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Clintons’ Secret Pedophile and Cannibal Club in Haiti Exposed By Locals

The Clintons have long considered Haiti to be their personal playground where they can indulge in their wildest fantasies with close friends from the global elite, according to Haitians who allege the Democrat power couple […] The post Clintons’ Secret Pedophile and Cannibal Club in Haiti Exposed By Locals appeared first on The People's Voice. […]

The aftermath of Lahaina: observations of locals

Premiered Sep 30, 2023 LAHAINA Craig “Pasta” Jardula talks with the people of Maui in the wake of the Lahaina Fire. They share their stories about the night of the fire, their opinions on the Government’s response, and their journey moving forward. Craig also explores the community aid camps where Locals are directly helping Locals, […]

The QAnon Queen Has Taken Over an Empty School and Locals Want Her the Hell Out

A QAnon influencer who has somehow convinced her followers that she’s the true “Queen of Canada” has holed herself and her closest followers up in an abandoned school in rural Saskatchewan, and the townsfolk want her out. Just under two weeks ago Romana Didulo, better known as the QAnon Queen, rolled into Richmound, Saskatchewan, and […]

Shelby Thomson Interview – Locals Convinced Maui Fires Not Accident As Evidence Suggests Foul Play

Joining me today Shelby Thomson, co-founder of Unjected, and resident of Maui, here to discuss what she has witnessed, as well as what her family experienced, in surviving the fires that have devastated the island of Maui, and entirely destroyed the historic and rebellious town of Lahaina. We discuss the many failures and ineptitudes of […]

Angry Greek locals launch sunbed war on British tourist hotspots in bid to stop holidaymakers from taking over beaches

Greek coastal crusaders have declared a sunbed war on British tourist hotspots, pledging to fight back against the ‘abusive occupation’ of beaches. The so-called ‘Towel Movement’ was set up in Paros by jaded residents, tired of not being able to find a free space on beaches due to aggressive sunbed firms. They argue that illegal […]

Locals are sick of Americans moving to Mexico City-And Texicans are sick Of yankees & Mexicans Invading the Occupied illegally by the USA Corporation for 158 years and counting, Republic of Texas.

If I ever got the chance I would piss on the grave of the rabidly racist against blacks closet homosexual atheist war criminal mass murderer Lincoln myself.Not real fond of ole Teddy myself.But then I am not an illegal criminal Mexican Citizen in the land either.Ship these invading criminals back to Mexico City. Folks in […]

Mykonos locals fed up with ‘champagne’ tourism

Celebrity favourite Mykonos island has made mint being the playground for the rich and famous but locals are starting to feel that development has gone too far writes Helena Smith for The Guardian. Another local, Irene Syrianou, who is trying to promote Mykonos’s culture through mosaics inspired by the magnificent examples found among the ruins […]

Californians and other Americans are flooding Mexico City. Some locals want them to go home

As a Texican, I know how they feel. ‘THERE ARE ROADS GOING NORTH & SOUTH OUT OF TEXAS’ Mexico is #1 illegal Criminal Mexico citizens back to Mexico. (But first pay me for the three vehicles wrecked by illegal Mexicans driving like they are still in Mexico and the spare tire they stole out of […]

Theorist of Blue Homeland: “Locals on Mytilene, Samos and Kastelorizo will revolt if we blockade the islands”

The isolation and exclusion of Mytilene, Samos and Kastelorizo ​​is demanded by the nationalist influencer Cihat Yaycı, a retired Admiral and “theorist” of the “Blue Homeland”, in order to put pressure on Greece for the demilitarisation of its Aegean islands. “We can bring Greece to its knees without fighting,” he told a Haber Turk show,… […]

Hungary to Charge Foreigners More at Fuel Pumps to Keep Supply for Locals

Petrol stations in Hungary were sites of chaos this week as foreign vehicle owners rushed to buy fuel before the country raises prices for foreigners, with some even being turned away. Hungarian petrol prices are much cheaper than in many

China: Communists Sicken Shanghai Locals with Mystery ‘Disinfection’ Tablets

Communist Party officials in charge of a Shanghai district were forced to issue a public apology on Saturday after “disinfection” tablets they recently planted throughout the district emitted toxic fumes which caused several locals to become ill.

Ukraine war: ‘He put his hands up, they shot him’ — Bucha locals allege Russian atrocities

Bodies with bound hands, close-range gunshot wounds and signs of torture lay scattered in a city on the outskirts of Kyiv after Russian soldiers withdrew from the area. Ukrainian authorities accused the departing forces on Sunday of committing war crimes and leaving behind a “scene from a horror movie.” Russia’s Defence Ministry has rejected the […]

UNIFIL Vehicle Runs Over Two Locals in Southern Lebanon Town

Posted on December 22, 2021 by uprootedpalestinians  December 22, 2021 A UNIFIL patrol invaded Chaqra town in southern Lebanon and tried to install spy cameras before running over two locals. It is worth reminding that UNIFIL patrols. in accordance with the UN Resolution 1701, must be accompanied by Lebanese Army units. In details, two of […]

Tis The Season: Christmas Carolers Delight Locals By Going Door To Door Singing ‘Let’s Go Brandon’

Tis The Season: Christmas Carolers Delight Locals By Going Door To Door Singing ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ MEMPHIS, TN—How touching! According to sources, a local group of Christmas carolers is spreading holiday cheer throughout the area by going door to door singing “Let’s Go Brandon!” to friends and neighbors.  “It’s been a rough year for many […]

