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Some Observations About Religious Cults Trying To “Convert” Dead People

I have a top shelf pedigree which goes back more than two thousand years. Studying my lines genealogy I got through a back door in to the Mormon’s genealogical records.They have such extensive records because when a person is a Mormon, the “church” researches their family history and “saves”/”Converts” all the Mormon’s ancestors to Mormonism. […]

Rewatching Rome Burn: Observations Of A Dying Republic!

Cathedral City, CA March 1, 2024 by Rich Scheck The NWO is triumphant: the WEF/Khazarian/Papal take over of the USA is now virtually unstoppable! The combination of endless wars; massive debt; the phony pandemic; climate crisis hoax; immigrant invasion; manufactured UFO threats; Huxwellian censorship; AI assaults on our privacy; lawfare against dissidents; false flag events; […]

The aftermath of Lahaina: observations of locals

Premiered Sep 30, 2023 LAHAINA Craig “Pasta” Jardula talks with the people of Maui in the wake of the Lahaina Fire. They share their stories about the night of the fire, their opinions on the Government’s response, and their journey moving forward. Craig also explores the community aid camps where Locals are directly helping Locals, […]

An Alternative Theory That Fits All The Facts and Observations

US Big Ag companies in India use glyphosate undoubtedly. See Dr. Tom’s podcast w Indra Singh. And 4G is just as harmful as 5G. My health changed dramatically for the worse when 4GLTE was implemented where I live. One might read ” The invisible Rainbow” by Firstenberg to understand the extent of the problem. Industrial uses of electricity have […]

Ancient Observations Of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena

For thousands of years ancient cultures depicted ‘Unidentified Aerial Phenomena’ (UAP) on rock art, but if these are not Ancient Aliens, as some popular media outlets would propose, what were the strange lights in the sky that perplexed mankind’s ancestors? Classic Vernal Style petroglyph by Fremont culture, Utah. With its anthropomorphic trapezoidal torso and broad […]

Dr Vernon Coleman | Passing Observations 36

Passing Observations 36 Tap News / Weaver This is a long standing series of small items which have caught my eye or mind and which seem relevant, startling, amusing or all three. Occasionally, items which appear here may return as a longer piece. Mostly they will not. 1. Police are encouraging the public to download […]

Some Quick Observations on the Normalization of Relations Between Morocco and The Zionist Entity ملاحظات متفرقة على تطبيع المغرب

**Please scroll down for the English translation** ملاحظات متفرقة على تطبيع المغرب: أولا: حصل تطبيع المغرب في ظل حكومة العدالة والتنمية الإسلامية، وجاء تصريح رئيس الوزراء من حزب العدالة والتنمية مخزيا، حيث أيد خطوة الملك في التطبيع لكن مع إضافة عبارات فضفاضة لا تقدم ولا تؤخر عن استمرار الدعم للقضية الفلسطينية، وهذا نفس الكلام التبريري الذي […]

Observations on Wealth-Income Inequality (from Federal Reserve Reports)

There’s a profound difference between assets that produce no income and those that produce net income. To those of us nutty enough to pore over dozens of pages of data on wealth and income in the U.S., the Federal Reserve’s quarterly Z.1 reports and annual Survey of Consumer Finances (SCF) are treasure […]

Gaza Three Years After the War: Ten Critical Observations

Keck telescope twilight observations reveal huge storm on Neptune

     Spectacular sunsets and sunrises are enough to dazzle most of us, but to astronomers, dusk and dawn are a waste of good observing time. They want a truly dark sky. Not Ned Molter, a UC Berkeley astronomy graduate student. He set out to show that some bright objects can be studied just as well […]

Russia Looks East, Capitalism with a Strong State Sector. Observations and Impressions from Russia

They Are Afraid of Where the Rope Might Lead Them if They Tug at It

Christopher Jon Bjerknes I recall seeing numerous images of armed blacks carrying SKS rifles in the streets over the last several years. The SKS does not have detachable magazines, and is instead loaded with stripper clips. A larger capacity magazine may be substituted for the original, but rapid mag changes are not possible. It is […]

When Was The Last Time You Felt Heard?

Psychotherapy clients ask me all the time, “Don’t you get tired of hearing so many people’s sob stories and complaining?” I have yet to feel tired.  Sure, some days are long, and being a therapist requires a level of attention that is taxing, but never in my 13 years of working with psychotherapy clients have […]

Soldier, Who Executed Wounded Palestinian, Released For Pesach

IMEMC : Israel released, Friday, the Israeli soldier who was filmed executing a seriously wounded Palestinian in Hebron, to celebrate the Jewish Pesach holiday with his family. The release comes just four days after he faced a “manslaughter indictment.” Israeli sources said the soldier was released to spend Pesach with his family in Ramla; his […]

"Lost" treasure ship is also a war grave

     The president of Colombia’s Dec. 5 announcement that a 300-year-old Spanish shipwreck had been discovered made headlines around the world, largely because of the price tag attached to the wreck: somewhere between $4 billion and $17 billion. The galleon, named the San José, was carrying a large load of gold, silver and precious stones […]

SpaceX delays next launch after blast

In the 1980’s, observations of nearby galaxies made with the Infrared Astronomical Satellite, along with observations of the far-infrared /submillimeter background with the Cosmic Background Explorer satellite, showed that … Source Article from

The counterfeit culture – useful observations for understanding why collapse is inevitable

  Mike AdamsNatural News Friday, September 2, 2011 (NaturalNews) Through a devolving web of greed, self-serving power and a departure from fundamental ethics, Western culture has, over the last hundred years, become the counterfeit culture. Nothing is real anymore — not the food, not the money, and certainly not the evening news. And because it’s […]

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