An Alternative Theory That Fits All The Facts and Observations

US Big Ag companies in India use glyphosate undoubtedly. See Dr. Tom’s podcast w Indra Singh. And 4G is just as harmful as 5G. My health changed dramatically for the worse when 4GLTE was implemented where I live. One might read ” The invisible Rainbow” by Firstenberg to understand the extent of the problem. Industrial uses of electricity
have been poisoning us for 180 years. Every so-called pandemic/epidemic since then can be tied to new applications of industrial electricity
Also, glyphosate is in the exhaust of bio-fuelled vehicles since it’s sprayed on the crops (soy and corn) used to make bio-fuel. The glycine molecule is not destroyed in the refinement or combustion process. Hence it’s in the air pollution and in the lungs. Precisely where COVID seems to effect humans. Glyphosate plus 4-5G equals COVID 19. Blame an imaginary “virus” and all the poisoners are off the hook. Simple how that works.


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