Canary Islands volcano still erupting, ash worries locals

Six weeks after a volcano erupted on the Spanish island of La Palma, vast amounts of ash and lava continued to cover buildings and farmland. Spain’s military emergency unit (UME) and ground army were working in the exclusion area, removing ash from the roofs of buildings. According to emergency officials, some lava flows reached a […]

Lockdowns Widen in China as Locals Doubt Official COVID-19 Figures

People in many Chinese cities, under heavy lockdown due to COVID-19 outbreaks, are concerned that infection numbers are being underreported. A spokesperson for the Chinese National Health Commission Mi Feng said at a press conference on Friday: “As of now, the diagnosed local [COVID-19] cases have risen for 19 consecutive days, and involved 16 provinces.” […]

Locals protest against construction around Lake Balaton in Hungary

There is a renewed wave of outcry against planned construction around Lake Balaton in Hungary. Developers aim to build apartment blocks, houses, a residential park, a visitor center and hotels close to the harbor of Tihany, a Unesco Word Heritage site. Locals are demanding that this unique area be left designated a green zone and […]

Tourists and locals on the hunt for water in Rome heatwave

Italy is being hit this week by a heatwave causing wildfires in the south of the country, particularly in Sicily and Calabria, where a UNESCO-listed natural park is under threat. Meanwhile in Rome, tourists and locals hunt for fountains to refresh themselves and cope with the high temperatures. Source

Locals in Turkey scramble to fight the fire surrounding their village

These were the dramatic scenes as locals in southern Turkey scrambled to fight a wildfire that had surrounded their village. Villagers in Cokertme raced to get a water hose long enough to reach the flames. Others tried to usher their farm animals from danger. One local resident said: “I feel very tired and helpless. We […]

Afghanistan: Lashkar Gah locals urged to evacuate amid battle with Taliban

Civilians were urged by the Afghan army to evacuate the southern city of Lashkar Gah as security forces prepare an operation against the Taliban. Fighting in the area has already led to significant civilian injuries and deaths, according to the UN mission in Afghanistan. At least 40 civilians have been killed and more than a […]

Kazan school shooting: locals create makeshift memorial for victims

People in the Russian town of Kazan are struggling to come to terms with a school shooting in which at least nine people died. Seven students and two staff members have died in the attack. A 19-year-old suspect has been detained. Many locals have left candles, flowers and toys at a makeshift memorial set up […]

Locals demand justice after death toll in Rio de Janeiro’s most lethal police raid on favela rises to 28 (PHOTOS)

Residents of the slums in Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro rallied in protest after police carried out one of the deadliest raids in the city’s history. The number of those killed in the operation has grown to 28. Rio’s Civil Police chief Allan Turnowski told reporters that the dead were drug dealers who “fired at the […]

Chinese City Orders Locals Guard Border With Burma To Curb COVID-19

The Chinese regime ordered local people to guard the border with Burma in the southeastern city of Ruili to curb the city’s COVID-19 outbreak, with locals complaining that the measures are ineffective. “We don’t have any tool even to defend ourselves,” Li Liang (pseudonym), a resident at Mengmao town in Ruili, Yunnan province, told the […]

Cosmic shower: Locals report seeing bright ‘meteors’ in Britain, Cuba and US (VIDEOS)

Residents in the UK and Cuba have described seeing shiny objects falling from the sky, which were followed by a loud noise. Unconfirmed meteor sightings were also reported in the US. A dashcam recorded a bright ball of light flying across the sky over the island of Jersey, a British territory in the English Channel. […]

The Yellow Brick Road – How Rocket Lab Success Was Built At The Expense of the Locals “Steinlarger in association with Michael Fay and Lockheed Martin give you the Americas Cup sport of billionaires, Hypersonic missiles built for delivering nukes and a revised vision of what NZ nuclear free legacy was all about. And if you think TVNZ is going to challenge that idea then you really have no idea of […]

Israel’s new tourism come-on: Holy sites, beaches, locals are vaccinated

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Locals ski across graves at Buchenwald concentration camp

Skiers and tobogganers have been seen sledding and skiing at the memorial on the site of the Buchenwald concentration camp, some leaving tracks across graves, German news site Der Spiegel reported Thursday. Memorial staff have increased security and called for locals to show respect and refrain from winter sports at the site of the camp, […]

Indonesia Bans Bali Locals from ‘Getting Drunk’ on Christmas, New Year

The government of Bali, Indonesia, announced on Tuesday that “celebrations, fireworks, as well as getting drunk for the upcoming Christmas and New Year holiday will be prohibited” on the island to accommodate an expected domestic tourism boom in the coming weeks, Coconuts Jakarta reported. Bali government officials issued an official notice on Tuesday explaining that “any […]

Locals gather to watch volcano erupt on French island of Reunion

Locals gather on the French island of Reunion to watch a volcano erupt. It’s the third time this year that the Piton de la Fournaise has spewed out lava. The latest eruption happened in an uninhabited area on Monday around 4.40 am local time (1.40 CET). Reunion – considered a French department – is situated […]

Locals in Rome can now get a COVID-19 test at pharmacies

People living in Rome have this week been able to get rapid swabs in pharmacies to detect possible COVID-19 infections, without any need of a medical prescription. Staring this week local pharmacies are allowed to perform antigenic swabs or, alternatively, serological tests for a fixed cost of €22 to anyone who wants one. Everyone can […]

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