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“puritan” “Witch” burning yankees Introduced Slavery Into America, yankees Have always Considered Blacks To Be Animals, & yankee New York Jews Were The Slave Ship Owners & Slave Traders.

I have had enough of the lying assed yankees and their Jew masters telling lies about honorable Southerners. The Cromwellian hypocritical False “god” worshiping atheist puritan “Witch Burning” control freak communist yankees introduced slavery into the New World. Up until the 1840s and 1850s black slavery was still widespread in yankeeland. New York had a […]

“Witch” Burning “Puritan” yankees Are Damed Evil liars

I am the prodigy of all Ensurers of the Magna Carta who have living prodigy. My 2nd cousin was the president of the USA constitutional convention. I scored in the top 97% of the whole country in Law and Government on my university entrance exam some forty years back when Americans were a hell of […]

My 5th Cousin Lt. Col. John Washington CSA, Shot 3 Times Through the back From Ambush By Cowardly yankees When No Battle Was Ongoing

Last Washington to own and live at mount Vernon, Staff Officer To general Lee shot three times through the back from ambush by cowardly criminal invading yankees when no battle was ongoing. The Ole Dog! Source

‘Keith Shut the F*ck Up’: Yankees Legend David Wells Blasts Keith Olbermann over Bud Light Comment

Yankees legend David Wells told Keith Olbermann to “shut the f*ck up” after the latter mocked Wells for refusing to drink Bud Light. Source

New York Stolen From the Dutch Settlers by the Puritan yankees Health Department Forces Useless As Teats on a Boar Hog Dust Masking on Humans As NYC Faces High Levels of the Mythical Not Scientifically Proved to Exist “COVID-19”, Influenza, and RSV

COVID-19 [The Yearly Flu called “COVID-19” to pull off the Sacademic] and flu are increasing nationally and in New York City; nationally, hospitalizations for flu reached the highest levels for this time of year in more than a decade. The Advisory strongly recommends masking in public indoor settings and crowded outdoor settings, and other proven […]

The yankees Did Not Gang Rape Southern Children & Pregnant Women To Death To End Slavery, But To Force The South Into The Marxist Empire The Rabidly Racist Against Blacks Closet Homosexual Atheist Lincoln Was Building

After over a century and a half of rehabilitating Lincoln’s image with bald faced lies, he almost seems human, not the Marxist closet homosexual atheist who used religious rhetoric to get Americans to kill each other so he could build a communist empire thinly disguised as constitutional republic. He was despised by the majority of […]

Locals are sick of Americans moving to Mexico City-And Texicans are sick Of yankees & Mexicans Invading the Occupied illegally by the USA Corporation for 158 years and counting, Republic of Texas.

If I ever got the chance I would piss on the grave of the rabidly racist against blacks closet homosexual atheist war criminal mass murderer Lincoln myself.Not real fond of ole Teddy myself.But then I am not an illegal criminal Mexican Citizen in the land either.Ship these invading criminals back to Mexico City. Folks in […]

Hunter Biden Must Be Sharing His Crack Cocaine With yankees in The Communist Country of Ohio

Girl living in Ohio, (first mistake) breaks up with a guy a year and a half back.One day out of the blue he leaves her a voice mail message. No one has disclosed what the message said, perhaps something like I am going to break your door in rape and kill your ass? The next […]

New York Yankees Go on Anti-2A Tirade: ‘4,100 Latinx People Die from Gun Violence in the U.S.’

The New York Yankees on Thursday used its Twitter platform to go on a full anti-gun blitz, dropping statistics about gun violence and incorporating woke terminology, such as “Latinx,” in the plea.

Yankees’ Josh Donaldson Apologizes to Jackie Robinson’s Widow Over ‘Inappropriate’ Remark

Yankees’ Josh Donaldson apologized to the widow of baseball great Jackie Robinson for calling White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson “Jackie”

Yankees Suffer COVID Resurgence As 8 Fully-Vaccinated Players, Staff Test Positive

But the surprising thing is that the Yankees have essentially required players and staff to get vaccinated, so this latest outbreak is afflicting staff and players who have already been fully vaccinated. The Yankees – which, like the Mets, are reportedly planning to segregate fans in to “vaccinated” and “unvaccinated” sections – have tested all […]

Montgomery Goes 6 Strong Innings, Yankees Beat Rays 3-1

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla.—Jordan Montgomery pitched six strong innings, Aaron Judge and Gary Sánchez homered, and the New York Yankees beat the Tampa Bay Rays 3–1 on Tuesday night. About two hours before the game started, it was announced that Yankees third base coach Phil Nevin is away from the team after a positive COVID-19 test. […]

The Yankees Are Coming Home: the Taliban Won. Get Over It

By Philip Giraldi American soldiers can still win wars, but it has to be a real war where there is something genuine at stake, like protecting one’s home and family. It hardly made the evening news, but the New York Times reported last week that after twenty years of fighting the Taliban are confident that […]

N. Korea promises more ‘gift packages for Yankees’ after first ICBM test

Lauding the DPRK’s scientists and pleased with the fact that Tuesday’s successful launch coincided with Independence Day in the US, Kim Jong-un called to “frequently send big and small ‘gift packages’ to the Yankees as ever so that they will not feel weary,” the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) said, as cited by KCNA Watch […]

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