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French Corporations Remain Reluctant to Suspend Operations In Russia

PARIS (AP) – French automaker Renault plans to pause production at its Moscow plant in an apparent move to fend off mounting criticism, breaking ranks with other major French companies that have defied pressure to keep operating in Russia after it invaded Ukraine. Source

Reluctant Acceptance: Responding to Afghanistan’s Refugees

Do not for a minute think that this is a kind, heart-felt thing in the aftermath of Kabul’s fall. True, a number of Afghans will find their way to Germany, to Canada, to the UK, US and a much smaller number to Australia.  But this will be part of the curtain act that, in time, […]

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Offers $100 To Reluctant Residents To Get Vaccinated Against Covid

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio has decided to offer a new incentive to bribe residents into getting vaccinated. Despite all previous measures failing to grab their attention, de Blasio says he will now give $100 in prepaid debit cards to those who get the Covid-19 jab. He told the city on Wednesday: “We wanted […]

Why Pakistan is reluctant to host US military bases?

Pakistani officials have privately begun confirming a secret visit to Islamabad of CIA Director William Burns and are suggesting that he was firmly told that Pakistan would not host the spy agency’s drone bases on its territory, according to the daily Dawn. This comes after New York Times in an article published on June 6 […]

More than a quarter of EU adults reluctant to get Covid vaccine, survey finds

Vaccine hesitancy rates in the EU are raising alarms, after a survey found that 27% of adults across the bloc said they’d be unlikely to accept a Covid-19 jab, amid a “failure” to persuade people of its efficacy and safety. A Eurofound survey investigating vaccine take-up across EU member states flagged concerns about the success […]

Recruited, Arrested, On Trial: Yemeni Spies Tell of Their Reluctant Work for CIA, MI6

By Ahmed Abdulkareem Source The CIA and MI6 have recruited hundreds of Yemenis to work as mercenaries and spies gathering intelligence and coordinates of Yemeni military positions, promising them money and even passports for the dangerous work. SANA’A, YEMEN — There is little dispute that the United States and the United Kingdom have been major benefactors […]

Coulter: Media ‘Strangely Reluctant’ to Pursue Specifics About Vegas Shooter

Friday on Fox Business Network’s “Varney & Company,” conservative commentator Ann Coulter questioned the media’s reluctance to aggressively pursue details about Sunday’s mass shooting in Las Vegas. Coulter called it strange and suggested the media were content with knowing just the race and sex of the individual. “[N]ow that’s what I find most interesting – […]

SOTT Exclusive: Some Orlando shooter updates – OPD refuses to release 911 calls

     Here are some newsbites I think may be relevant when analyzing the recent shooting in Orlando, culled from RT’s live coverage. First, the FBI is saying the suspect, Mateen, made a total of three calls to 911, but Orlando PD is refusing to release the calls: The Orlando attacker made two 911 calls and […]

Alcohol banned at Euro 2016 fan zones, ‘sensitive’ areas after fan clashes

“I have asked for all necessary measures to be taken to prohibit the sale, consumption and transport of alcoholic drinks in sensitive areas on match days and the day before, and on days when fan zones are open,” Cazeneuve told the journalists.  UEFA to sanction Russia over stadium violence, threatens disqualification for English, Russian teams […]

Austria’s Far-Right Hofer On Verge Of Winning Presidency

Norbert Hofer from the Euro-sceptic, anti-immigration, far-right Freedom Party is close to winning Austria’s presidential election with 51.9 percent of the vote. Postal votes are to be counted by tomorrow. If confirmed, Hofer could become the first right-wing head of state on the European continent since the death of Hitler and the end of world […]

3rd Europe-Iran Forum opens in Zurich

TEHRAN – The 3rd Europe-Iran Forum opened on Tuesday in Zurich, Switzerland. The 2-day event offers a new and innovative program designed to balance high-level networking opportunities with panels and industry-focused workshops of real practical value. At this Forum delegates will be able to meet potential partners, trusted advisors, and exemplary business leaders. The forum […]

US prone to retaliation with Iran visa law

The US has put itself at risk of retaliation through visa restrictions against Iran, approved by its congress in breach of a July nuclear accord.  European diplomats have warned of possible retribution against the United States over the new law which bars citizens of 38 countries mainly in Europe from using the US visa-free system if they […]

Severe weather system sweeps through U.S. Plains, Midwest spawning multiple tornadoes, power outages, wildfires

     A powerful low-pressure system swept through the Midwest, spawning severe thunderstorms and high winds. Several tornadoes were reported in Iowa, which was among numerous states reporting damage from the fast-moving system. The Wednesday evening event qualified as a derecho, according to Stu Ostro, Senior Director of Weather Communications at The Weather Channel. The storms […]

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