are scrambling to dispel rumors that President Biden will not run in the 2024 election while maintaining a dose of healthy realism. Last week, former Sen. Chris Dodd (D-CT), a longtime friend of the president, sparked a wave of speculation when he suggested […]

DHS, CNN Scramble To Flip Biden Afghanistan Narrative Back To Domestic ‘White Supremacists’ Threat

In a bid to recapture the narrative and distract the minds of Americans from the Afghan farce, the Biden administration and liberal media appear to be attempting to shift the focus to who they believe the real enemy is… “White supremacist and anti-government extremists have expressed admiration for what the Taliban accomplished, a worrying development […]

Locals in Turkey scramble to fight the fire surrounding their village

These were the dramatic scenes as locals in southern Turkey scrambled to fight a wildfire that had surrounded their village. Villagers in Cokertme raced to get a water hose long enough to reach the flames. Others tried to usher their farm animals from danger. One local resident said: “I feel very tired and helpless. We […]

Leftists Scramble to Delete Tweets After Falsely Claiming Boulder Mass Shooter Was White

Leftists across Twitter, many of them journalists, scrambled to delete tweets after they falsely claimed the Boulder mass shooter, an Islamist from Syria who reportedly had ISIS sympathies, was “white.” Earlier today, the gunman was revealed as Ahmad Al-Issa, a migrant from Syria who routinely complained about Donald Trump, “racism” and “Islamophobia” on his Facebook […]

California Democrats scramble to fight Newsom recall, close ranks

The message must be “about why even unhappy Californians should not sign these poisonous petitions,” he said in an interview. “Our collective action should be all about reducing signatures that would create this political chaos.” But time is running out, he conceded. “It’s really about the next 30 days,” when the recall campaign must show […]

In pictures: Guns drawn as lawmakers scramble amid US Capitol breach

Pictures from inside the US Capitol revealed unprecedented scenes of guns drawn in the House of Representatives and hand-to-hand combat with police after protesters stormed the building. The nation’s elected representatives scrambled to crouch under desks and donned gas marks, while police tried to barricade the building in one of the most jarring scenes ever […]

Chaotic scenes as fans scramble to see coffin of football hero Diego Maradona

Fans mourning the death of Argentine footballer Diego Maradona scuffled with police outside Casa Rosada, where his coffin is lying in state. The mourners pushed up against steel barriers and then brawled with riot police who pushed back against them with shields. Maradona, who scored the “Hand of God” goal in 1986 and led his […]

Germany and EU partners scramble to save Iran deal

EU leaders are keen to salvage the deal shaped by Obama’s administration after President Trump on May 12th pulled the US out of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). The deal, in which Iran committed to denuclearize in exchange for the lifting of economic sanctions, was signed by Iran, the US and the international […]

Tech Giants Scramble For Supply In The Next Lithium War

We’re facing an imminent crisis in global lithium markets. Demand is growing exponentially, and lithium consumers are facing a 100,000-ton shortfall by 2025. Traditional lithium brine projects take too long to put into production. At up to 48 months, they won’t be able to close the supply gap on their own. The industry […]

Last Bid Scramble by US and Client States to Save Face as Syria Marches to Victory

Finian CunninghamStrategic Culture It’s been a more-than-usual eventful week in the Middle East. Russian-backed forces made yet more significant military gains in defeating US-sponsored proxies in Syria, with a fearsome display of long-range Russian air and naval firepower against militant hold-outs near Deir ez-Zor. That was while Russian President Vladimir Putin was greeted in the […]

‘He threw a fit’: Trump’s anger over Iran deal forced aides to scramble for a compromise

The Washington Post | Anne Gearan: President Trump was livid. Why, he asked his advisers in mid-July, should he go along with what he considered the failed Obama-era policy toward Iran and prop up an international nuclear deal he saw as disastrous? He was incensed by the arguments of Secretary of State Rex ­Tillerson, Defense […]

UK Scramble Jets To Intercept Russian Warplanes

Britain was forced to scramble two RAF fighter jets from an airbase in Scotland on Saturday as two Russian warplanes flew dangerously close to British airspace. The Ministry of Defense confirmed that the jets successfully intercepted Russian planes after they were scrambled from Lossiemouth Royal Air Force base in north east Scotland on Saturday morning. […]

US strike on Syrian forces and the larger scramble for post-Islamic State Syria

     The recent strike on a Syrian military convoy within Syrian territory by US military forces represents another incremental escalation by Washington within the region, and another example of American unilateral military aggression worldwide. The tactical scope of the attack was relatively limited, but strategically, the stakes particularly along Syria’s territorial boundaries have been raised […]

The Scramble for Access to Libya’s Oil Wealth Begins

CLIFFORD KRAUSSNY Times Aug 24, 2011 HOUSTON — The fighting is not yet over in Tripoli, but the scramble to secure access to Libya’s oil wealth has already begun. Before the rebellion broke out in February, Libya exported 1.3 million barrels of oil a day. While that is less than 2 percent of world supplies, […]

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